“The ONLY Politics That Is Relevant Is The Politics of Revolution!!!”

They weren’t perfect.

They made errors.

But their analysis of the United States is still accurate.

And many of their innovations could be very useful today.

This is an imperialist, racist, global, terrorist state.

Obama isn’t talking about it, nor is Hilary. They are defenders of the status quo. Defenders of ‘IT.’ They are slaves of capital, co-opted by the enemies of our people, the enemies of the planet.

Yet, we have people debating whether or not Barrack ‘is black enough?’ Well, obviously not, not if he is proposing the same old Democratic pabulum with a dash of progressive paprika. No, the election season is the season of the ‘Bread and Circus,’ the charade trotted out to make you think you have a vote – when you don’t.

No, we are afraid to notice the Big Lie, say the unmentionable that we ALL know in our bones to be true: this ain’t gon’ change at the ballot box. It ain’t gon’ change on BET, through the ‘Covenant’ or no other knee-shaking, half-stepping enterprise. It will take what Huey P. Newton described as ‘stronger stuff.’ Take what the Panthers called ‘revolutionary intercommunalism.’

This nation and the actual nation-state are dead. PC – Pure Capital itself drives the institutions of the facade-state. How can 10 million people protesting globally against war be ignored? They’re ignored cuz they don’t understand that they are complaining to the wrong people, that THEY are the ONLY corrective power. Nobody else will save us but US! But these fake progressive, liberal Democrats aren’t willilng to pay the price that it takes to be free. They are afraid to use the God-given power that they have. They’d rather defer to the experts, to the authorities, to their damn slave masters.

The magician gives you a toy that has voting levers and a curtain on it and you think its the real thing, when its ‘Barbie and Ken,’ something that resembles what you claim you want – but isn’t.

Its ‘placebo-governance’ in miniature; you are the control group who DOESN’T get true democracy, who doesn’t get autonomy, who doesn’t get freedom. You get the dildo, but not the dick; you thought they gave you the carrot, but it was really the stick.

Revolution is necessary, of the communities that are in the crosshairs of the Beast. All across the globe. It is frightening to consider – what does it mean to revolt, how, how will we survive? The consideration of these questions must begin in order to answer them. I know I’m scared, but the alternative is worse. To be black, of color and to SUPPORT this madness is to support racism/white supremacy, imperialism, globalism. The status quo rapes women, rapes societies, rapes cultures, rapes communities. If you like Obama, you also like that, if you love Hilary, you love all of that.

Stop living in the delusion and see it for what it is.

Until communties become communities and then fight the REAL power arrayed against them, this OZ that looks democratic, that appears to have a legislative, judicial and executive branch of, by and for the people – then they will continue to get the best of us and the planet. We need to fight, but fight the real fight instead of the reformist, ‘lemme see what crumbs I can get for myself’ fight.
The Black Panthers are worthy of great study because they were on to something and this repressive governent knew. Why else would the US have tried to destroy these beautiful black women and men?

The Black Panther Lives!

All Power To ALL The People!!

21 Responses to ““The ONLY Politics That Is Relevant Is The Politics of Revolution!!!””

  1. Keep speaking truth to power my brother. This was a great post! Now go check your phone to see if it’s bugged 🙂

  2. field — that is funny but you have a good point > free slave, watch your back!

    on a serious note, i really like this post. the black panthers have almost been banished as a trend in history as if black people shouldnt be politically active. carmichael, davis and company are so important for all black to learn and respect despite if you didn’t like their tactics.

  3. A question that has been on my mind lately has been “Should I vote for Obama because he’s black?” Thank you for helping in that decision, because I’m learning, slowly (I am white after all *LOL*), that perhaps it is better to look at the candidate who will better move these issues forward and acknowledge the systemic racism that still plagues this country. As we see with Obama, and Clinton, the best person for the job isn’t necessarily the one of color, or the woman.

    Being a pacifist, I do have a difficult time understanding revolution. However, the more I learn and understand, the more I can definitely see the need for the drastic change.

    Thank you for this.

  4. Great topic Lubangakene, once again you got me going deep. When I first read you post, the first thing that popped into my head was the Beatles song ‘Revolution’: “You say you want a revolution… Well you know… We all want to change the world”. Now I am sure this is not what you want to hear… lol… but that is the jingle that came into my head as I thought… well what would this revolution look like? … and how would we get there?

