AFRICA: No More Drama

I arrived in Cape Town this morning. 

I didn’t breakdown in tears or kiss the airport tarmac.  I haven’t been overwhelmed with a sense that these are MY people, though they are.  Perhaps, jetlag is moderating my response. 

Beautiful city, incredible vistas, the Atlantic, Table Mountain. Spectacular.  The people, the black people are incredibly friendly – those that I’ve met.  I’ve caught glimpses of dwellings not fit for human habitation on the ride from the airport, right next to modernity and shameless wealth. 

If any black people on earth have a right to be enraged, it is these.  So far, I’ve been greeted with smiles and cordiality that I have rarely seen at “home.”  As my first mentor in AA used to say, ‘time takes time.’  We’ll see in the days to come.

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10 Responses to “AFRICA: No More Drama”

  1. What are you doing over there? How long do you get to be there? And, touristy though these questions are, I want to know about mountains, beaches, weather, and air quality!

  2. Thinking of you.


  3. Have a wonderful time in the Motherland my brother. Experience all you can. As I stated before, my visit there changed my life.


  4. Z: I’m shooting video of the Homeless World Cup. Its an event that’s 6 years old now, to dramatize homelessness, indicate that its a global phenomenon, give job and leadership training to the youth who take part. My boss is sponsoring one of the teams.

    Haven’t been to beach but the skyline views are amazing, the mountains are very striking. I may go to Robben Island today. Air quality seems pretty good. Again, I am struck by the decency, the friendliness of the people. People are striking up conversations with me randomly. I don’t know if they can tell how different I am or what, but the warmth of folks is off the hook.

    LA: Sexiest voice on the public airwaves.

    Asa: I’m being changed as we speak. I’ll let you know what it/I look like when I get back.

    Peace Ya’ll

  5. Dumela,ntate! (hello, sir) Say hello to SA for me. Be safe~

  6. This is way cool. Have fun!!!

  7. Bess: I was talking to a friend today and we both agreed that in a way, Cape Town is European – at least in the downtown/architectural/traffic senses. Its strange; if I’d flown into Ghana or one of the other West African centers of the slave trade, with a strong village life, I’d probably feel differently. Maybe. This place reminds me of Rio or Sao Paulo in the sense of a highly urbanized society where most of the blacks live in tin sheds. I don’t think I’ll make it to Robben Island. Talk to you.

    Z: I’m on Long Street (?) which is a very happening street, tons of restaurants and bars and Internet cafes like this one. Mixed crowd all the way with Africans from many nations, Afrikaaners and white tourists. Doesn’t seem to be much mixing, though folks frequent the same hot spots. Very interesting.

  8. can’t wait to hear more about it Max. Have a great time – soak it all up!

  9. OK I googled Long Street for images! These
    remind me of New Orleans and Port of Spain. And pictures of the waterfront are really reminiscent of Rio. Very, very interesting. 🙂 (Yes, I love travel.)

  10. Thinking of you, Max.

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