Welcome to ‘TheFreeSlave” WordPress Site

Have a look around, let me know what you think.

Peace Niggas!

18 Responses to “Welcome to ‘TheFreeSlave” WordPress Site”

  1. I knew this was what you were up to! How hard was the switch?

  2. 🙂 You’re a wild dude. LOL I like the spot.

  3. Hey, Max. Like your new digs, Darlin’!

  4. Welcome Y’ALL!

    I need to iron out the kinks but its not bad, huh. PZ: it was pretty painless, except for the fact that I couldn’t import everything. I like the look and the features are smoother and easier. Check it out.

  5. OK, I started working on setting it up but it is going to be a lot of work! Better though, I think.

  6. Nice…. I am thinking about moving over to wordpress also in the future…


  7. I’m to blame? Gotta love that, and you’re looking good here.

    Enjoy the new digs, dude…

    Ps: What didn’t import?

  8. Holly, you’re gonna have to get a blog.

    Asa, I’m digging this already and I don’t even know what I’m doing. The layout is pretty fresh.

    Sly: Yeah, its your fault but it was a good suggestion. I likes dis shit. Import issues? No photos made it (the only ones up were done manually) and part of June and none of Jul/Aug made it. Its cool, though, cuz I can bring over what I like and trash the rest. Thanks for the nod.

  9. Oh, max, if I had a blog, that would just be more words to write. I struggle to meet my deadlines as it is.

  10. Flash place, I like the setup.

  11. Neat Max! The pic is sure cute. That’s you isn’t it? Love you.

  12. it’s just gorgeous.

  13. Yep, Sea, that’s me when my big head was larger than my body:) Backatcha!

    Welcome TG (you inspired my header pic) and Chabert.

  14. I love the pic – glad I could provide some inspiration! There’s such a beautiful innocence about that picture. It reminds me of being little, and nothing mattered – politics, gender, race, class, money. We were just kids, and made friends so easily, so innocently, with whomever was nice and liked to play the same games as you. you know? It was so nice, so free.

  15. Yeah, TG, I know. What’s sad is that its still that way – the innocence. We’re still innocent and yet we’re been “depletedly urani-fried,” conditioned to hate and fear each other. We just act like things have changed. We’ve been brainwashed into thinking we’re different.

    And we ARE…but its not real. Its lies that we’re fed that jump off and out of us like zits, that make us look atrocious to each other. Its like when you listen to somebody who listens to Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage and parrots their every word, not even knowing what the fuck it means.

    Talking points, as opposed to “thinking” or “healing” points. Half the time, when there’s a flame war online, its parrots out parroting each other. There’s barely an original/authentic thought in the bushel. Argh.

    One of my mentors, Charles Mingus once wrote how “its getting hard to just love somebody these days.” Hate is so much easier.

  16. Oh wow, this looks real nice. I’ve been thinking about doing it too, but just keep putting it off. Moving seems like such an insurmountable task, ugh.

    So: are you still that cute?

    Rock on!

  17. Liz: I don’t think I’m that cute anymore at all, but I’m not bad:))

    The move has been not so bad; it seemed more complicated than it actually turned out to be.
    Take good care of your self, my beautiful Sistah!

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