    Then, Malcolm’s speech “The Ballot or the Bullet” popped into my consciousness (hopefully this redeems by involuntary Beatles “faux pas”..lol…). You are right on with your comments on the futility of utilizing the “Ballot” to bring about real change. I always refer to this statement by a relatively well known but unappreciated political philosopher when it comes to voting: “If voting could change anything, they would outlaw it”: Ice-T. Since I don’t live in America, as an outside observer, I am shake my head time and time again on how African-Americans put so much faith and energy into the voting process. I understand the overwhelming responsibility which they feel that they must exercise their vote, because of the romanticized historical relevance of the civil/voting rights movement…. especially in honour of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in this struggle. But from my perch in Canada, I see how easily those who want to exercise their right to vote for the candidate or party of their choice, are quickly “demonized” if they don’t conform to the groupthink. Then of course there is the choice between those who will “rape” you with vaseline and those who will “rape” you without vaseline. Insert whichever party, Democrats-Republicans, as the former or latter “perpet-raper”.

    Therefore will the revolution be brought about by the “Bullet”. Back to the Beatles: “But when you talk about destruction… Don’t you know you can count me out…. ” The reality is that for Black people to engage in widespread violent revolution to break the chains of their oppression…. well let just say… the reality is that one of the basic requirements needed in an armed struggle is communication… and most of us either have revolving issues with paying bills on time or we are on a pay as you go plan for our “cellies”…. which just won’t cut it…. especially when you are about to forward intelligence on your enemies movements or attack formations! A “puff”.. the phone gets cut off! lol!

    So what are we left with… well let me suggest that we employ the mindset of the Spartans…. as seen in the movie “300” (Tafari—quit drooling!). Let’s have a real revolution of thought and practice. Let us create a community of Black/African men and women who from birth are trained to be warriors, and by this I mean have a warrior mentality where their only… I repeat and emphasize, ONLY commitment is to this community. Two very difficult choices will have to be made for this to work. First, those who can’t or don’t measure up physically, emotionally, spiritually and/or make a real contribution to the community… we cut them loose. So those who are chronic substance abusers, societal and moral deviants (i.e murderers, abusers of women and children, etc.), those who are unteachable, those who cannot/will not develop a community first attitude, those who are weak willed and/or weak minded, and anything else that is an anchor to our progress…. we turn them out. Second, we don’t get hooked into other peoples/groups struggles. Let white women (feminists) fend for themselves. Let the homosexuals fight their own battles for their civil rights. Let the Native Indians (who owned slaves and are more than willing to disentangle themselves from that history) engage the white man in their own struggle. Let the poor white trailer trash agitate for their own political/economic empowerment. F*CK THE RAINBOW COALITION! It’s a burden on our advancement! It should be all about us and ONLY us. I contend that ONLY by this type of revolution, can even START to develop a strong and progressive Black/African community. Purification of community values. Single-mindedness of community purpose. Revolution of community focus.

    The alternative…. well we may as well sing along with the Beatles: “Don’t you know it’s gonna be alright, alright, alright”, as we are led as sheep to the slaughter.


  5. Asa don’t sleep, I might lift your entire comment for a post on my site. (FS don’t try to sue me) Honestly, I think we have the start of a revolution right here. Just reading these posts made me realize that there is hope for black us folks after all.

    There is strength in numbers but we are even stronger when those numbers mean something. I would rather have two or three of the posters here, than a room full of knuckle-heads to get my back if and when the revolution strarts.

  6. Field,

    I was gonna lift Asa’s post myself. Better hurry!

    Yeah, it only takes a few of us. AND, I’m talking about revolution, not necessarily ‘violent’ revolution. This is one of the ways that the Man co-opts language. There are many kinds of revolt: I say, let’s explore the full range of options, beginning with those that make the most sense given our current circumstances.

    This isn’t 1968 so I’m not advocating what might have been applicable back then. Shit, black people talking about this stuff as we are is revolutionary cuz we’re supposed to be talking about Norbit or some other lightweight bullshit.

  7. FN & Lubangakene, you are welcome to utilize any of my posts and comments as you wish. There is as much of you guys in there as I am. You both do inspire me to think deeply and expand my frame of reference. You can even edit out the spelling and grammatical mistakes….. lol!

    Much love & respect

  8. Ahhhh shit, I just noticed that Asabagna called me out LOL. A revolution is definitely needed but we need to make sure that we can the armchair revolutionist off of there asses & fight for real.

  9. That’s right, Tafari. We’ve got to ORGANIZE ourselves off the couch.

  10. Here’s my question, and (hopefully) it’s a big one.

    Let’s say that hypothetically we actually got what we wanted:

    What would it actually look like to live in, and to be part of?

