Finally Getting Around To My Tag by Asa…

By Maxjulian

March 1, 2007

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5 facts about myself that are not known to the readership

1. I’m not unfamiliar with the ‘happy ending.’

2. I’ve been a part of two menages a trois. (MANY years ago)

3. I’ve hit tennis balls with Arthur Ashe and Illie Nastase; met Bjorn Borg, Dizzie Gillespie, Diana Ross.

4. It took me 22 years (2000) to get my BA – Liberal Studies (major, Poli Sci/History), Antioch University-Seattle.

5. I have between 500 and one thousand CD’s, mostly jazz but tons of world, R&B and hip hop.

I shall now tag Thinking Girl, Aulelia, Bitch Who Blogs, Betmo and SuperBabyMama.

PS Sylvia, the Anti-Essentialist…I want to hear from YOU!!!

13 Responses to “Finally Getting Around To My Tag by Asa…”

  1. Damn you are late with your tag LOL.

    #2. Stop bragging

    #4. I feel you, I am still working. My new goal is to be done by the time I am 37/37 so I am a few more years. It is hard when you work full time, have a family & stay in the streets all the time.

    #5. Sounds like you need an iPod Brotha

    Aulelia tagged me and it tricked to you so she started all of this shit. Aulelia I am calling you out LOL.


  2. Byg,

    Actually, I may need debtors anonymous. I’m doing good though lately. I haven’t bought a cd in months.

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  4. LOL!!! You got me cracking up Lubangakene! Interesting though!


  5. mmmmmm…. me too… trying to think what hasn’t already been revealed…

  6. Asa, I’m a sinner, what can I say?

    Come on, BWB. I know you can think of something juicy.

  7. ha ha byg, i am the guilty culprit 🙂

  8. “Come on, BWB. I know you can think of something juicy.” BWB you gotta top #2! LOL


  9. You know, I thought about topping #2 as I was bit wild in the mid to late eighties…. UC santa cruz and all of that did lead to some interesting situations… but then the what if someone I knew found my URL…. lets just say a long, long, long time ago — I found myself in at least two instances in some, shall we say, group situations…. then I thought about revealing some of the outcomes of those wild parties I used to host with ecstasy and a hot tub… and decided to demur for some of my less scandalous revelations…

  10. Damn, BWB, you know how to tease. I can see the images though.

  11. Yeah, what he said. LOL

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