All White People Are Racist Suspects

By Maxjulian

March 5, 2007

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All white people are racist suspects – Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing -until proven otherwise.

I’m sorry….were you waiting for more…

That is all.

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  1. Hee, sometimes the most insightful statements are the shortest ones.

  2. LMAO!!!! OK bruh… who pissed you off and what did they do!?

  3. Preech! Ha Ha! My first time to your blog, the first post I read, and I think I’m in LOVE with you! LOL!

  4. All? Ok maybe all white males over 50 🙂

  5. Asa, need I say more?!

    La Negra: I love you, too!

    Field: white males over 50 were once in a somebody’s crib. I rest my case, barrister!

  6. I cannot argue with that statement…

  7. “Field: white males over 50 were once in a somebody’s crib. I rest my case, barrister”

    True, but I dare say that when they were in their cribs and in their formative years thereafter, they had not yet succumbed to this jungle of fear and ignorance known as America.

    It takes years of erroneous teachings,homogeneous socialization, (how is that for an oxymoron) and constant indoctrination to believe a sense of superiority, to get to that state where there could be a wolf hiding beneath.

    But you are right, I think 50 is probably too old.

    How does 18 sound?

  8. Field,

    Because that learning you refer to in racism/white supremacy begins in-utero, it behooves us to be leery of white folks. For real, I’ve always been too believing/too trusting and gotten burned.

    No more.

  9. I have 1 good white friend (is this OK), she is nice to me and likes to ask me questions about being Black & she always asks me why I don’t blush. I think she’s racist but, well I am just not sure sometimes, what do you think? BTW she like collard greens and watches Friday at least twice a month.


  10. I hear you my brotha, I can’t even try to discredit your own personal experiences. At the end of the day you have to go with your gut.

  11. Byg,

    You had me at the collard greens:))

  12. Field,

    I don’t mean to say that I’m on blast, ready for somebody to fuck up. Its just a working hypothesis. I still take people one at a time.

  13. LOL, I stand accused. However, you know what; I take the accusation to heart.

    I love the outspokenness of it, the strait up in your face tone.

    This demagogue hypocrisy we call the United States has much to learn from such accusations.

    The truth never really hurts those that know it.

    “Demagogue hypocrisy” trying to get this to catch on wherever I can throw it. The United States is so less a democracy or a republic than it is just that, demagogue hypocrisy.

    There is not much hope in this country even trying to get honest debate on the issue of race relations in the United States as it pertains to black people. God other white people will go to great lengths to end the debate or redirect to an area that is more comfortable for them.

    It is in a political forum, so why the bother? If they cannot deal then why get involved.


  14. I have no argument. Whites absolutely deserve it. And anyone who takes it personally? Well, they should. THEN perhaps go a step further and understand why.

    Excellent blog- I have you in my blogroll. Peace.

  15. My name is pat and I am white. I am not a racist and I can say noone in my family is. My fathers best man was an african american. many of my friends through the years were african americans. Im writing this to say that there are genuine white people in this world. Guys like don imus stir things up again like am moron he is. not to say that al sharpton does much better of easing anything. Where is he when the cameras arent around? What does he do to help poverty? anyway, i hope don imus and people like him dont give every white man or woman a bad name.

  16. There’s probably a few decent white folks left in the world, somewhere…

  17. All men are misogynists – Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing -until proven otherwise.

    I’m sorry….were you waiting for more…

    That is all.

  18. No, Cat, I was just filing my claws! Why’d you steal my line? Appropriator.

  19. I’m white and very happy about it. I enjoy the fruits of my fore fathers boldness and dedication in world affairs to keep America the great nation that hard working law abiding citizens have made it. Many enemys of freedom and order have attempted to distroy this the most humaine system of civilization ever created. We can all depend on people like me remaining in charge of the uneducated masses who are not advanced enough geneticly to rise above the mire. We will continue tostand above and pull the strings which control your own distruction of each other.

  20. this is the most racist site i have ever come across it would appear that negroes are the most racist,the most criminal,most lazy and degenerate.

    • And it’s people like you who MAKE this site “THE MOST RACIST” like really , check yourself Hun ….
      -successful BLACK Woman 🙂

  21. Speaking as a white person, I would say that all white people are racist, without exception. It’s unavoidable. We are raised in a society created by people that looked like us, for the benefit of people that look like us, largely by exploiting people that didn’t look like us.

    Well-meaning white people may claim to not be racist, but they are wrong. They just don’t understand what racism is. What they mean is, “I do not harbor hatred or ill-will toward people that don’t look like me.” Most white people don’t. (There are always a few asshats like “a phase” and bruce.) It hasn’t been effectively explained to white people that the lack of animosity does not mean the lack of racism. Of course, we also have the luxury of not thinking about the topic of racism all that often, so we probably just weren’t paying attention.

