If You Want Love, You Have To Think and Be Love

I have been exposed to ideas around manifestation and abundance that posit: you get what you think about.

I believe that.

I’ve seen that.

I’ve lived that.

In terms of money, employment, travel, relationship – I have seen tremendous progress in my life. I have consciously invited things in that I previously only THOUGHT I wanted. Consciously.

Before I could invite, I had to acknowledge/admit that I had been the greatest obstacle to my getting what I want. Me.

I believe that the first step on the road to maturity is taking responsibility for your life. I’m in charge of it. No one else. Not the white man, not the black woman. Me.

If I want love, I have to think it – consciously. I have to think that I already have it, because I do. I have to recognize that the Universe is full of love for me, for everyone.

I’ve had a ‘poverty’ consciousness, a ‘I don’t deserve any better’ consciousness. And I’m not alone. I’m working to get rid of that mentality. I’ve seen the results.

Some of us feel very comfortable being poor, miserable, martyred. Its safe. But that’s not for me anymore.

If I want love, I have to think its already present. I have to welcome it. I have to get out of my own way and let it in. I have to recognize that the love is already HERE and it is my thinking that prevents me from receiving it.

Put another way: I’m clear that the way I’ve thought has hindered me in the past. At an incredibly desperate, depressing point in my life, I decided to TRY something different. (Since I didn’t like what I was getting, it seemed like a tactical shift was in order) I decided to PRETEND that my thinking controlled my altitude. And guess what?

I encourage those of you who want love – black or any other colored love – to try it. Check out the video, “The Secret.” Read “Ask And It Is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I encourage those of you who want greater abundance…check this stuff out. Or don’t.

Rigorous, RIGOROUS SELF-honesty is the key.

2 Responses to “If You Want Love, You Have To Think and Be Love”

  1. I had to think about this for a while, and it’s still hard for me to put my finger on how to explain it-but this doesn’t make the slightest amount of sense to me. How is thinking love ever going to get us a shred of power to not get stepped on constantly by white people?

  2. You were thinking…Did you do anything beyond thinking? Do you believe that there is anything beyond thinking?

    In my opinion, You have to go through a process that includes feeling, sensing, intuiting, thinking. Process. There is no quick fix, no brainstorm that is going to “make sense” in the end. If you only intellectualize it, only operate on the head-plane, you’ve only intellectualized it and thus limited yourself to what goes on in the cranium.

    There’s a WHOLE lot more.

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