  11. VM:

    You didn’t respond to my response to your previous response.

  12. No, I didn’t respond to your last response. I just didn’t want to talk about what I feel or don’t feel, so I chose to drop the topic.

  13. Why didn’t you want to talk about how you feel or don’t feel?

    For me that’s important information to know in order to guage where you’re coming from. I don’t know where you’re coming from right now and I’ve been feeling you coming at me with energy that I can’t identify. So that’s why I want to hear from your ‘feeling’ side. But if you don’t want to share you don’t want to share.

  14. Several reasons:

    1) I’ve usually found that my feelings don’t really seem to make a difference in what happens or doesn’t happen. Which leads into:

    2) It’s honestly a lot easier for me to think through things than to ‘feel’ through them.

    3) I often think that feelings are used to sort of…manipulate people and I’m sick of being manipulated. Sort of like when someone asks you how you feel, but they only say it because they want an ‘in’ to you.

    I’m not at all saying that you’re doing this.

  15. Thanks for the response.

    Here’s where I’m coming from on: I used to be a drunk and looking back, I realized that I very consciously used chemicals to numb my feelings. I believed that my emotions got in the way of my thinking. Having a Spockian intellect, devoid of feeling seemed to me to be the ideal so I stuffed, stuffed, stuffed my feelings deeply inside.

    What I was doing, however, is making myself crazy. When the feelings exploded out of me in the end like snakes compressed in one of those child boxes, I got a real insight (for me). My feelings/intuition were vital to the my intellectual process. Feeling/intuition aided my thinking, made it richer, provided material that my brain deperately needed.

  16. For me this is very different. I’d seriously rather think through problems than try and deal with them by intuition, or come up with ways to think through things along those lines.

  17. Visible: I’m not saying ‘use intuition’ alone. Its using all of who we are. There is no separation between our intellect, emotions, intuition – other than the way the culture attempts to dichotomize us and create a hierarchy within, where we’re supposed to downgrade our emotional, spiritual, intuitive selves. And exalt the pure intellect. This is why this culture is so fucked up and so many of its people: its anti-human, anti-spiritual, anti-emotional. That’s why they use people of color as their emotional/spiritual proxies. Its natural for them to deny it within themselves and seek it externally – without admitting or acknowledging the underlying process.

    We can’t fall into that trap

  18. SO, I’m comin’ into this rather late, considering its October 5th, and I see that this topic has been apparently dropped which is sad though not surprising since that is what happens to every discuion (especialy online) that I’ve been a part of or read about. My two cents is some what in retaliation to what asabagna said, though I agree with him on many points. what I don’t understand is why Afro-Americans wish to seperate themselves from the rest of revolutionary society. As I see it we all, as a species what pretty much the same things, these being
    1) Equality
    2) Respect
    3) and The freedom to live your live as you see fit.
    In this we have a common enemy(ies); Capitalism and Corporatism. These have gained power by supressing others by means of race, religion, class, sex, and sexual preferance. Because of my white heritage I am not subject to such prevelant racism as non-caucasions. This how ever is not something I agree with and it was not my choice what skin color I was born with so the refusal to work along side people of a different race for revolutionary purposes is, in my humble opinion a bit racist and ignorant.
    If we are to gain this equality and freedom that we, as a species, desire we are going to have to work together. Our enemy has done, among other things, a wonderful job of dividing and sub-dividing anything that could threaten its power and control which would be the people. We have whites that wont organize with blacks, we have blacks that wont organize with whites and everyone hates the mexicans.
    This revolution will not get off the ground until we can put aside our differences and work together to vanquish a common enemy. Our enemy is too large, too entrenched and too well supplied for a bunch of seperate small groups to topple, they’ll just crush us one by one, like they did the Black Panthers (and yes I respect them very much, they spoke at the local college, fucking wonderful).

  19. To go with what I already said:

    “And, in my opinion, the young generation of whites, blacks, brown, whatever else there is, you’re living at a time of extremism, a time of revolution, a time when there’s got to be a change. People in power have misused it, and now there has to be a change and a better world has to be built, and the only way it’s going to be built is with extreme methods. And I for one will join in with anyone, don’t care what color you are, as long as you want to change this miserable condition that exists on this earth.” – Malcolm X

    I don’t think anyone will ever read this…..but I had to say my bit.

  20. yo dude I am sohappy to read this post. right now I am doing research for a professor on the afrspear’s opinion of obama and even though i am supposed to stay “neutral” you know what’s up. oh and it gives me hope to know that you live in Portland…I grew up there…

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