  22. Freeslave, I am white, and yes I am a little prejudiced. For my own personal protection and safety, I tend to avoid most black people, especially the gangsta types. If that is unforgiveable then so be it. I know MANY successful black men and women who I feel comfortable around, and they are usually in their 40’s or older, but the black kids these days (I know I am generalizing here) seem like they’d just as rather shoot you dead than say hello. The young black men and women in this country seem concerned about “respect”, but they refuse to show any themselves. My father taught me that respect is earned, not given away. If you do not respect me, then why should I show any respect toward you? That’s just plain common sence. And I say this out of personal experience from growing up in a rough neighborhood in Brooklyn. Remember, alot of people are taught to hate, but alot more grow weary by what they see and experience. I would assume that you were mis-treated by white people in your past which causes you to generalize about them, and I have no problem with that. You gotta put yourself in a position of comfort, and if white people don’t make you feel comfortable, then why associate with them? But the generalization works both ways, meaning that most white people feel black people express outward prejudice toward them as well (and is acceptable today in our society). Can’t have one without the other. I am glad, however, that you have a forum to start a discussion on this topic, the only way to work through it is by talking about it.

  23. “All white people are racist suspects – Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing -until *proven otherwise.*

    I’m sorry….were you waiting for more…

    That is all.”
    And..the only way to *prove otherwise* is for the system of racism/white supremacy to be entirely replaced with a system of JUSTICE…meaning that no one is ever mistreated, and the person that NEEDS the MOST help is the person that RECEIVES the MOST help.

  24. Key word is suspects…

    There’s nothing wrong in what you said.. Its completely rational to think that all people who are significally different from you (culturally and physically) will pre-judge you based on their preference toward people with similar appearances and cultures.. That is prejudice.. Everyone is prejudice.. because everyone is different. If you cant agree with that statement.. then you are not agreeing with the basic statement that free slave is making.. and that is

    There is a huge cultural and physical difference between whites and blacks that cause us to naturally be prejudice.

    Now.. the bigger question.. Are whites more likely to use their current position of power in American society to marginalize the people they are prejudice against (blacks)? (Racism)

    Thats not really a fair question is it?

    If you are in a position of power, and all you know about your subordinates are what your family told you, the media told you, or some other person of your culture that you can identify with told you.. AND there is never an opportunity to get to know your subordinates because of the nature of the job. ..Why wouldnt you continue to make decisions based on what youve already learned?

    I guess what Im adding is.. (as a black woman that has more white friends than black) In my opinion,

    White people are born prejudiced with the option to be racist. By the time they are teens, some openly choose to be racist, most racist by ignorance, a few develop white guilt and befriend the black community but keep their ignorance racism..

    and a tiny minority… make a conscious effort to un-learn what they have been taught and treat blacks the same as everyone else.

    So accept the fact that if they’re White there’s a good chance they are racist, but for many White people its not their fault.. its just ignorance.. and knowledge cures ignorance.

    In the meanwhile… I’m doing my part to kill racism.. one white friend at a time 🙂

  25. You people are amazing. All you do is blame white people for
    your lack of success. Thats the way i like it. Dont take personal responsibility for your self and you will stay right where you are. If you want to look at racism today look in the mirror. your to blame for your own falures.
    And guess what? i didnt own any slaves, and you didnt pick any cotton. SO GET OVER IT!

  26. actually, i hope you do not continue to believe this. there are lots of non-racist whites in the world. including me. as a young girl growing up, both sides of my family were the racist kind. they would yell at me for watching black-people shows and hanging out with black friends. but i refused to listen. many of the racist people might be older, and therefore were taught to be racist by past generations. but God created us to be a family. sure, it upsets any white person to be called names or be critized. and i’m sure it hurts blacks too. but can we all just forget about this stupid controversy that’s been going on for more than a century? no. so next time, blacks and whites, think about what you say. whites have made somewhat an improvement by some people starting this listen to hip hop and rap and not calling it crap and some women have had sex with the other race. so even if some whites are racist, don’t rub it off on the ones who are trying to nice. do it for our future. do it for our children.

    and for the record, i’m voting for John Mccain because he’s a republican, not because he’s white. If Obama had a little more experience and was a republican, he’d be just fine.

    • Hmm.

      It’s not fair to say that because a white person listen’s to rap or watches “black people shows” (whatever that is), that they are suddenly, racist free. There are a lot, and I do mean a lot of racist people who are at a young age.

      In the presidential election, it’s obvious that the votes were split, and mostly by race.

      I refused to vote because I did not like either candidate.

      As a rule of thumb, these days, I go by this rule: When it comes to white people, I will be cordial to them in the workplace and in public, but in my social life, I prefer to hang out with my “own kind”, because in the past I have tried to make friends with white people, and it was obvious that they were phony.
      I feel as if when it comes to white people, I have a hard time trusting them. I prefer to just interact with them sparingly/only when mandatory, because I know that they feel the say way about me.

      **19 year old black girl. Not your typical “gangster”.

      • the fuck you talking about? obama couldn’t have gotten the presidency without white voters, so I’d say a majority of white voters voted for him.

  27. Interesting conversation. As Chris said, talking about racism and its implications is very important. My concern, however, is less about individual relationships or whether I’m prejudiced or not. The fact that American Africans fall at the bottom level of the achievement gap is real. The fact that there are more American Africans in the prison system is real. The fact that more American African males are unemployed than any other segment of the population is real. The fact that there are more American African males in special education than any other population, racially, culturally, or ethnically is reality. So what we are really talking about are structures inherent in American society that encourage European success (and everyone else that resembles them or with whom they have a vested economic interest) and at the same time a systemic oppression of those who are poor and educationally deprived.

    Unfortunately, because Africans (those who came involuntarily) were adjudicated (by law) out of citizenship in these U.S., for more than four centuries (Yes, Ashley, it was much much longer than a century), and considered less than human on the level of beasts, we have much to overcome in American. Remember, it was less than 50 years ago that we regained the right to vote.

