MY Blog Protocol

By Maxjulian

June 5, 2006

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Attention Racists/White Supremacist Trolls Spoiling for a Fight:

You can comment here….

….BUT, only if you have something honest and substantive to say. If I sense that you are here to chuck your bullshit rhetoric, muck up the works, use language that I feel is abusive…SEE YA!

You have no rights on my blog; you comment at my pleasure and if I don’t like your comments, my displeasure will rear its head and exile your white ass to web purgatory.

It is already well known (as other non-white bloggers have noted elsewhere) that there is an organized effort by YOU to disrupt, confuse, muddy the waters, stank up serious discussions of Racism/White Supremacy on progressive blogs. Ain’t gonna happen’ captain.

Take that shit back to the country, son.

11 Responses to “MY Blog Protocol”

  1. Maxjulian, I don’t know what sorts of posts you ban. I do believe that dissent is a good and necessary part of dialogue. Either people are given a platform to disagree or they find another way to disagree: passive aggression, undermining, displaced aggression, etc. This is why I want the neo-nazis to have a public street for marching. Either they march in the open, where we all can see them and loathe them, or they plot in secret. I think there’s an equivalent in blogging, but what I’m reading in your post is that those that differ, in some way, are relegated to a cyber-basement.

  2. Anon: You should read my post about my blog protocol. It should answer any questions that you have.

  3. You are too kind, maxjulian.

    Anon doesn’t realize that ‘neo-nazis’-‘white supremacists’ aren’t your problem.

    I would venture to say that most neo-nazi-white supremacy groups (world church of the creator, national alliance, etc. ) are false-flag operations of some effect as in terms of their image; I couldn’t have done better as an anti-white propagandist.

    Anyway Max, I am leaving your space.

    You can ask me a final question, If you would like to.

  4. I did read your post and rather than answering my questions, my concerns arose from what you wrote. It seems that if you are displeased, you will silence someone. What’s the good of the Internet if it doesn’t connect, but is used to disconnect? Balkanizing to the point where you’re only conversing with someone that agrees with you does produce a cozy cyber-community, but it doesn’t advance understanding. And it doesn’t give the blogger a chance to engage the Other and to consider a contrary perspective. It also precludes the blogger a chance to test the metal of their thinking and their own mettle.

    Sure, conflict generates heat, but work can’t occur without heat, both in a mechanical sense and a social/psychological sense.

    LP’s Ghost, I didn’t assume that neo-nazis are cyberstalking maxjulian. I used neo-nazis as an extreme example of the importance of protecting all voices. I’d rather confront neo-nazis in dialogue than have them confront me with a bomb they built in a basement.

  5. Anon:

    There’s heat and then there’s deceit, disruption and psych-ops being trotted out. Since I’m the moderator, you’ll excuse me for making those decisions as I see fit.

    Thank You

  6. Well, maxjulian, I hope you have someone to partner with you in your moderating because we all miss things. We’re all subject to forces we can’t descry. And in the beginning and end, we’re all deeply, deeply selfish. So, if you want to be used well rather than be loved well, it’s good and right to open your self to contrary perspectives. You’re going to miss things as a moderator and a man. We all do. Your unconscious proclivities should be checked and balanced by other voices.

    Good luck with your blog!

  7. Anon: You make it sound as if this is democracy, a government where I have to protect the interests of the multitudes. This is why I want to moderate my blog; because people have unrealistic expectations, agendas that they run at folks like me. What am I missing? What balance should I be furthering? Do you understand how ludicrous that sounds? This is a blog, son, a place for me to write what I want to write. Folks can comment all they want to; but if your comments don’t meet my stated/unstated fluid criteria; if I sense the coordinated

    If you aren’t a part of that you ain’t got nothin’ to worry about, understood?

  8. Max, I’m slowly understanding. I’m a professional writer and blogging is new to me. I don’t blog and until I was assigned to write a chapter about blogging for a book about writing, I didn’t even know what blogging was. It seems different from other writing domains in this sense: when I write a magazine article, if it engenders antipathy, that magazine’s editors will treasure those letters…and print them, for conflict is more interesting than harmony. But at some blogs, dissent isn’t framed as positive: you aren’t selling ad space or selling your self to potential readers. Thus, your position. Yours is a private space in a public domain.

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