Survivor-Brouhaha Missin’ Da Boat!

Come on ya’ll?! ‘Survivor’ announces that they gonna foment some “overt” racial conflict. ‘Bout time, ain’t it?!

This is a new, ‘Takin’ the sheet off and lettin’ ya see our Social Darwinist ideology,’ moment. We should be happy they Keepin’ it Realz.

Aren’t you all tired of the covert, cloistered racism hidden behind maggot gagging, roach munching or the millonth ‘nigga-less’ Friends’ re-run?

Naw, this is THE time for niggas to put up and/or shut up. What we should be doing is passing the Survivor nigga teams EPO and chitlin’s so they can have all the endurance they need to beat the cunning white devil squad. A 21st Century Underground Railroad – with Oprah playin’ Harriet Tubman – should spirit ribs and collards into the black hut; tacos and jalapenos for the Hispanicos, etc, fucking etc.

This is our chance to beat these white muthafuckas at their game. I, for one, want to take full advantage of our natural superiority in strength, endurance and dancing on the ‘One.’

We GOT this shit niggas?! Got it sewn! Stop complaining fo’ they cancel this shit fo’ it starts.

We already took football, baseball, basketball, track, UPN. We got DC, Detroit, Hot-Lanta. Its only a matter of time fo’ we break off ‘Survivor,’ ‘Big Brotha,’ and ‘CSI!’

We Cannot LOSE!!!

4 Responses to “Survivor-Brouhaha Missin’ Da Boat!”

  1. Max, here’s a link about the race-based Survivor series:

    And I hope you don’t mind, but I suggest you read the following 2 links…and maybe…please…post about them:

    The last link is especially interesting.

  2. Don’t you think they’d probably rig it so the white people always win?

    Sort of like elections in America.

  3. Either way it will be rigged, because it doesn’t really matter who “wins.” What matters is how the players are protrayed by the producers of the show and how results are analyzed by E! News commentators and interpreted by Joan Rivers and the like, and how easily the television viewing public will swallow whatever swill these TV people pour into their supersized Taco Bell Collectors Cups and purchase whatever product they’re selling during commercial breaks and what not.

    Portraying the players in a way that confirms our stereotypes (or “challenges” them, so that commentators can say, “See, some white people really CAN dance” or “who says men won’t do a little work around the house?”–whatever gives the audience the opportunity to think “well, there are exceptions to every rule, I guess). Conflict is what’s going to keep people watching. And in this case the conflict will be more overtly racial than it probably has been in the past (I’ve never seen the show before).

    Ratings will soar, and other “reality” show producers will scramble for ways of exposing (read “creating”) racial conflict and tension and challenging (read “reinforcing”) racial stereotypes in artificial “reality” tv environments — or wait, they’ve been doing that, haven’t they? I guess that’s just what television is for.

    I haven’t watched a whole television show in a while, but every time I go to my brothers house I see some wife-swapping, top-modeling, bounty-hunting cops in Las Vegas tripe that really, literally, makes me sick. I don’t know how the producers of such shit can sleep at night.

    Television = Evil

    That’s why I waste all my time on line. 🙂

    And purchase a lot of dvds.

    Of television shows 🙂 Good ones, though!

    Like the Simpsons.

    K, I’m done.


  4. I don’t have tv but for the 14th, I wish I did: this promises to be some of the more outrageous tv there is, and when tv gets like that, one just has to check on it if possible.

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