    One of our greatest challenges to overcome is to love ourselves. We have tried so hard to assimilate and make ourselves worthy of White people’s acceptance, that we have lost a sense of our real worth. As a matter of fact, Europeans kept us from our history. Everything we read about Africa is primitive, uncultivated, and ridiculed, even by ourselves. We have bought into America’s idea that we matter very little.

    I have a White daughter in law and a mixed grandson. I can’t afford to be prejudiced based on color alone. But, I can recognize a system that is inherently unjust and a realization that it requires perpetual fighting against this injustice. If some whites are offended, I understand. It is not easy sharing leadership with those whom you have been taught are less than you. So, “Offended White Person” GET OVER IT! THE FIGHT IS ON!

  28. you people and i am talking to every race are lost. i think it is funny to listen to all of you argue and say all of whites are racist all of blacks are racist. how the hell do you know. does one really know everyone. give me break.
    from what im reading i guess you are pretty damn close to right. What the hell is wrong with people. We are all different in many ways. who cares what color you are. Its sad that we have to use something as simple as color to hate one another. we have really come along way… riiight. racism…
    arent we all a part of the Human Race.It is such a depressing world we live in today.

  29. just reading these comments shows me how ignorant a lot of people really are.its amazing how you would take my comments if i said i was white or black. I love reading a comment and then people saying and i am white or i am black. Well then that makes you just as bad as everyone else for assuming that your opinion will matter more because of what color you are.
    i have lost all hope for people to accept and respect each other as a human being.

  30. There is just about as much racist black people as there is racist white people and for black people blaming all europeans , i think that is a racist comment in itself , first of all the only people that were involved with exploiting africa and enslaving millions were the western europeans or let me clear that up the latinos,portugal , spain ,British,Irish,scotish Italians ,french , germans, and the dutch , were the countries involved in the slave trade , the rest of europe like central and eastern europe had nothing to do with it , the central and eastern european people had there own problems they had no time for conquests in africa or or north america, so when u throw that at someone who originated from central or eastern europe dont be suprised if they dont give a shit because their people and country had nothing to do with it , sure we feel bad for you but central and eastern europe got exploited by western europe too so before you start blaming all white people know the history behind things
    There is good and bad people in every race , everyone is diiferent from the next person
    and people should learn how to live and grow together with difrences so we will become better human beings and make the world better

  31. Alex,

    Agree that Eastern Europe didn’t participate in the slave trade. Don’t agree that not all white people benefit from the global white supremacy dynamic. Name one country founded on black supremacy and white inferiority codified by law? If you cannot, then I have to disagree with you about racism being “equal.” Don’t get me wrong; there are some twisted people of color, twisted around race all over, be it black Americans, Japanese. But not of those people have instituted a global dynamic that benefits people of color over whites. None.

  32. First of all.As a young black male,I would just like to say that i’m sick and tried of white people coming up to me and say b$llshit phrases like “YOU PEOPLE” and “GET OVER IT ALREADY”. All i can say is that it’s easy to look over from the other side of the fence and make comments like that.Your absolutely right,I myself never actually went through slavery.But if you really think about it,what’s the difference between what my slave grandfather had to go through back then and what young black males like myself have to go through today.Whichever way you spin it,it’s still slavery only in a different era.Can you honestly tell me whats the difference between being called a nigger by a white person during slavery times and being called a nigger in the year 2008.No you cant.That’s because their is none.

    Secondly,I’m tired of all this bullshit about how black folks dig their own graves and all of this you people are just lazy bullshit.First of all I am not lazy.In two years I graduate from college with a BA degree and after that I plan on attending law school.So for all you ingorant ass white people out their,you can’t speak for all of us.That’s the problem with you people.You have this misconception that all black people are the fucking same,and im tired of it.Theofore,you treat us all the same.

    The sooner you people start treating blacks..excuse me,African Americans and other minorities like were equal,the sooner we will stop thinking that you are all a bunch of racist fucks.

    Just in case one of u skinheads decides to read this,just watch ‘Black in America” on CNN to see what i’m talking about.

  33. unfortunately there’s truth there.

    is it true vice versa?

    p.s. it’s not just “white” folks. i’ve heard from some viciously racist asians.

    maybe it’s a product of evolving in clans? i can trust my group but they look strange and evil. or perhaps it’s just a matter of greed and power? the most technologically advanced group will find a way to profit off the weaker groups?

    the chinese spent hundreds of years controlling vietnam. the french controlled vietnam. we bombed the hell out of vietnam for some strange reason in the 1960s and 1970s.

    why all the hate? perhaps it’s just about resources.

  34. When you start acting like equals. When you stop assuming that white people are looking at you and judging you as a “black person”. It just disgusts me, it takes both sides to come together and make things right. I would never treat a “black person” an “Asian person” or a “middle eastern person” any differently, based on the color of their skin. I would however make judgments about their personality, their attitude towards me, etc…

    My ex-boyfriend is turkish. His little brother came to america. He could barely speak english, however he saw a black man when driving in the car and he said “nigger” I was appalled! I would never use that word. However he didn’t know any better. he was educated from the black culture, calling each other nigger. (they get MTV etc…) That is a perfect example of what kind of image is being reflected when blacks use that word.

