Help Me Break This Down, Ya’ll

By Maxjulian

June 1, 2006

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From a conversation with “Laurie P’s Ghost:

MJ:’what is your motivation’ to “help us” people of color?

LP: ‘people of color’ is a rhetorical phrase designed to project the illusion of a non-white ‘rainbow coilition’.

I am motivated not to help, but to share my perspective with the few American blacks left with the grit to fight for the basic liberties that are the right of every human being; and so are helping themselves. Consider my input as a document that you have come across. My input would/will not be ‘help’ unless you analyze it, so you will be the one ‘helping’; yourself.

MJ:” If you are as you say, a racist, should you not be trying to do us ill, confuse us?”

It is you who equate racism with wickedness. I am racist inasmuch as I believe the every race has the right to exist, set up a closed society (if they please) and organize on the basis of race(if they please).

If you and I were walking down a path in the mountains and we came across a cliff, and saw a child hanging off of it by one hand, would we not rush to their aid, regardless of their race?

MJ: “What do you mean that you aren’t racist on a personal level? Also, if you are my enemy, why are you sharing thoughts about the true nature of racism? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it; I’m just very, very curious. Thanks”

LP: I don’t think that I can be better than a person, only luckier.

If we lived in Zimbabwe, You would be the oppressor and I would the oppressed.

In 400 years, for all I know my children’s children’s childrens’s children’s children might be oppressed by yours.

It is important that all of us develop techniques against oppression. Who knows what the future will bring.

I am your political enemy, not your personal enemy.

As politics go, race relations is nothing but the allocation of resources and privileges based on power and I entertain no illusions regarding the moral value of equality.

2 Responses to “Help Me Break This Down, Ya’ll”

  1. Is Laurie P’s Ghost, or Laurie P, some kind of libertarian?

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