Notes On Blog Policy

I just deleted a new comment by Lone Theorist. Why?

Because, I’m not posting A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G here that is a personal attack, as opposed to a critique AND an attempt at real dialogue. Those of you who have something to say and know the difference, I invite you to speak here freely. I am VERY interested in hearing from you. Those of you who doubt my sincerity and think I’m full of shit and want to address me like I’m your punk – take your bullshit elsewhere.


Now, Emerging Phoenix, Sylvia, Aulelia and Bliss, Asa, BygBaby, Field, etc, have all commented here in a respectful manner that communicates to me a desire to have a conversation. I responded to them in a respectful manner – even when they have leveled criticism at me. And that is the level of communication that I not only want to have – I will insist on it from anyone who comes here.

So, Lone Theorist and anyone else who feels the way she does – we can talk – but ONLY if you bring it respectfully, bring it in a real way, BUT in the way that YOU claim that YOU want to be treated. No other way is going to make it

Otherwise stay away.

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