    I live in a predominately black neighborhood. I want to fit in and make friends, but I can’t. no one will talk to me. tell me how that is? am I being punished because I am white? I would never do that to someone who lived in a predominately white neighborhood. It just blows my mind. We can NEVER move forward if we don’t accept the past as it is, and stop holding grudges. Forget the stupid definition of race, you define it by yourself, every person is different. The whole point of equality is looking at everyone as the same, regardless of their skin or ethnicity. However, it is fair to judge on the basis of the persons behavior in society and actions.

    Scholar 100 YOU ASSUME all white people are the same. You assume that we all think that black people are lazy, you assume that we judge because of the color of your skin. News flash!!! WE DONT! At least not all of us! If you want to solve this issue you need to have an open mind. you need to practice what you preach. It’s just that simple. how can you expect people to respect your culture when you use disgusting racist words towards each other? Its an iconic word, it means the worst, the harshest, the most degrading thing that keeps slavery alive. its a constant reminder of what was once a horrible life.

    “That’s the problem with you people.”

    “I would just like to say that i’m sick and tried of white people coming up to me and say b$llshit phrases like “YOU PEOPLE” and “GET OVER IT ALREADY””

    I just want to point out, in your post you said you are sick of us saying “you people” when in a few phrases later you say the same thing about us “you people”. Double standard, and its sick. I WANT TO HAVE A NORMAL RELATIONSHIP WITH ALL PEOPLE OF ALL RACES. JUST BECAUSE I AM WHITE DOES NOT MEAN I CAN”T DO THAT! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. white people are racist. every one ive ever met except maybe 1. and thats a big maybe. but there is a huge difference between racism and ignorance. i dont mean ignorance as most people think of it but the purest definition, a lack of knowledge. i think thats the biggest problem with the country, is that not enough white people have regular or meaningful reactions with black people. once white people can see with their own eyes that all the bullshit theyve been fed is just that — bullshit — maybe some of these problems will start to solve themselves and maybe some day there can be some hope for the white people, the soulless, savage, inhuman devils they are.

  36. also, i think i should mention this im white, and thefreeslave is right. and every white persons post ive read on this sight has done nothing but confirm this. ive tried many times to have white friends, and its always ended one of 3 ways. either we fought, stopped talking, or i stabbed them. i dare any white person who says they arent racist to walk around west philadelphia with me. wait till a 6 foot 250lb black dude is walkin towards us after dark an ill give you 10000 to 1 odds that said honky turns tail and runs or immediately dials 9-1-1. people seem to forget, fear is racism as well. just because someone doesnt walk around screaming kill the darkies doesnt mean they arent racist. chances are that they still are and are 100 times more dangerous than any klansmen ever was cause you wont see it coming. at least you know where you stand with a white supremecist (technically i should be safe but my “back the fuck up yankee” comment almost cost me my life in jail) and while i disagree and would like to see them tortured mutilated castrated and burned alive i can at least respect the fact they act how they feel. now, white people: stop the fucking bitching. god forbid the people you have enslaved and kept down for hundreds of years bear some sort of a grudge and that a simple “my bad” didnt solve everything. until the white race has spent a couple hundred years being beaten, brutalized, enslaved, raped, murdered, have had their names, language, religion, identity, family and history taken away, and have then lived yet still more hundreds of years as a 4th class citizen, forced to live in the least desireable areas, forced to send your kids to the worst schools that are little more than jail, and have had an entire government actively harassing and abusing you, have lost all your positive cultural leaders to assassination and false imprisonment, and then are told youre wrong to feel like youve gotten fucked with no vaseline can you even begin to imagine what its like. so white people, stop the bitching, just cause mommy and daddy gave you everything you could ever want doesnt mean everyone has the same opportunities

  37. Lol. These comments are highly amusing. I have to say, not all white people are racist. It really depends on what kind of person you are and how you were brought up.
    I have a few white friends and they’re pretty cool.
    But it’s not just blacks who are persecuted. As long as you belong to an ethnic minority, as soon as you enter someone else’s land, many (not all) people will look at you based on the color of your skin. And if anybody here thinks I’m black, or white, I’ll probably laugh.

  38. Black people are BY FAR the most racist “group” I have ever encountered in my short life.

    and before you call me a skinhead, nazi, racist, white devil etc. etc. blah blah blah

    I am Mexican

  39. This is a world that i don’t care to live in much longer and before my kids get old enough to understand how sick and evil the people of this world really is . I want God to come . so that we can get reed of all this evil. along with its originator Satan. All you people have is hatred and more hatred .

  40. FFS can every1 just get over ‘racism’
    black people are racist FACT
    white people are racist FACT
    so suck it up and stop acting like a victim because everyone has to deal with it in one way or another!
    and for the record if u dnt want to be called nigga then dont call each other niggas it cant be one rule for you and another for every1 else.
    i no not all black people are the same but just look at the news…why are u surprised that young black males have a bad name?
    you give yourself that name, but u dnt have to live up to the stereotype.

  41. I think it’s really ridiculous if you believe the statement that all white people are racist.

    Some of the nicest people I have ever met are the older generation of black people that came over about 60 years ago…they have such an amazing way of thinking.

    …but the people of today(black,white,chav etc)?? They give young people a bad name…
    theres no two ways about it, the racism and behaviour of the youth(black and white) is appalling.

