Blogging While Wack

Blogging While Wack

Some criticisms are welcome. If I receive compliments from my enemy – I’m doing something wrong. When certain white folks rip me, I feel like I’ve won an Oscar. They don’t realize I’m trying to “separate the game from the truth;” I want to provoke, trigger them to expose themselves. Their true selves. (Addendum: When some POC’s rip me, I feel like I’ve won a Tony)

I will not allow certain words or statements to be said on my blog – about me or about people I care about. GONE! There’s no debate, YA just out. If you can behave yourself like a civilized human being – we can talk. But this is my house, you’re an invited guest – until you violate house rules.

One of the great lessons I’ve learned the last few years is that divisions like “conservative” or “radical” are quite narrow, and in fact, are non-existent when it comes to race. There’s a suprising unanimity among white folks across party lines when it comes to niggas and questions of white privilege, racism, or justice. The liberal/progressive/radical uses different tactics to convey the same resistance to kicking white privilege. The sheets folks wear now days aren’t white and they aren’t visible; these New Age Sheets are their ideologies, their opinions, their stances and “Ultra-Bright Smiles.” They hide their racism behind the Maya Angelou, the Toni Morrison, or the “Our Bodies, Ourselves” books on their bookshelves; under the Bob Marley records on their coffee tables, or in their bees wax jars.

Niggas have to constantly unmask the Left, as well as, the Right Wing Racists. Two wings of the same bird.

The disbelieving Birkenstock-set like to interrogate colored folks utilizing the Socratic method. These dred wearing Columbo’s prefer marathon Q&A sessions that go over the same ground over and over again – with or without shining a light in our faces. They understand little of what they ask and less of what they’re patiently spoonfed.

Who has time – let alone the patience – to play ‘Kizzie to Miss Anne in 2006?’ Sorry, but I lost my handkerchief in the 1860’s.

No wonder “non-white” bloggers threaten to quit the blogging game – who wants to wrestle a 400 pound gorilla that keeps fracturing your toes? The white anti-racist poseur-neophyte who “trys to understand” racism, is like an enormous, food flinging infant, who makes a complete mess while feigning surprise when mommy and daddy get pissed at their outrageous behavior. Can white folks be this ignorant, or, is this what Racism/White Supremacy in a progressive girdle looks like:

“I think that nubians acceptance and promotion in the feminist blogsphere is pure tokenism, because it sure has nothing to do with her quality of work. She outlines things in the most simplistic, black and white, and imflamatory ways to clearly prove that she is always right and everyone else is always wrong. Real criticism is always just racism in disguise and she never addresses any of it.” Sarah.

Black thought is always “reverse racism,” “tokenized,” (they practice affirmative action in the blogosphere, too?!) “inflamatory” or “simplistic.” According to this view, we just raised our knuckles off the ground! And poor Sarah, who, in the little pie slice above, demonstrates EVERY failing she accuses Nubian of, positions herself as both the grand inquisitor and judge…. Sounds like a “White Wack Addict” to me.

I ain’t sayin’ niggas can’t be wack as hell, that we can’t whack each other; the only difference is we don’t have a dominant culture or global system backing our bullshit. One of the main reasons I take on Racism/White Supremacy FIRST is: how’re we gonna address our internal “injuries” when we haven’t dug niggas out of the rubble of racism STILL raining down on us? We’re still in the disaster area, still at Ground Zero catching sniper fire. How we gon’ get on the same page/pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, when, every day, we’re ducking and dodging the slings and arrows of our so-called white friends, our avowed, un-closeted white supremacist enemies and their shared, pervasive ‘Golden Goose’ of a system?

