Racism Science Experiment: Volume One

Racism 219

I used to comment on a now defunct, Portland blog that shall remain nameless. It was Euro-American woman’s blog. Occasionally, she’d take on the issue of racism.

However, when one of her “boyfriends” would exhibit rank ignorance and serial racism, she habitually rode in on her trickpony and defended her “man” of the moment against a brother’s righteous rhetorical retribution.

I called her on this several times cuz it was hard not to notice; in the face of racial stupidity, she’d put on her combat boots and come out swinging, no matter how illogical or undeserving her ignoramus was. The last time I let loose on her, I told her that she was making a habit of “burping” white men, coddling them in their racism.

{Here is where I received an education in the trickiness of the liberal/progressive racist, the one who underlined ‘progressive’ in “What Color Is My Parachute” and began workin’ it, gurl(!) as a career move. Its called the Jean Seberg-Mau-Mau-PR-Pose for anyone interested.}

She lambasted me for my sexism. By using the word ‘burping,’ I was making direct, unwanted, objectifying reference, to her ‘breasts.’ And she wasn’t going to stand for it.

{When the clock is almost clicking Double Zero, this is when you break out the ‘White Woman’s Syndrome/Damsel in Distress’ strategy and play it for keeps.}

Now, I’m thinking it’s pretty clear that her, equating my charge that she was a serial “burper of racists” with “objectifying” her titties, was a stretch. And a half. However, here is where Racism/White Supremacy bears the strangest fruit.

A man of color, radical-activist-poseur-dude, who commented quite often on ‘that woman’s’ blog weighed in with his opinion: I was ABUSING the white woman.  Why?  Because she said so, evidently.  And, because he had been abused. I was stunned; suddenly I knew how the Scottsboro Boys felt when they were falsely accused of rape.  Except, here was a brown man, nostrils thrust deeply, slavishly in this white woman’s prodigious buttocks, supporting her false accusation.

As I usually do in such matters, I actually seriously considered whether or not I had intentionally or unintentionally sought to or actually did harm to this very young woman. And I realized that I had.

I had – one time too many – pointed out the obvious: that she was a compulsive racist-loving, defender of the Fatherland. Which makes her a part of the Portland Tribe of Bohemian, Racists.  Had I truly slipped, and by some bizarre association or by implication, been talkin’ ’bout this young lady’s bosom?  {Burping, bosom, bosom, burping. Well the words begin with the same first letter I will grant you that. ‘Boss, I didn’t means ta think on her swelling bazoom. It wa a vision I couldans’t gits outsa ma mind, boss.’ We find the defendant GUILTY as muthafucking charged!‘}

But for realz, this was a beautiful moment for me. I checked myself and for one time and maybe one time only, I gave myself a complete pass. I thought – HARD – about whether or not I even had titties on my mind when I was writing that piece and I was like —- HELL, NO!

And what really undermined her charge was that a week or so later, her skinhead wrote: “I luv your cunt, baby!” And she responded: “My cunt luvs you.”

Case Dismissed!

To recap Racism Science Experiment One: Racism is NOT necessarily a conscious choice, nor does one’s stated political affiliation, bankroll or hairdo innoculate them from the vilest disease on the planet.  People of color are not exempt from mental colonization, Stockholm-Syndrome-collaboration or racial sell outs.   Again political positions or professions, or declaring your ‘radical-hip-ness,’ precludes not YOUR being a Stepin Fetchit for the white man.  Or white woman.  Or the system of Racism/White Supremacy.

11 Responses to “Racism Science Experiment: Volume One”

  1. Nice post! Keep it coming!

  2. the fact that her boyfriend wrote an education-deficient statement such as ‘i love your c…’ is terrifying — do people actually think that sounds good? this world we are living in has been dried up for too long.

    people whose arguments never make sense tend to jump on the ‘i’m a victim’ bandwagon; i am a woman and i don’t see how ‘burping’ equals breasts personally but maybe my british english makes me lost in translation. who knows. all i can definitely say is certain black men have to stop brownosing to white people! why why why?

    nice blog btw — really cool.

  3. Field, I’s trying, but my feets is tired.

    Aurelia, welcome, welcome, welcome! And evidently, SHE thought it sounded good, as long as it wasn’t preceded by an admonition to git her shit togetha!

  4. burping … breasts … huh?

    sexism … huh?


    It drives me nuts how there is no built-in accountability to truth in this system. Like, wouldn’t it be interesting if when someone uses words in such a controlling, upside-down, ugly way they would get a little shock-zap from the universe saying, “Hello! That’s not okay!” Or like if the words could bite back when they are used against what they mean — “Well, no, you CAN’T use me that way! Just. No.” {ZAP}

  5. Grace and Peace

    You don’t have to tell people the truth with your mouth…because you show it in your actions.

    Nice post…Free!

    Grace and Peace


  6. Well, you know who I think has WWS … 😉 the b* phd crowd …

  7. You don’t have to tell people the truth with your mouth…because you show it in your actions.

    YES! But no one is supposed to notice that kind of thing!

    It’s true, though — no matter what, it’s true.

    Thank you.

  8. Welcome to my world…in reverse. For the longest time (and before the blogworld existed), my anti-racist perspectives were invariably dismissed with a “You must have a thing for Black men.” This was apparently the only reason some people could imagine that I might be opposed to the oppression of people of color. Even African-American men would sometimes give each other (or me) a knowing wink, as it were, as in “Once they go Black…” or “Any White woman that will go with ANY Black man will go with ANY Black man.”

    It can be difficult to maintain your mental and emotional focus in the face of such lobbed missles of psychological warfare. And it sometimes served to make me feel veeery isolated because of my commitment to my perspectives.

    And, yes, just like you, I would examine my motives and my sub-conscious orientation, going through it all with a fine tooth comb over and over until I was confident that they were the ones who were sick, not me.

    Now that I’m older, I tend not to get that so much, at least outloud (women of a certain age in the U.S. apparently tend to intimidate, if they’ve a mind to). But I still get it once in a while. Some folks will go to any lengths to avoid taking step one.

  9. Yeah, Changeseeker, I guess the ‘jungle fever’ charge is now the new ‘communist.’

  10. Sorry you had to deal w/ that. What a moron. Burping = breasts?

    Breast references = objectification, no matter what?


  11. Yeah, Katie, it was moronic but a great education, too.

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