You Have To Identify The Disease Before You Can Treat It

Visible Man has been chatting me up about “what we should do?”

I felt a growing tension inside and a pressure from him to come up with the goods, give him the right answer. Sorry, but I don’t have the answer. I believe that WE have the answer within us; and that through dialogue, through a searching, fearless, brutally honest effort, we can find it. But it’s merely fog right now, there is no – and I have no – concrete destination, prescription, master plan.

I am one human being trying to figure this stuff that stinks out and make it a better place for me and my kind. I hope I’ve never given the impression that I’m some kind of authority, that I seek some position or status. I bring some shit to the table, but I believe that everybody has to be at the table. The past should have taught us that a people who rely on ‘leaders’ ain’t goin’ no further than their teachers/masters are allowed to go.

This thing called ‘Thefreeslave’ is all about feeling it out, figuring it out, shouting it out. This is my place to process with the Universe as my witness. I’ve been gratified to make a couple of friends along the way, but that wasn’t my intention. I’m trying to grow, grow up, see what the fuck is going on. I don’t want to be Ghandi, Malcolm or Martin. That kind of mentality – “that I want to be a leader” – is in me. I try very hard to qwell that shit because liberation is a WE program, not a ME program.

My boss mentioned this book to me called “The Wisdom of Crowds” which posits that there is more information in the collective, more truth in the masses, than in the elites, in the ‘talented tenth.’ Freeing that up, helping people locate the wisdom in themselves so that it can be unleashed on the world – now that is some exciting stuff. I want to be a part of that movement.

But I’m young in this thing and I’m observing and changing and feeling, sensing, breathing. I ain’t no expert, but I want to help find the cure. But before we find it, we gotta understand the disease and how it operates, how it afflicts even those of us who think we are a part of the solution. Including myself.

So don’t think that I’m not in a regular ‘self examination’ mode, trying to check my motives and ensure that I’m not running some unconscious agenda. I’ve seen it and I don’t like it.

6 Responses to “You Have To Identify The Disease Before You Can Treat It”

  1. I am one human being trying to figure this stuff that stinks out and make it a better place for me and my kind.

    The way I see it, everyone brings particular talents to the table.

    To me, this post says a lot about what you bring to it — not more or less valuable than anything else, but specific. Sensitivity to figuring out the disease. Collective (rather than individual) orientation. Orientation to learning and existing but suppressed wisdom as part of change.

    So don’t think that I’m not in a regular ’self examination’ mode,

    For what it’s worth, I know that it’s pretty much impossible to bring what you bring to the table and not be in that mode.

  2. We are all in self examination mode my brother, and it’s what makes us who we are. As someone who embraces the collective over the individual, I think it’s imperative that more people of color get into that mode, and start trying to figure out why we are here, and where we are going.


  3. Thanks AWQ and Field. I’s tryin’!

  4. I can respect the process because I know you are honestly trying. And your processing, your shouting, your sharing is helping you and helping everyone else. But do you think we’d take your fruits and leave you behind through something so difficult?

    We have to support each other and keep each other thinking and evaluating, help each other reach the understanding we all need. So keep it up, and we’ll be following along with you.

  5. Thank you, Sister Sylvia. I appreciate it very much.

  6. Here comes my evilly analytical eye: “what can we do” is a *major* project … if it addresses racism, white supremacy, capitalism, colonialism, and imperialism … all the topics of the blog! …Nobody else has a full answer to all of that, either…

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