  42. I know what you are saying.
    Something many whites fail to acknowledge due to some psychological imbalance in their cellular history. It’s not white guilt. There is no such thing. Whites don’t feel at all guilty of the wealth accumulated through their collective preferential status and privileges.
    The current financial meltdown proves beyond a doubt their privileged past financial compensations were greatly enhanced and undeserved in all sectors of American business. Yet, it is blacks who bear the blunt of lay-offs and unemployment.

    I think of it in this analogy.
    If you swim in the ocean, you may encounter man eating sharks. Perhaps, the shark will just slip back you and keep going about it’s business. Perhaps, it will stop and take your leg and arm as it goes by. Perhaps the one that slipped by will come back in an hour and take a bite. Blacks dealing with whites take the same approach. There is no way to tell which white may have you brought up on a 20 year sentence or cause you to lose your job. They are all suspects until proven otherwise, but still, like the shark, that trust can change on a dime.
    There is no way to tell which shark will cause you tremendous grief.

  43. It seems that we are all guilty of racism after a person of color pokes holes in a white persaon’s sense of being the arbiter of all that is right in the world.

    When you profit from privelege on one hand and then claim to be the moral compass on the other the people should be VERY suspicous.

    The truth of life on the planet: I will fuck you over and make my peace with it.

    The truth of in America: I will fuck you over, and I will make you make peace with it. (Native Americans)

    Can’t have it both ways and expect people to be happy with it.

  44. This blog is racist. The general statement “ALL” White people are racist is a racist comment. You are only fueling the hatred and fire. If you want to categorize white people, then how is that different than saying “ALL” Black people are criminals. You actually have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Then you have uneducated, sheltered people supporting your blog. In my neighborhood blacks are 10% of the population but commit 90% of the crime. The statistics do not lie. If you want to change the way white people view blacks in general, then look in the mirror and make a change. Instead of moving forward you move backwards. Martin King – Republican – shot by a black man, “judge by content of character and not color of our skin” Well, all these programs that are handed out by the Democratic party are instilled to keep you off your feet. Make you dependent on government. That doesn’t sound like you’re making much effort to change that. Why work hard, when you don’t have to work and take taxpayers money??? You may call it “free” money. That is not true. Nothing is free. What’s the incentive to work? If you don’t work, you can get sec 8 housing, get benefits, do nothing with your life. Or you can work, and loose all of those benefits. I agree, there are decent black people out there, but black people like you do nothing to help the cause. When a black person speaks out against the stereotype driven society that is based off black people actions such as Bill Cosby, he is attacked by his own community. He simply addressed the cultural flaws that so many youth follow today. Rappers say that it’s okay to rap about sex, drugs, etc.. because they are speaking the truth. NO, they are gloryfying a lifestyle that should not be acceptable. If I can get all the women by selling drugs, get the cars by hustlin, then I am going to do it because Rapper X says it’s cool in his latest song. I suppose I am racist for speaking truth. Right? Nope, not for speaking the truth, it’s because I am “white” Do something constructive with your time.

  45. I’m afraid some of the comments that appear to be on here are flawed, every race has poverty and people of every race have to overcome it, god i’m glad I live in Canada people of all races are so much more laid back, and we have for the most part moved past discussing racial issues, and “isms” and have moved on to more important things, like common courtesy, free healthcare, public discourse, not putting propaganda and lies in our news broadcasts.

  46. Sorry but I have to disagree with this statement. Although I can see your point, Don’t you think that saying all white people are racist is a racist comment in itself? I have recieved much racism for being part white, and I have recieved much racism for being part black, been labeled ‘half cast’ and other things. I think, that not just white people are racist.


  47. Seconded!Indisputable.Like you said-‘until proven otherwise’.A hundred per cent fact,end of story!in fact the ones who go out of their way to prove otherwise are the worst case scenarios.

  48. I have no problem with that hypothesis, I think the same of blacks, I avoid them whenever possible, I don’t like being around them in general, feel like I can’t trust them. If a black person acts friendly to me I will be friendly back, but only out of pure courtesy, and always with the thought that they probably have some ulterior motive for being friendly with “whitey” In other words keep away from me and I’ll keep away from you. Then we can all get along 🙂

    Frankly I don’t see what’s wrong with either group thinking that way, It’s just being cautious and being cautious is smart.

  49. And who’s to say that every black person who believes this garbage isn’t racist, too? You’re simply using skin color as an excuse for beliefs. If ten people in the world got a really bad sunburn, would you categorize them into a single bucket of beliefs? You probably wouldn’t. You would probably sympathize with them and hope for the healing of their skin. It’s just ridiculous to over-generalize these kinds of issues, you know?

  50. ya we’re racist my butt! who has special sclorships, a history month, get jobs when they score lower on tests!!?!?!?! the blacks if we got a white history month, special scholarships and got hired cause we were white the blacks would go crazy!! A black guy can call me a cracker but i cant call him a nigger!!

    GET A FREAKIN LIFE AND $GET ABOUT UR GAY GREAT GRANDAD IF IT WASNT FOR US UD STILL BE IN THAT SESPOOL CALLED AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Rich white people are usually cool. It’s just the poorer whites who usually behave in a racist manner and that’s because they have seen their opportunities diminished due to a rapidly constricting middle class. Arguments about affirmative action, scholarships, Black History month and the ever present why can’t white people call blacks N***** question etc. is just an affect from a disillusioned group of people who are slowly coming to terms with the fact that they are no longer the privileged master race that they’ve been bred for centuries to believe they are. It’s really all about economic class, tax brackets and social standing. divided weak minded individuals are prey for media corporations who fan the flames of prejudice for capital gain.

