from the hardest working woman in the race bu$iness… 

I woke up to receive this lovely email from ‘The Answer.’  No, not Allen Iverson.  Rather…

from damali ayo 

come on are YOU serious?

i’m not marketing myself- i’m trying to get a very real message to as many people as possible. if you know my work (and you must because you are on my email list) you know that i never let anything get in the way of challenging people or bursting their illusions about race.

does my approach work? hell yes it works. just ask the many many people who have worked with me. you might want to find that out before you dimsiss someone so completely.

the truth is that it is your kind of totally dimsissive negative painting of people who are working hard to make change that slows down progress.

you think people are going to hire me to kick their ass if i say “bring me to your school, i’m gonna be a real bitch and tell you that racism can never be fixed?” no. they’re not. what will happen is that i present them some serious solutions- that yes, are easy to do- racism has some very easy to do solutions that people have avoided for too long. it’s time to stop making the excuse that this work is so hard that we can never fix it.

reading your post, it seems like you want racism to stay around so you can complain about it.

check yourself, before you wreck us all.


Later today…The Breakdown

One Response to “from the hardest working woman in the race bu$iness… 

  1. yes, indeed. i gave you an honest emotional response. now you are going to “break it down.” what an unfortunate way to treat someone committed to this work.

    what you are doing is so sad, and such a waste of time and talent.

    i have no idea who you are and wish you didn’t chose to attack me while you hide behind anonymity. why not join me in fighting the good fight in the public eye?

    that would be a better way to spend your day than bashing someone totally dedicated to social change.

    anyway, i give you credit for getting my goat this one time, but i won’t be reading anymore. i do indeed have better things to do with my time, like help this messed up community handle racism in a better way.

    i invite you to come to my presentation in vancouver (clark college) since you are on my mailing list you’ll know when it is. perhaps then you’ll have actual information about what i do, instead of just some random details to critique.

    stay sane in this often insane world,

    damali ayo

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