‘God Alone Knows’

“Lubangakene” is the name my Ugandan sister, Sarah bestowed upon me. I wish I could convey the warm accent with which she spoke.

‘Lubangakene means that God alone knows who you are.’

It is not possible to know, the blood of too many – in me – has left me confused, mixed up, shaken, yet decidely unstirred.

In the wonderful book, “Meeting of the Waters” by Kim McLarin, a character notes that in Brazil there are two rivers that converge and yet do not mix. From World Travels.Com:

The Meeting of the Waters

Where the dark waters of the Rio Negro join the lighter muddy waters of the Rio Solimoes a natural phenomenon is caused: the separate shades of water run side by side for a length of more than four miles (6km) without mixing. The separation is apparently caused by the difference in temperature, density and flow rate of the waters from each river.

Run side by side without mixing.

God alone knows

10 Responses to “‘God Alone Knows’”

  1. “Lubangakene”… I like it!

    Asabagna Alatentou.

  2. Mundane question: what was your route and how long did it take to fly there (or back)? How many times did you have to change planes?

  3. I flew PDX to LAX; LAX to LHR; LHR to Cape Town. So Portland to LA, LA to London, London to Cape Town. 2 hours to LA; 9.5 to London; 11.5 to Cape Town.

    Yo, Asa, I can finally get rid of my ‘X’ and have a real name.

  4. Nice site my brother; I peeped you from my man Asa’s blog roll. You are a true world citizen. Thanks for the knowlege, and I will be back!


  5. It’s great when one can recognize and appreciate ones own continental roots and ancestry. There are so many that refuse to recognize and acknowledge who they are.

    Peace, Lubangakene.

  6. Stephen Bess: You gotta go, brother. I want to see more of Africa cuz SA is so European. Remembering your post about attending the slave plantation, my emotions were not able to be released. It just felt too neutered. But Senegal or one of the real outposts of West African slavery I’m sure will be another story.

    Welcome, Field Negro. Keep coming back!

  7. Dear Lubangakene,

    I was on Asabagna’s blog & noticed that he referred to you as Lubangakene & was like wait, I know him as Max! I then tried to figure out what it meant via Google & found this post, which I totally missed. All I can saw is wow, that is deep!

    I hope that I can make it to Africa within the next year. I am doing all in my power to make it happen & my soul will not rest until I do.

    Thx for sharing the information on Meeting of the Waters, that was a good little tidbit!
    Anyway just wanted to say Wazzzzz Up Brotha’ Lubangakene.

    email me with the pronunciation so that I can say/think it correctly (bygbaby at comcast dot net)

    Tafari aKa Bygbaby

  8. Byg: Yeah, man this African sister, Sarah named me. I love it. That’s about the most accurate name I have. I felt at home there, too. The African people are so warm and friendly. One day I hope to live there.

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