Tha Code

Borrowed from ‘Abolish the N-Word’ on Myspace:

The Code… “10 Basic Stops!”

1. Stop Snitching.

2. Stop Name-Calling one another.

3. Stop Cursing at one another.

4. Stop Gossiping.

5. Stop being Discourteous to one another.

6. Stop Stealing from one another.

7. Stop Robbing one another.

8. Stop Fighting one another.

9. Stop Killing one another.

10. Stop Squabbling with one another and asking “others” to settle it.

I can get down with alladat!  All Praises to Neely Fuller and Dr. Frances Cress Welsing.

One Response to “Tha Code”

  1. Grace and Peace

    I can dig it.



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