Another March, Another Run Of ‘The Show’

By Maxjulian

March 17, 2007

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Pattrice Jones is white, but I give her mad ‘sistah props’ for her work.  She is the only person who’ve I’ve re-run a piece 4 times.  But, its just that good, that vital. What she is saying in “The Show” is so pertinent, but evidently so subtle that these mind colonized, signwaving muthafuckas just can’t read plain English.

Her point is that the marches that are going on today and tomorrow (this Saturday and Sunday) are scams and shams.  She breaks the shit down for all but the most delusional.  I would add racism/white supremacy is also integral to the march as white spectacle; as they march, they still lap up beaucoup privilege.

I go back to Mario Savio: if you ain’t throwing your body into the levers and gears of this monstrous system, you are simply talking out your booty slide.  Its a con game.  Read Pattrice and free yo’ muthafuckin’ mind.
Read THIS shit!!!!

4 Responses to “Another March, Another Run Of ‘The Show’”

  1. Lubangakene, I read “Let’s Put On A Show” by Pattrice Jones due to your post. I haven’t read something that powerful in a long time. It was enlightening as well as thought-provoking.


  2. Its like Denzel said in Training Day: “This is a newspaper, right? It’s 90% bullshit, but it’s entertaining. That’s why I read it, because it entertains me.”

    99% of the noise put out there is bullshit, so its very refreshing to read something real.

  3. HI,
    I read Thinking Girl lots, and found you there some time ago. Have been a reader for a while.
    I like your blog. It’s been a good read.


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