  52. […] Brand: 'you can't be racist towards white people' – Telegraph Blogs All White People Are Racist Suspects Blog Archive thefreeslave You may be more racist than you think, study says – Is Racism Against White People […]


    I remember standing at the bus stop a few years ago around 2006…. I was dressed nice… I was on my way to school one morning.. A white person drove by.. Yelled out their window and called me a NIGGER….

    I remember walking home a few years ago around 2006 — at night and a white person drove by… Yelled out their window and called me a NIGGER…. I remember my sister’s white friends rolling up their window when they saw a black person walking by…. This was 2009… I’ve had white people walk back in their homes when they saw me…

    I’m a college educated black dude. I have a 3.2 GPA on a SCHOLARSHIP…. at a University… I don’t blame white people for anything…. But I do blame them for making judgments about me strictly because of my skin color. I were Abercambe, Brooks Brothers suits… etc…

    I remember an incident when this older black dude, dressed a suit… He tried to help this white lady and she called him a NIGGER…

    I remember one of my sisters white sorority friends getting offended when a black dude talked to her at a night club saying “doesn’t he know I’m white”…. I don’t black whites for anything… but I’m not comfortable around them because of the experiences I go through on a daily basis… and how I’m usually treated by them… I’m YOUNG. NOT A THUNG.. JUST A COLLEGE EDUCATED BROTHA… Who still goes through the same thing… sometimes….

  54. Racism can take on different tones. It can be a preference for your surroundings. (Prepare for a statement of the obvious) For the majority of our existence, we lived in small groups. These groups would have been comprised of people who looked much like us. And now so many strange looking people (one person sees another as strange, while the perceived strange looking person sees the original perceiver as strange looking, and so forth) are combined into this one giant group we have in the modern era. The desire to be around people who are more similar to you (in appearance, likes, dislikes) is natural, and this tendency can often be seen in the friends we choose.
    At the other end of racism are those who have somehow put a “hate” spin on it. This seems to come from a false sense of superiority. Why do some whites believe they’re superior to blacks? Well, blacks came from a continent with no civilization and were all spear throwing barbarians. In contrast, whites came from great civilizations and are cultured. Strangely enough (sarcasm), the former statement can be made of many white cultures, while the latter can also be said of many black cultures. My ancestors, for example, were seen as spear throwing barbarians by the people who believed themselves to be superior; what they lacked in giant marble temples, they made up for in honor, and I am proud to be descended from them.
    Understand that my usage of “white” and “black” are simply for convenience. I’d much rather refer to my ethnicity as “Anglo-Brigantes”, and I leave others to decide on their own designation.

  55. Here I am. I am the person most descriminated against, I am the person most held back because of not only my race, but my gender. I am the one who has to watch every word that comes out of my mouth because it may offend someone…even though that person uses the same word him/herself. I dont get any excuses, I dont get any support. My race and gender get no help from the governments, no help from the courts. I wake up everyday trying to figure out how to keep myself alive, and my intergrity intact in this “free” world. I cant get food stamps, I cant get child support or alimony. Nobody has to hire me BECAUSE I am white. I cant belong to any group BECAUSE I am white, or because I am a male..yet I have to hire Blacks, I have to hire Females..nobody has to hire me. I have to work everyday or I starve and die. I have to pay taxes to help normal people all around our country, but I can not get the same help myself. I am not normal.I am a racist, I am a sexist. I am everything anyones wants to say about me, but I can call no other the same. I see posts like these..I hear comments like these..I am racist, I am trying to hold people down…But you are wrong. I live everyday trying to survive in this world where it is everyone against the White Man. Step back and look at us. We are desperate. We are scared. We have to keep everyone happy, or we face the worst persecution left in todays world. One wrong word, and I am a racist. One wrong word and the woman will take everything you have ever worked for. Being White means you get half of what you work for and nothing you deserve. Being White means its everyone against me. Take Obama for example…look at the charities he donated all his money from the Peace Prize to..Blacks, Indians, whatever races..he tried to get them all. But nobody looks at the one race he didnt even consider, the race nobody considers..the White race. Thats our everday life. No help, no thoughts except contempt. So go ahead, keep bashing Whites. Its what everyone does everyday. And I will just keep trying to survive. ~Take care

  56. If only I had a quarter for every time I came here… Superb read.

  57. What an idiotic post. You’re playing semantics games, and I’ll prove it:

    Define Racism. Racism is….?

    Define “White people.” White people are….?

    Go ahead and answer. I’ll argue you down to nothing, because you have said something that amounts to nothing, fluff, bullshit.

    You are using a sweeping generalization which is generally the mark of stupid thinking.

    ONLY when human beings recognize the individuality within themselves and others, they are intelligent.

    Every other generalization, ugly belief, and sweeping statement is part of a pattern thousands of years old to keep humans separated and afraid of each other.

    These generalizations are like the air we breathe: they inhabit the dark corners of our collective psyche and we pick up on them and wonder if they’re true.

    The only truth is love.

