Amen to That!!

“In themselves, the suggestions of others have no power over you. Whatever power they have, they gain because you give it to them through your own thoughts.

You have to give your mental consent. You have to entertain and accept the thought. At that point it becomes your own thought, and your subconscious works to bring it into experience…”

The Power of the Subconscious Mind, Dr. Joseph Murphy

In the continuing discussion of the N-Word, why are some of us ‘choosing’ to be devastated by the mere utterance of the word ‘nigger?’ Is it merely an involuntary response triggered by this word that cuts like a knife – LITERALLY – or do we really ‘buy into’ our niggerishness, a belief someone implanted in us centuries ago and remains, ‘the gift that keeps on giving?’

How do we benefit by having a perpetual hot button that we make other people responsible for not pushing?

Could it be that making others responsible for us, is a critical issue in our community – symbolized by this very issue?

If someone can make you feel like a nigger or a cunt – as opposed to a king or a queen – was really hood, yo??

It’s impossible! I have to give my consent, I have to believe my enemy is correct.

This is where all of this agitation around “banning the word” is abfuckingsurd. The agitation should be helping point our community to the internal: we have to change as people and as a people, from the inside out.

No rally, campaign, march, or prayer vigil can do the hard, tedious work of rewiring my internal circuitry. Nope. Your refraining from using the word nigga, is NOT going to create the necessary inner shift. A campaign to ban the N-word is, however, a useful distraction from doing the real heavy lifting.

Its also a great employer…

How do the Jacksons & Sharptons, these professional, ambulance-chasing poli-tricksters  – who we ‘hire’ to raise the flag – benefit from keeping their constituencies’ brains mired in banality and superficiality? ‘Hmm, let me think?


And if people use the word nigga – as a term of affection, a description, or as an indictment of the race – what business is it of mine? The Rev. Ike said that ‘the best thing you can do for po’ folks is not be one of them.’

Well, I don’t have to be anybody’s nigga but my own – and nobody but me controls my mouth, ears, body, mind or spirit.

Unless I let ’em.

One Response to “Amen to That!!”

  1. Wow! I wish I’d read this one before I commented on the earlier post. I was reading chronologically. Absolutely dead-on, Max.

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