“Racism is a matter of ingrained traditional attitudes conditioned through institutions…”

…So said George Jackson. In 1971.

Who is George Jackson you say? He was a black revolutionary, a political prisoner and a martyr of this fascist state.

As Jackson puts it, white intellectuals’ mistress is racism, thus they aren’t prepared to see things as they are. Neither are many people of color who fall for the same patriotic chin music and fail to understand the perniciousness of racism/white supremacy. AND, capitalism.

READ ‘Soledad Brother’ and ‘Blood in My Eye’ if you want to experience unvarnished truths that are even truer today than they were the week in 1971 when Jackson finished his final book. He was then assassinated by prison guards at San Quentin Prison, the same prison where Stanley “Tookie” Williams was executed.

Jackson, in the Malcolm X mold, spent years in prison studying philosophy, economics, history. His clarity of vision, his ability to see through the bread and circus/the okeydoke laid before us to confuse and bamboozle, is an utter inspiration. Lord, do we need more George Jacksons in this day and age.

Many of us are talking about reform when we speak of candidates and voting in this corrupt, slave system. Jackson asserts that “reform” is integral to the maintenance of the fascist system. Fascism must conceal itself in reformist, democratic-appearing levers. Reform is like the foreplay of a lover who has no intention of satisfying his partner. He’s going to tell you how much he can do for you/will do for you, while only concerning himself with getting his. And you keep falling for it.

Its like when I took my daughter to the playground the other day. There is a wheel fashioned to the jungle gym that the little kids delight in spinning. They imagine that they are steering a large ship or a fire engine. The fact is that it is merely a wheel that spins – a wheel attached to nothing. And this wheel does not lead them/you anywhere. What is voting but an empty symbolic exercise that only changes faces, but not fundamentals, not structures. Voting as the symbol of democracy is THE illusion required to further the facist/corporatist state.

Many refuse to see this, white people far, far more than people of color, but many of us too refuse to believe what our eyes should see as well. The massive prison system, the perpetual (race) wars, the destruction of the planet for profit among many other structural states should be convincing evidence that this nation means no one any good but the 1% of the 1% who control everything. For some reason, though, these dupes believe that they can wrest democracy out of institutions founded on repression, racist hierarchy and genocidal violence.

Reform is the anesthesia, the tether, the noose that white liberals and their cohorts drape around their necks, the device that allows the legitimate aspirations of the people to be channeled into activities that serve the ruling class and maintain the status quo.

“Everybody wants to get to heaven but nobody wants to die.”

In Portland, there is a “progressive” white radio station called KBOO, that promotes itself as an alternative to the establishment media outlets. Clearly, it is different, but only in degree and not kind; its freakish, ultra decadent coterie of bearded ladies, blue haired strumpets and their colored sycophants shit turds just left of the DNC out of their yawning assholes. But they ain’t sayin’ NUTHIN’!! The intellectual pauperism and the moral cowardice of these leftwing transvestites who are nothing but closet capitalists & white supremacists, is breathtaking. Jackson rips the veil from the waif and she’s ain’t wearin’ shit but a lie.

White liberals and progressives, in the main, are reformists stooges; they are incapable of seeing the fascism right in front of their pancake mask. Why? Because it holds the current property relations/racial hierarchy utterly harmless. Why else do they repeatedly sponsor effete marches, rather than direct action that shuts down the institutions that they claim to oppose? Because they don’t oppose the institutions, they oppose Bush, they oppose the particular personality. Within them at their core is the belief that one day they can hold the reins of the state. They’ll add a dash of hemp or tie dye or a sitar to the mix, but the evidence is clear: the average white person is legally blind and 100% self-deluded when it comes to keepin’ it really real and seeing what’s there.

Those of us who are black and have a belief in ANY of the institutions, that freedom or justice can be wrung from them if we work hard enough or do it “correctly” – are equally insane. But don’t take my word for it: read “Blood In My Eye.” Read the words of a brother who is in the pantheon of black leadership globally, a man who spoke incredible truths but who spent his formative years – from 18 – to his death in his early 30’s – transcending himself. Transcending the prison of blackness, of intellectual and spiritual backwardness that is foist upon our people.

We must free our minds completely and a part of that process is George Jackson. This society canNOT be reformed; he says it and I believe it. Our energy must be brought to bear on uniting our people, separating ourselves as much as we can from this vicious system and helping move the revolution forward.

What we call the United States is a living hell for black people, for Native Americans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Africans, South Americans. Getting a mortgage is not freedom; its placing larger shackles on our own wrists, squeezing ourselves deeper into the hull of the slave ship.

Freedom will come when property is abolished, when land belongs to all people, when all of us can have an equal share in the fruits of this planet, when there are no masters nor Gods. America is still a plantation. Choosing to live in better housing on the plantation, or gaining greater privileges, becoming a house negro in a suit when the masses around the globe are field negroes, is being a traitor to your race, to humanity.

When you allow yourelf to see what THIS is really all about – that it IT is madness – nothing short of revolution will do.

Black Power.

All Power To All Of the People!

26 Responses to ““Racism is a matter of ingrained traditional attitudes conditioned through institutions…””

  1. It is difficult to imagine the level of inequity and oppression it will require to get everyone, globally, so enraged that we would, as you quote M. Savio saying: “put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop!”

    Things will have to get worse, before they can get better. Sobering thoughts.

  2. Reform is the opium of the people.

  3. I don’t get it asabagna, Your own article ” the victrious 300″ in which you advocate corporate struggle within the black community,spiritual reform of the mind and a new warrior mentality among the youth seem’s to contradict the freeslaves commentary where he advocates “no masters nor Gods”, and no universal values to hold too. It’s seem to me that this arguement is anti biblical in natur…So which is it?

  4. