Say WORD! Outing the Intra-Racial Bin Ladens and the “REAL” White Oriented Black People

By Maxjulian

June 14, 2006

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What the Racial Realist’s and Shannon’s of the world forget, is that while they are heaping scorn (which on a personal, level don’t mean shit to me) on people as black as they are, for coupling with white people, they fail to recognize the manifestation of “self-hate” evidenced by their idiotic witch hunt. Black people ARE and have dated every color in the spectrum. (We also PRODUCE every color in the spectrum, which means we are not part of everyone; we ARE everyone)

It is the white man who took to creating rigid, (racist) immovable categories for human beings, proscribing their movement and behavior, the better to mis-use them; people who stepped out of line were castigated, chastised and often killed.

So who is the real “white oriented black person?” It is the RR’s and Shannon’s, who mimic the white racist, who categorize and judge on the thinnest evidence, who verbally excommunicate those who represent the best in our race.

Let me break it down into language YOU can understand: REAL black people are loving, open, intelligent, wise, courageous, flexible, sensitive, adaptable, humble, strong, broadminded human beings. These two self-hyped ‘real black folk,’ represent the worst in white folk minstrelsy: shallow, compartmentalized, fearful, tyrannical, vindictive, hateful, intellectually stunted and petty.

Racism has frozen them in perpetual rage and terminal scorn. I feel so sorry for them; they are sad as hell. This is their choice however, wounded or not, to cry “wahhhhhhhhh” in their red, black and green cribs, militant racial solidarity Cleo’s, phony soothsayers staring into the hearts of black folk and reading their lives like tea leaves. What they’re really trafficking in is an un-sophisticated “Poor-ME-Nobody-Wants-to-Date-ME-Pity-Party” set to the music of ‘How much I hate black men who date outside the race?!’


These white oriented-black folks are talkin’ blackness out the side of their neck, while on the real its another case of the “toilet calling the sink – white.”

15 Responses to “Say WORD! Outing the Intra-Racial Bin Ladens and the “REAL” White Oriented Black People”

  1. You are sharper than a fucking razor blade.

  2. “…REAL black people are loving, open, intelligent, wise, courageous, flexible, sensitive, adaptable, humble, strong, broadminded human beings…”

    Like you! 🙂

  3. This post has been removed by the author.

  4. Anon: I’m just tryin’ to keep it real.

  5. wha?!?! haha, it has been a VERY long time since i’ve been to your blog max!!!! last time we talked, you and see were at the stand off from hell!!!! 🙂

    anyway, i’ve been following this conversation as much as a could at the moment, so I’ve gotta go through and read it more closely, but from the bits and peices i’ve seen, I have to agree with you, that poc’s greatest stregth is our ability to love, even inspite of the constant violence and hate and attacks we have had to deal with in our lives and our histories. I *do* think that lots of times we *do* have to deal with our baggage when choosing who to love, i know I have had to. but who the hell doesn’t?

  6. BFP: Why’d you abandon me for so long? Did you get my article? Times change, and hell yeah we have tons of baggage to deal with. Why we gotta deal with our own people’s trunk-sized bullshit? Love is love

  7. ay, max, it wasn’t by choice baby. 🙂
    I *did* get you’re article!! Very very nice!!!!

  8. Thanks for that.

    But, BFP, am I crazy or didn’t you mention on your site that you were going on Democracy Now or were connected to a recent show? I swear I thought I saw that on your site. Maybe I am crazy; let me know now so I can seek help.

  9. There are many aspects and definitions of being black here in America and abroad. As you know, there are Africans that live in the same country who are varied in there religion and belief system. It’s difficult for me to focus on race entirely on my blog. That would send me to a place that I don’t want to be mentally. It’s like hard liquor. It can get me angry and agitated so I have to take it in moderation.
    I agree with your statement that black people “are loving, open, intelligent, wise…broadminded human beings.” It would be great if we could achieve the status of just being human beings. Robert Sobukwe once stated that there is no plural form of the word “race.” I agree.

  10. Stephen, we are human beings. It is racism/white supremacy that has reduced us to this state where we have to defend or justify ourselves. Then, we, picking up where the white man left off, make each other justify or defend our blackness.

    This black poet, James Emmanuel, has said that black people are superior to white people because we have survived and in many instances, thrived under R/WS. Racism/White Supremacy at is root is the philosophy of an inferior minded people. If you’re really superior, why do you have to legislate it, subjugate other people, create levers and regulations that give YOU a leg up, when your “superiority” shouldn’t require such.

    Racism is the Affirmative Action for white folks; they need it badly, evidentally, in order to facilitate the illusion of their superiority.

    Now, I ain’t sayin’ every last one of them roll like that, but, they and we are all subject to it.

  11. By the way, Bess, I’m from DC. Woodrow Wilson, HU, grew up in Dupont Circle, hanging at Carter Barron, Hains Point.

  12. I’m looking forward to the Carter Barron this Summer. I’ll have to check out the line up. Peace to you~

  13. Bess:I saw Phyllis Hyman, Nancy Wilson and so many others back in the day. I’m glad its still going on. I’m gonna have to check online for their schedule

  14. “I had these aspirations to be a leader, a big-time activist, an elected official….”

    I think it can be helpful to let go of any hurry but, I was going to say, I hope you keep an open mind though. 🙂

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