What’s The Difference Between Gentrification and Manifest Destiny?

By Maxjulian

April 5, 2007

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Not a got damn thing.

White folks ride into the ghetto in their covered Subarus and pretend nobody is there. The attitude is “this land is vacant, this land is “OURS.” If there are murmurs of discontent from the hills and bushes of the ‘jungle,’ the white man presents his mortgage and pockets full of money as all the validation he needs.

Sorry, Charlie, that shit ain’t gon’ fly no’ mo’!!!

Racists at “The Florida Room” bar on Killingsworth in north Portland crossed a line that we find it necessary to redraw. First, they placed a sign up for the youth of our community, students at Jefferson High, students who deal with gangs and teen violence: “SIN ALL THE TIME, GO TEAM EVIL!” 

When righteous complaints from longtime aka, BLACK, neighbors poured in, the bar owners refused to change the sign and accused the neighborhood that they know shit about, of being “too sensitive.”

How the fuck do white folks get to decide the terms under which neighborhoods will operate?   Guess what, they don’t. WE decide.  We organize and we set the agenda, not some un-hip jiveass suckas.

Alas, the Florida Room did capitulate and change the sign to:

Nancy is the sister who heads the Humboldt Neighborhood Association that had fielded complaints from residents in the first place. She let it be known that she didn’t go for the boozy logic of the FRoom

You CANNOT move into OUR neighborhoods and insult black women.  How can any woman NOT be outraged by this flagrant crap?

Thankfully, that sign too has changed – but we know that the Florida Room has not – therefore a course in Slaptology is in order.

Rupert Kinnard, the founder of Slaptology, offers a course in this religion of face-stinging, re-educational retributive payback. This is just the medicine needed to cure the afflicted of all that ails them.

Let it be heard round the hipster havens in Portland, among all the blonde dread-appropriating, fedora-abusing, not-even-close-to-hip chumps, that this is a NEW day.  You aren’t coming into our neighborhoods, neighborhoods laden with dysfunction created by racism, to heap more racist abuse on us.

Slaptologists of the World have United and we are coming for YOU!!

12 Responses to “What’s The Difference Between Gentrification and Manifest Destiny?”

  1. ” Rupert Kinnard, the founder of Slaptology, offers a course in this religion of face-stinging, re-educational retributive payback. This is just the medicine needed to cure the afflicted of all that ails them”

    mark bey: Good Post FS, I am very curious about the sign ” keep it Miost Nancy”, exactly what got them to take it down that sign. Also is this an establishment that is/was frequented by black patrons mainly and if yes what is the response of the people who frequent the resturaunt.

    That sign is offensive beyond belief people can get hurt for doing stuff like that.

  2. It was a black business previously; now, its a white hipster bar. Don’t think any people of color go there.

    Very offensive sign.

  3. Slaptology.

    Wow. Never heard it phrased like that, but I definitely feel the sentiment behind it.

  4. I’m amazed at some of the new insults white people are devising. I’m been making a real effort over the last few days to propose some solutions to our problems, encouraged by Field Negro and Exodus Mentality to forget about the intentional insults of those who will never change their minds. But I think sometimes the just need an ass-whoopin’.

    When I was in first grade, there was a white kid who told me repeatedly, “Black smudges.” When we followed him home and beat him up, he suddenly discovered that he was able to keep his opinions to himself.

    Sometimes, I think it’s a good thing when white people keep their opinions to themselves. I think whites exercising a little bit of continence is a good thing, and I think whites become emboldened when we just “let it slide.”

  5. another example of the casual
    racism & sexism that is everyday life in America

    Slaptology is the completely appropriate response for these fools.

  6. Francis Holland, you’re a fierce brotha after my own heart. Where in Brazil are you? I spent three wonderful weeks there in 2001 – Sao Paulo, Salvador and Rio.

  7. Amen,

    Iamnot. I can’t believe women of ANY color wouldn’t be pissed behind that shit.

  8. W-e-a-k.

    Instead of facing up to their un-neighborly behavior, with a little humility…HUMANITY, they add a fat layer of misogyny to a second sign. TACTICS.

    These hipsters have no respect. Talk about arrested development. I heard a Lakota man say, “Remember, WE are the adults here. The white man is like a child.”

    Sayonara Max!

  9. LA,

    Let’s have coffee in a week or so.


  10. Slaptology is hella fresh.


    Can a parlay part of your post in to one on gentrification?

  11. Yo Freeslave,

    Can I use your words in a piece of artwork I’m working on?


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