Do You Live The Life You Think Into Existence?

“The Secret,’ you really need to watch ‘The Secret.'”

Two of my bestest friends practically demanded I watch this video about manifestation. I did and it blew my mind. Many of the ‘truths’ were old news; however, the new bottle enhanced my understanding of this old wine.

Reflecting on my ability to manifest crazy-negative shit and having no problem maintaining a consistently negative outlook and thought pattern, it occured to me that if I did a mental 180, perhaps I could garner positive results. And alas I have.

Don’t get me wrong, it ain’t easy. My default still goes to ‘the sky is fallling,’ ‘people who look like you ain’t supposed to have shit,’ etc. So, I have to work on changing the default, changing the subtitles beneath my actions, beneath consciousness.

The raminfications of believing that one creates their own reality are revolutionary. How should I relate myself to racism? Should I maintain a ‘victim status,’ mindful that the forces of oppression ain’t hardly gone anywhere. Does that matter? Or, do I acknowledge what those forces are ‘trying to do,’ while focusing my energy on creating what I can, riveted on ‘out-creating’ these racist muthafuckas?

I’ve spent many months focused on the white man and white supremacy; he’s still here and so is his sandbox. I’m turning my attention to MY sandbox, creative palette, drawing board. I’m gonna manifest my beige ass off and see if that suits me more than burrowing a microscope up the white man’s colon.

It can’t hurt.

(Recs: Ask And It Is Given, Esther and Jerry Hicks; The Secret,

2 Responses to “Do You Live The Life You Think Into Existence?”

  1. Interesting! Enjoy the journey! Walk good Lubangakene!

  2. If you live life as a victim, you will always be a victim and the bad guys will win. If ignore the victimization and live your life as if the expectation is you will achieve greatness, you will end up on top, you will present the reality of someone who must be taken on his own terms because you will not be returned to your status as the victim, the victimized.

    Whether it’s racists, homophobes, molesters, sociopaths or memories of evil done by well-meaning family members.

    You change who you are, you change not only in your eyes but in the eyes of your opponents.

    I wish you well, Max.

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