  58. Well yes they are. Period. Inherently they can help it. Its all theyve known. They don’t even know who to be racist against anymore. They may not all hate us like Hitler would or the KKK but yes they are racist. The thing that boggles the mind is when they call us lazy and say they are scared of “gangsters”. Im sure most white people only work one job correct? Even if you attribute this to education blah blah blah but even an educated black person will work harder than his white counterpart. The system tries to suppress black people, the system that was started a very long time ago and wasnt meant for us.
    I think every black person knows Rodney Kings name dont we? I think were all a little afraid of you trigger happy white people. Isn’t it strange that italian gangsters aka mobsters that kill people are portrayed so beautifully in the media when they are selling drugs. Why was the Sopranos such a success? Who doesn’t love the Godfather oh and how could I forget Scarface.
    See the problem isnt that your racist I could care less I dont like you either its the double standard. You can do things but I cant? Why do hockey players fight every game but if a basketball player gets in a fight people are outraged?

    Why dont i ever hear about the white kids that love heroin and coke but am always hearing about weed?
    White kids are always the ones making bombs in the basement. Have you ever heard of black people taking a white person and torturing them? No. White people are fucking animals.
    White kids will kill their own mothers for 2 dollars and shoot up a workplace for getting fired… lol. Are you kidding me. Maybe im racist or maybe im just honest

  59. everyone is a racist until proven otherwise.

  60. ignorance

    don’t generalize

  61. Pat, i’m sure you mean well but here is an experiment for you: tell your dad that you are in love and planning to marry and have children with a black guy-look serious about it-and commit to this lie for at least a day or two unless he looks as though he may become ill…after doing this, write us back regarding your dads reaction and tell me if he is racist.
    It’s one thing to be friends with black people it’s quite another to get married to one of us-I am in a longterm relationship with a white man and I can say with some certainty white people think they are superior to blacks irregardless of how smart the black person may actually be-

  62. white man, I feel your frustration but the reason noone cares about you is because whites typically already control and own everything-

  63. you know what my impression of you “whiteslave” is? Lets face it you have more in common with a ku klux klan member than any white person you meet on an average day. You know why? because there are people who see the injustice of the world and say Im gonna work to stop this but Im not gonna harbor hatred for my enemy because that will mean Im on their level. Opression does not solve opression can you try to understand that! an “eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”
    Mahatma Ghandi.

    saying all white people are racist unless proven otherwise is like saying all black people love fried chicken unless proven otherwise. You know what most white people are doing with their lives? not trying new ways to bring down black people,no they are living them,its the older generations and the few in positions of authority that are. Comments like the ones you post on this site did not open my eyes to the racism targeted at african americans it was just an angry opinionated statement with no basis in solving new ways for equality. Having preconceived notions about a race is racism! So you sir are racist! and since you cant eliminate racism with just fuels a circular logic mentality. “mommy he hit me and and Im gonna hit him! People like you raise kids to see colors not to see people. you dont target the problem, you fuel the problem. All this statement shows is your hypocrisy,racism and conformist way of viewing the world induced the by the works of malcom X. I say to you go around hating people and creating them as monsters in your mind but dont think that you are anymore than a real one yourself. People like you are what makes this world a more dangerous place for all humanity.

  64. Wow, the irony of that statement. By making such an acusitory claim as a blanket statement against an entire group of people, the only thing ou have shown is that YOU are rascist!

  65. An honest evaluation will show there is far more racism, sexism, & homophobia in the Black, Latino, Asian, and other “minority” communites. All races are corrupt, Whites are just better at it.

  66. Like the old wisdom goes “Don’t trust whitey” White people ARE all racist or at least should all be heavily suspected to be, until they can prove themselves NOT to be. I just can’t help wondering why exactly white people, especially the white males, are so EVIL? What is wrong with them? A very serious question. I would love to know. They are without any doubt the most evil, soulless, back stabbing, degenerate, sadistic, brutal and psychopathic group of “humans” that has ever existed. I don’t think they even are fully human. They have very little empathy or genuine concern for ANYONE unlike real humans for example. They are also incapable of real spirituality. All they can ever to do is control, enslave, abuse, murder, rape. Using religion to oppress and destroy is one of their favorite techniques, just look at the inquisition. That was calssic insane, psychopathic madness started by powerful, sadistic white men.

    I really have come to believe they are EVIL incarnate. Destroying the world and nature, stealing culture, philosophy and heritage from the original great African civilizations. Lying, stealing and scheming, distorting history, killing off as many black or darker skinned REAL, original human beings of this world as they possibly can. Colonizing, enslaving and raping and pillaging wherever they go…etc. Just generally acting more like wild animals than real thinking and feeling human beings. And then they dare to claim to be somehow “superior” to everyone else! It would be utterly hilarious if it wasn’t so disturbing and sick! And even more disgusting and amazing is that they actually have most of the world believing their crazy lies about their fictional white “superiority” and their made up “great history”
    I wonder what is supposedly so great about a history of such hateful violence, sadism, bigotry, slaughter and enslavement?

    So it’s obvious that most white men are inherently sociopathic. There is nothing else that can explain their destructive, dominating behaviour and incapability for empathy and human love. They are actually PROUD of being such dominating, controlling assholes all over the world! There is something very seriously wrong with them. And most white women are not much better because they go along with this crazy white male crap without ever thinking or questioning any of it. The amazingly self centered, whining, narcissistic and psychopathic comments here from white people prove it perfectly. They just don’t get it. They refuse to take any responsibility for their privilege or even acknowledging they have massive privilege in a corrupt white supremacist society. Without even admitting or recognizing something you can never even try to change or develop into a better person. It’s hopeless…Like I said, don’t trust whitey. White people WILL turn against you or stab you in the back because that is simply their nature. They like to pretend a lot.

