Yes, I Said It Over At BygBaby’s!?

heather_day said…
from one of yours and my favorites, ms. damali ayo:

“That word is a tool of the oppressor. It always has been and it continues to be.”

Maxjulian said…

Actually, anything – shopping at the GAP, attending grad school or buying gasoline – are tools of the oppressor, if mindlessly indulged in. We live in the oppressor’s house, eat his food, buy his creations. We pay his mortgage. So spare me the “tools of the oppressor” hambone. This computer is a tool – on his behalf or ours. Its how you use it.

The real problem is twofold: black and other people of color are ‘functional niggas’ in this society and globally. And we let the so-called oppressor get away with it. We allow it by our failure to work collectively and oppose – except with rhetoric – his behaviour. Complaining to and about the white man only enshrines his superiority.

Two, WE are addicted to symbolic, shallow demonstrations of our ‘discontent,’ be it perpetual marching, letter writing, whateva. That, as opposed to actually dealing with and healing our own black selves and our communities.

Erasing a word – which is an impossibility – ain’t gonna heal nobody. The kind of healing we need is a healing that makes one impervious to ‘harsh words’ or ‘nasty opinions’. If somebody can rock you with a word, I’d say your healing is incomplete.

We have a lot of hard work to do that we as a people are afraid to do – on an individual and group level. And we can’t shirk our responsibility to do this inner work. But, its far easier to indulge in ghetto histrionics. The masters of superficiality always crop up with ‘explanations that don’t explain and solutions that don’t solve.’

If you think you can ban a word, God bless you.

7 Responses to “Yes, I Said It Over At BygBaby’s!?

  1. I agree with you 100%. Thanks for showing love on the Mindspill. For a while I was like, where are my like thinkers.

    I am happy that we can have a healthy debate on this divisive topic.

    Being cynical on the Afrobella Blog I noted “If things just disappeared because people were frightened or offended by them, then we would not have many social ills in Homelessness, HIV/AID, Crack Heads etc. Let’s ban sex & drugs to see how far we can get first, then deal with banning language.”

    Many more things need to change before we can even consider something like this & even then.

  2. Yes but I guess more to the point is, one wants to be aware that it’s a tool of the oppressor (and be aware of all such tools) & be conscious about how such tools get used!

  3. What are some examples of getting together & opposing behavior that aren’t examples of talking & rhetoric?

    I have some similar questions I left you at Sly Civilian’s place, by the way. (Man, I wish blogs had been designed like Livejournal, with indented comments that make it practical to see who’s talking to whom and therefore turn on comment notification w/o getting flooded.)


  4. Kit,

    I left you this response over at Sly Civilian…


    why do I have to give you anything more? I’ve already given you a post and sources that you can read. But you’d rather drain more info out of me, instead of checking out/getting around to reading Leary, Welsing, Fuller or Ani. Why is it going to be a while for you to read this important material?

    I say this to you because this is typical in my experience: white people interrogate people of color about racism, instead of putting in the hard work of studying racism themselves. They use us – strikingly similar to the slavemaster – to do their work for them. That is white privilege talking. Bigtime.

    I’m not a slave, yours or anyone elses. If you care, you’ll look for and read those books; if you don’t, you won’t.

    How can you be too ignorant? Ignorance is choice. I read the newspaper, read the internet, read blogs, read blogs linked on other people’s blogs.

    You say “I need to understand” but its not my job to teach. Your stance appears to be that it is; that’s privilege/racism/white supremacy talking loudly. Here’s one suggestion: read every source I recommended and read every post on my blog about racism. Then, you tell me what you’ve figured out.

    I’ll be glad to listen to your findings.’

  5. Thanks. And I replied there, too. I’m anxious to know if it changes your mind at all about what you think I’m asking (even if it doesn’t change your mind about whether or not you feel like actually typing anything up or hyperlinking–I know that a time commitment’s a time commitment, and sometimes, the answer is just, “No!”)

  6. there’s another mini discussion on said topic, over at damali’s myspace blog (dec 1st):

    check out her response to those who support still using the word, and weigh in

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