The ESPN Klan

By Maxjulian

June 19, 2006

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From ESPN:

Saudi Arabia 0-4 Ukraine

Andriy Shevchenko scored his first World Cup goal as Ukraine put their dismal display against Spain firmly behind them in Hamburg with a comprehensive 4-0 win over Saudi Arabia.

Oleg Blokhin’s team had lost their opener 4-0 to the Spaniards but bounced back to take a comfortable three points against the outclassed Asians, whose uncertainty at set-pieces was ruthlessly exposed.

When did Saudi Arabia become “Asia” and Saudi Arabians, “Asians?” And even if they were Asian, how racist is it to call them out like this?! Maybe I’m tripping.

7 Responses to “The ESPN Klan”

  1. It could that the Near East and Far East are both considered Asian.

  2. Never known the Saudi Arabia to be considered Asia – in this day and age anyway.

    Just wondering: Would saying “the outclassed Europeans,” if it were, say, the French who were getting their ass handed to them, be similar?

    The usage of “Asian” in this context is a slur, whether SA is considered Near or Far East, in my opinion.

  3. Well actually Saudis are Asian, Persian, actually, under our arbitrary rules of categorization.

  4. GM: Okay, but still…that sentence reeks of racism: “…the outclassed Asians.” It was Saudi Arabia’s World Cup soccer team on the field, NOT Asia.

  5. Wondering if the person who wrote/said it is British. I . . . I can’t go all the way with calling it racist, though if he’d said “the outclassed Africans” would it be an easier call? I dunno.

    I’m blogrolling your ass.

  6. GM: Saudis are NOT Persians! Iranians are Persians. They are totally different cultures. Saudis are also not “Asians”… not in the classic sense of the term anyway. This is the first time I have heard them referred to as such. However I don’t get the sense that the commentator was being racist, just showing his ignorance of the world.

  7. Some may consider Saudi Arabia “Asia” some may not. That’s a secondary point.

    I find it hard to believe that if, as I stated, the French were the team this man were referring to, that he’d refer to them as the “outclassed Europeans.” He’d have said most certainly, “the outclassed Gauls/French/whatever.

    Or, if it was the US team, saying the “outclassed” North Americans would be vague and euphemistic to say the least.

    The fact that the cat uses the name of the continent (which is quite a diverse land mass) is suspect; the fact that many if not most Asians are non-white people is interesting.

    Not a huge deal, but the language of the author is suspect. IMHO.

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