    Just read this about how the degenerate english psychopathic criminals sent to Australia totally destroyed the original people of that land. After reading this you will understand how little hope there is for white people to ever change their ways :

    “My interest in the Black people of Australia (known generally as “Aborigines”) began as a young college student in the early 1970s when I chanced to read an article in the Los Angeles Times about the brutal treatment meted out to Australia’s aboriginal people by the English convicts, administrators, soldiers and missionaries who landed in Sydney’s Botany Bay beginning in January 1788. The article told of scores of Black people tossed to their deaths from high cliffs, and rewards being offered for the scalps of Black men, women and children. All of this and more I was later to confirm for myself. During the nineteenth century, for example, it was not uncommon for Whites to shoot Black people for use as dog food. Indeed, during certain periods of marshal law it was not a crime to murder a Black man. Sometimes an entire family of Black people would be rounded up by Whites. In front of his family the Black man would be handcuffed and then castrated. His head would then be cut off and strung around the widow’s neck who would then be brutally gang-raped. Following this the children would be buried in the earth up to their heads. White men would then, with the mother of the children forced to watch, kick and club their heads off. Black people were given blankets infected with small pox virus. Their waterholes were poisoned. They were infected, women and children, with venereal diseases. It was only in 1967 that Aboriginal people in Australia were considered human. Today, the Black people of Australia constitute 1.6% of the total population but Black men make up 70% of the prison population. Black women make up 50% of the total prison population. The life expectancy for a Black man in Australia is forty-five years. The infant mortality rate is among the highest in the world.”

  67. The beginning of ALL humanity is in eastern Africa…I just have to wonder if these narcissistic white supremacists ever even think about THAT fact when they behave so haughtily, abusively and dismissively towards black people and Africans in general. Do they even realize that THEIR origin is in Africa as well. The greatest, most glorious, beautiful and richest continent of them all. The very womb and origin of all human beings.

    It is no wonder the rich white colonizers and psychopaths have been stealing and leeching from Africa as much as they can for the last few hundred years. And spreading deadly diseases and creating civil wars among the different nations. They don’t want Africans to UNITE against them!

    Here’s a good example of the sickening corporate exploitation in Africa lead by a bunch of greedy, inhuman, immoral europeans :

  68. Who benefits the most from a system of racism, inequality, segergation and white supremacy?

    Yes, you guessed it…WHITE people! They started this kind of system exactly BECAUSE it benefits them and ONLY them the most, and maybe some other groups of people with lighter skin. Everyone with darker or lighter brown skin suffers from this insanity. That’s the majority of the worlds population by the way. So What gives. We have a system in this world of the minority ruling and ordering around the majority. And controlling all the money/banks, owning or buying and conquering all the available land so that only THEY get to decide who gets what. That’s not a “democracy” , that’s not freedom or equality and it’s definitely not RIGHT. America itself is a country based and founded on slavery,exploitation and lies. How can you possibly take a country like that seriously when it claims to be all about “freedom and equality”

    Freedom and equality for who? The equality and freedom their original constitution talks about is reserved exclusively to white males. White men are the only ones considered real free independent human beings by the U.S constitution. White women and black people were considered simply objects, personal property, slaves and chattel. Not equal human beings with the same freedoms, rights and privileges as the ruling group of white guys had. And it’s still very much like this nowadays, only a little more covertly now. The dominating white psycho men rule over everyone else. There is no real democracy, freedom OR equality. No empathy, compassion or humanity either. There are only the rich white slave masters/owners and their property the slaves/human chattel!

    The whole system is based on domination and subordination. Someone has to always be on the bottom so that someone else can be on top in this kind of system. White people consider themselves(falsely)to be “superior” to everyone else. They have an arrogant and delusional belief that they have some kind of right to brutally conquer, colonize and subjugate other groups of people all over the world. Their european culture is NOTHING compared to the Ancient advanced black civilizations of Africa from where they stole most of their ideas anyway. All they really have is much more aggression and an overpowering need to dominate and control. But absolutely no understanding of any deeper meanings of life, nature or spirituality.

    There can be no true equality, freedom or HOPE for humanity as long as the narcissistic white supremacist domination/subordination system is allowed to continue. And obviously the white people themselves wont be making any dramatic changes, it has to come from the MAJORITY of the worlds population. They have to start by saying “Enough is enough” We have to really WANT to move into a Future of real equality and the same opportunities and basic rights for everyone. No matter what sex/gender or skin color/ethnicity. That would be the ideal situation.

  69. Listen and listen well! these crakkas are playing a mind game ppl pyschological warfare!!!! they have 2 come off nice and loving 2 LURE YOU IN FOOLS!!! Da bible Da quran/koran Da Ancient Egyptians wrote stories bout how they were created thru a process called Grafting/Cloning of Da Dna mixing Black dna wit various Ape/Monkey species 2 produce a slave race they still have 9% neanderthal monkey in them!!!!! Dats why Da Bible calls thm Man=666, Beast! we are Nubians HueMan you fools that mix wit t

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