“The Culture of Death” Versus Life

“It’s a deathstyle!”  That’s what a friend in recovery told me many years ago when I decided to ‘get clean’ and ‘stop using’ drugs and alcohol.

There’s another habit that I need to kick: European culture.

European culture can be defined as the global capitalist, imperialist plantation that places white over non-white.  There is no country on Planet Earth where a non-white population lives higher than a white population.  There is no country on Planet Earth, founded on non-white supremacy, white chattel slavery and RAPE.  NONE!

Malcolm said that this man ‘came from the jungle to civilization!  The jungle was in Europe, savages were in Europe.  Savages weren’t in Africa; savages were in Europe.’

The state of the world, on the surface, would appear that the Europeans were right and Malcolm’s judgement absurd on its face.  But…once you remove the shackles from your mind and see this world for what it is….

We, here in America, live in a technologically advanced jungle.  The baubles and gadgets shine so brightly – for some – that they fail to detect the base, monstrous instincts at the heart of this refined, accredited, grade A slaughterhouse.  The beef in this scenario is brown, red, beige and it is processed in the streets by the po-po; school, in the military and in prison.  We NEVER make the grade.

They teach you to chase degrees that they say are valuable, that make you marketable, and to whom??  A machine that turns people into machines, savage beasts who don’t give a fuck about the planet and what we are doing to it.

You have a job and a couple of letters behind your name and you think you are ‘superior’ to the one who only has a bachelor’s or a master’s degree.  Master’s, did you get that?!  Its a plantation!

You ain’t better and worse, the more bullshit you accumulate, the more you need to maintain.  Who’re the REAL drug addicts?!

I reserve my venom for the one’s who should know better, but are the greatest liars of all: the progressives.  These jive hipsters, pretending to care about the planet and George Bush, when it is you who put him in office and you who allow him to stay in office.  You only pretend to want him out; you only pretend to take actions to get him out.  And the truth is: it ain’t George Bush, its YOU!  “It wasn’t him Charlie, it was YOU!”

YOU are the one who created George Bush, in order to, turn the mirror from your face to his ugly mug.  Take a look at yourselves: but that is an impossibility.  You couldn’t survive living in truth one day.

It reminds me of an experiment (TheCode.Net).  Read this and laugh out loud.

You can’t reform a plantation, you can only burn it down and start over again.  The Left tells you there goal is change; they want change.  But these devils don’t want to dismantle the master’s house; they want to take his place.  They wanna be massa, in their hemp clownsuit.

There is no reforming this culture; there is only its termination.  The savages who lived in harmony with the land, ate only what they needed of the animal and used every single bit of it (thanks, SM) live in concentration camps; the beasts of burden who built not only the US Capitol, but the country are the most despised, copied human beings in this solar system.  The intellectual property debt owed black people – not to mention our reparations – makes the national look like a roll of quarters.

Don’t trust these fools who tell you to vote your way off Mr. Charlie’s plot.  Don’t trust these people who espouse the other side of the same Euro-wrong-wing, denatured-ISM.  They have NOTHING to teach you.  NADA!

Listen to your body.  Feel it.  Learn what feeling it really means.  And then feel it some more.

People of color must unite.  Willie Lynch must die!!  Love your people.  Work with them.  Stay strong.

Learn to recognize the hypocrites, double dealers and tricknologists like Jesse Jackson and Barrack Obama, who are tools to keep your allegiance in a toxic system.

Before you create a blue print, you check the lay of the land where you want to build.  If the land is infested, if the groundwater is poisonous, would you build there?  So why the hell would you even consider this country, this system, this culture, a viable plot of land to be worked with.  If the root was poisonous, the fruit shall be as well.  And it always has been.  Certainly, there has been Strange Fruit that transcended the trunk; it was quickly picked, trimmed, plucked.

4 Responses to ““The Culture of Death” Versus Life”

  1. The question I always have, though, is how to put these things into practice. Like with voting, as long as I maintain citizenship here. Does it “just encourage them,” or…? And, say (and yes, I do doubt this will happen), if the Dems put up Obama, and the wily Repubs put up Rice, and there’s nobody else running, it’ll be really hard to resist my voting addiction and not go in and vote against Rice.

    “They wanna be massa, in their hemp clownsuit.” Great sentence. And yes, I know what you mean.

  2. P.S. from Walter Benjamin (European, although the Germans [his native country] did not want to recognize this): “There is no document of ‘civilization’ which is not also a document of barbarism.”

  3. Damn FS, must you always speak truth to power like that? I love it:) As someone who is somewhat of a Pan Africanist myself, I have fully embraced the concept of tearing down Massa’s house and building our own. But I must always ask myself: How practical is it? You have to remember, that 90% of the Negroes in this country are living in kind of faux utopia, and they truly believe that the American dream is a part of their dream. As a result, you are like the salmon, always swimming upstream, when you try to drop knowledge on my peeps.

    Bu hey, keep trying, and keep pushing the envelope. Some of us are listening my brother.

  4. Field: To borrow a phrase, ‘we have to separate the game from the truth.’

    We have to de-colonize our own individual minds. And we have to help others in the process of decolonizing their minds. They need another perspective.

    Practicality is one thing; if you see your child eating lead chips, you snatch them out of their hand. If you see someone driving the wrong way down a one-way street, you holler, you flash your lights. You don’t argue practicality. It might not be practical for you to stick your neck and grab someone’s attention – but its the RIGHT thing to do.

    The biggest problem is that the voices trying to counter the ‘bling-bling-all hands on dick’ stupefaction of our people are drowned the fuck out by the Mighty Wurlitzer. Black folks identify with the slave culture that THEY don’t even wanna here dat shit.

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