Le Colonel Chabert: Deeper Than Deep

By Maxjulian

May 22, 2006

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what to do to decolonise white folks minds?

I wish I knew!

I wonder, laurie p’s ghost, if you realise that *loving your racism* and ‘preserving your own power’ – unless you are rich – are in contradiction.

I’m thinking: let’s say, maxjulian, your were a shrink. (maybe you are…) but one who specialises in treating racism, as others specialise in alcoholism or smoking. What would you expect to find in people who love their racism, who are emotionally attached to it? What kind of fantasies and attachments are underlying this? I think the most common among covert liberal white supreamacists is the Daddy Warbucks fantasy; its all over the movies; to be the benevolent billionaire with a slave, a natural subordinate, the guy inthe turban who serves and *adores* you, and praises you and is loyal and grateful for the opportunity to serve. The existence of ‘race’ supports, is indispensible to this white liberal fantasy. [in harry potter, there is another species invented to fulfill this white liberal fantasy].

I think all the other elements – fear and loathing of ‘racial’ others – piggyback, for white liberals, on this main fantasy of benevolent despotism, of living in a world surrounded by natural inferiors who will *love you* for being *generous* and *kind* and *sparing their lives* and *deigning to use them.* From this comes the phenomenon you remarked on – and nubian some montsh ago aboutwhite lib. feminists at her university – of wanting always to join but to control – sort of manoeuvering always for acceptance by people of color – for the certficate ‘no not you! you’re cool; you(re special!’ and for domination based on this very thing, as if this is a merit wich just proves the superiority of the white liberla and his/her fitness to rule and control.

How to fix this? Eesh. Re-education camps after the rev? I think probably the only thing that really has an impact on racism is class mobility: institutional antisemitism truly vanished in two generations in the US, this was not ‘education’ and ‘sentiment shift’ entirely – mainly abou the changing class position of Jews I think. (there may still be individuals with prejudices of course – that’s like ‘reverse racism’, some trivial social thing – but there is no institutional antisemitsm anymore). Reember in the 80s there started to be a new intense anti Japanese thing, in films and tv and all related to trade war? Some Japanese bought some of hollywood and made that go away. Being in a position of power, to prevent the reproduction of racist propaganda, makes a difference; being in a position of social power has to be the cure. Changing white consciousness…? Seems pretty impossible.

Lawd knows I’ve felt that white “benevolent despostism” lately from people who claimed to be my friend; I didn’t have the words to name it but a white brotha who’s really on top of the game did. Thanks Colonel…

8 Responses to “Le Colonel Chabert: Deeper Than Deep”

  1. “I think probably the only thing that really has an impact on racism is class mobility”

    Yes, Max.

    “Changing white consciousness…? Seems pretty impossible”

    Yes, it is a bottomless pit, consuming all that enter.

    Don’t play games with yourself man!!

    Ya’ll have been fucked up by the euro-American population. They won’t stop until ya’ll go back to Africa, go baggervance, or start owning shit.

    You made a good reference to the Jews, overcoming the predjudice that they killed Jesus and were bloodsucking usurers to become the most wealthy demographic in the USA by economic, not social conquest, for in euro-American culture, the former is a required ingredient of the latter..

    In the words of your precious Balzac:

    “since 1815, the principle of Money has replaced that of Honor”

    Also, how does the one who died at Eylau have meaning here?

    Are you making the insinuation that some of your white ‘allies’ share traits with the beneficiaries of Louis Philippe, inasmuch their betrayal of the revolution on the altar of a golden calf is allegorical?

  2. or is this Colonel some sort of blogger?

  3. Some sort of blogger indeed…

  4. aha.

    To answer your question, of course I realize that (legally) everybody’s on the same boat and that legal inequities harm the legitimacy of the laws as well as the totality of ‘rights’.

    But culturally, the cops assume I’m just a citizen, I don’t get strange looks from shopkeepers, etc.

    Those things have a lot to do with my economic status, but more so with my racial subtype. (That ironically is a result of real and perceived economic inequity among the racial subtypes that in this case was/is induced by the oppression of the majority subtype)

    So, you ask if I want to eliminate ‘white racism’

    Not really, and any white who disagrees is putting on an act, or has a bleeding heart.

    It’s not race that causes the inequities you speak of. It’s Culture.

    The Euro-American culture, to be exact.

    It values a certain set of traits; most notably domestication, productivity, and the accumulation of wealth.

    Now trying to force this culture to change from a position of weakness is like the antelope challenging the lion as the king of the Jungle.

    Clearly the lion is going to come out on top.

    Trying to oppose this culture through anything but sheer power or commercial opportunity is like bringing a knife to a gunbattle.

    Opposing this culture with power is still a vicious cycle, for the EuroAmericans need an ‘enemy’ to sustain their form of capitalism.

    The market seems bearish?

    They will just target the young black males ,oh they are all in jail, they will target the communist, oh they are crippled, they will target the jihadist, whatever, the cycle goes on and there is always a marginalized subgroup to target next..

    The EuroAmerican culture now manifest in the USA is going to crush it’s enemy, real or perceived, until the bitter end, unless there is money to be made by treating them well or by leaving them alone.

    You said it yourself.

    ““the only thing that really has an impact on racism is class mobility””

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