Oh, the enemy allows us to surrender, waving a ‘white flag,’ our hands up AND our dignity and trousers around our ankles. Want a free pass? Be a Chia Pet for the white man; you can pull an Armstrong Williams and get paid to write what your white handlers tell you to; Be a ‘Sell-out Shelby” and trade on your blackness to gain entry to the academy and Harper Collins. “Bootlicking Larry’s” can get radio & television shows AND book contracts to pump rounds into their own people. And these white folks who critcize strong black women, feminists who shoot their hate speech for Niggas ‘Telling It Like It Is’ from the hip – ain’t got shit to say about ‘Plantation Patty’s,‘ Michelle Malkin or LeShawn Barber.

Naw, those are good niggas. Having a: “put your hands up, pull your pants down, spread your cheeks” mentality, will gain a nigga a fat bankroll, head pats or hair tugs that exemplify MAKING IT. But what have you made it as, NIGGA?! That is the question. If Malcolm was right and “we didn’t land on Plymouth Rock; (but) Plymouth landed on US,” then, don’t we have to raise this muthafucka off our ass before healing can even begin? Shouldn’t niggas demand white folks standing on our necks get the fuck off and listen???? Don’t we need all hands on dick to dig our colored asses outta the wreckage? That’s why I blog…but cha’ll don’t hear me tho’.

8 Responses to “Blogging While Wack”

  1. It’s good to see you back in the saddle, gunslinger, squeezing off your righteous rounds.

    Max, I often react, “That ain’t so,” when you write, but then I mosey off and mosey back and find myself saying, “Maybe that is so.”

    Sorry for the delay and all the moseying. I have my blindspots and I appreciate your patience and illumination.

  2. Capote, that’s what I like about you…you bristle, you fire back, then you retreat…and then you mosey back and re-engage. “That ain’t so” to “maybe thatis so. That to me is life; that’s being human. And I hope I have shown some movement/growth (like that) in the time I’ve been doing this. I got my blindspots, too, Sistah, ain’t no shame in that!

  3. You’re a kind man, max, in addition to being a gunslinger. I think we all look at the world through OUR soda straw. And it’s not like we can scan with our soda straws. They’re fixed.

    So, when you say something that I can’t see, I say, “That isn’t so.”

    Then it takes time for me to reason through to: “Hey. Maybe that is so. Just ’cause I can’t see it doesn’t mean shit.”

    But there can be shame is missing what should be obvious, if it weren’t for the limited field of my vision. But you’re right: missing what should be apparent is part of being human.

  4. What’s also human is being able to accept the humanity/fallibility of folks. That’s hard to work through – everybodies got to agree to keep walking in the same direction.

    There are always times where you want to throw in the towel with folks…but I try to stay willing if they want to reconnect. I don’t do (any longer) other folks’ work for them.

    I don’t really understand why we’ve hung in there communicating cuz there were times we both could have hung it up. But it feels good. Thanks, Holly.

  5. Max,

    I sometimes criticize myself for what I’m about to bring up.

    We are at war.

    ‘whites’ and ‘poc’ that is.

    All of us are socialized into it, whites as the oppressor, poc as the oppressed.

    These parties have been at war ever since one enslaved, then proceeded to deny justice, freedom and equality to the other.

    WE can’t pretend the war doesn’t exist just because we don’t like it, we have to fight it.

    And that’s where I draw the line, I draw the line at action in ending this war over a system of white male Christian supremacy and fading into one shade of brown with one government and one religion and real equality, justice freedom and peace NOT brought about by authoritarian means, rather brought about by treating each other as brothers and sisters.

    Now that might come one day, but NOW there is a system of white male Christian supremacy.

    I struggle with recognizing the former while keeping hope for the latter.

  6. To clarify:

    This war isn’t going to be over by Christmas.

    There are powerful social and financial consequences for rejecting Christianity, rejecting white supremacy, dating or marrying interracially, having children of mixed race, and holding political views outside those provided by the Democrat and Republican parties that are especially potent for white males, those who could fight this the most because they have the most power. (in a world that is becoming the masters house of a supranational elite)

  7. Please stop using the N word. It is degrading.

  8. It feels good on this side too, Max!

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