I Didn’t Even Know Homie Had A Camera To My Afro

By Maxjulian

April 6, 2007

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9 Responses to “I Didn’t Even Know Homie Had A Camera To My Afro”

  1. That was you there speaking in the first part? Awesome.
    I didn’t know about that little tidbit in the 13th amendment. How scary, yet in a sad way, not surprising it was worded in such a way.

  2. interesting discussion. I didn’t know that about the 13th either.

  3. I found that question at the end, asked by the community manager to be intriguing. Is it ok to profile at all, in any context?

  4. Please don’t misread me here. I was only echoing what the woman said, probably should have housed it in quotes. My take on it is that all forms of profiling are damaging to our society.

    I suppose the reason that statement resonates with me so much, at this point in my life, is due to the Sociology class I have been involved with during this semester. I understand the need to categorize and label, it’s part of our approach to define, but at what cost?

    Racial profiling has gained a great deal of publicity in recent decades, but what of the other forms of profiling? Are they any less humiliating? Any less destructive? Regardless of what the basis of your stereotype is, the fact remains that it’s premise, if not rooted in falsehoods, is based on exaggerations.

    I agree that it is a huge problem that we allow the 13th Amendment to be interpreted such as we do, but it would seem that the factors leading up to an individuals incarceration are as much, if not more outrageous, as they precede the consequence.

    I would also point out that profiling is not exclusive to law enforcement or our judicial system. It stands as an instrument of discrimination in almost every context that allows for this sort of defamatory predisposition, this snap judgment to exist.

    The very act of participating in the “Looking Glass Self” phenomena exposes us to profiling at a very personal level. How do I define who I am? By comparing myself to you. During the course of my comparison, I form opinions about you, I have then profiled you, filing you under whatever heading in my grey matter. You are profiling me right now, by reading this, and wondering, ‘hmm, who is this guy?’

    What is the solution? How do we take up the relativist’s torch, and abstain from judging one another? Or, how can we allow ourselves to define each other, without jumping to conclusions? I wish I had a clear answer to these questions.

  5. Excellent explanation about the 13th amendment and the prison industrial complex. You broke it down in a way that everyone could understand.

    I love your blog.

  6. That 13th amendment thing is crazy. Thats why chain gangs were allowed and that’s whe men in prison are making designer jeans.

  7. Sorry I don’t mean to spam you but there is a young African American film maker named Kiri Davis and if you vote for her on Cosmo Girl she could win a $10,000 scholarship. You just have to watch her video and it is well worth the watch. Here’s the link http://www.cosmogirl.com/entertainment/film-contest-vote and please spread the word!

  8. Bronze, I just voted for my sister. She’s got some catching up to do but I hope she makes it.

    Sonia, flattery will get you everywhere.

    Dave, sorry, I must have been in zombie land when I wrote that; I don’t even remember writing it.

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