Racism exists…

Now what?!

It is perhaps comforting to document the insanity, the viciousness of Racism/White Supremacy. What do we do about it?

As a documentarian of sorts, I spend a lot of time looking at the enemy, trying to understand what the enemy is doing, how he operates, why, etc.

But what about us; what about the enemy within us? I pay attention to how WE operate and I see the enemy within us as perhaps a more formidable enemy than the externalized one.

Here in Portland, we don’t talk to each other and we don’t work with each other. There is an exhaustion about even trying to relate to each other. In a town this white, we need a “Black Caucus.” We need an unapologetically biased organization that gets together and discusses our issues, not white folks. OURS.

Whether its the use of the N-word, the “Willie Syndrome,” the way our issues are hijacked by professional media ho’s and perverted into narrow, meaningless constellations that do everything for them and nothing for us.

Should we even have a “WE-strategy?” Are we post-collectivism; should we simply pull our individual selves up by our own shoe laces? I’m old enough to remember when black folks spoke to each other when we saw each other; what happened to that?

Okay, here’s my new social movement: ‘SPEAK BROTHER, SPEAK!’ I’ve had this thought before – I’m going to speak to every black person I see, whether they want to speak or not, whether they are mean-mugging the world or doing chin-ups on their shoe tongues. Speak Brother, Speak! I walk by certain folks who turn their noses up and I just wan to shame them by loud talking them: ‘What’s up, BROTHA?’ ‘Wat up, SISTA?’

Okay, this is my new campaign, my personal rehab of the black race. We must begin to at minimum speak to each other. It will subtley nourish our craving for family, solidarity.

Like the flap of a butterfly’s wing, this movement will change the world!!!!

Are you with me?

One Response to “SPEAK BROTHER, SPEAK!…

  1. Greetings and salutations Lubangakene!

    Many years ago I made a similar commitment to acknowledge every Black person I came in contact with. Most would return the acknowledgement, but the fear I saw in the eyes of others I found interesting. I sensed the fear came from NOT wanting white people around to think that “we” were conspiring in some way. They would sheepishly say “hello” or nod, but would avert from making any eye contact. The basis of the strategy of divide and conquer is to make us fear communicating with each other… which is the foundation of building “relationships” (again pertaining to Dr. Edwin Nichols ideas). If we “feel” uncomfortable with even saying “hello” to each other, how can we discuss the issues relevant to “our” existance or progress.

    I am definitely with you Brother! We need to encourage very basic communication with each other, which starts with a simple “Hello” and take it from there…. build upon that! I said “hello” to you once… not so long ago… and in that short time… I have become a better person for it!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, and God bless you for 2007!


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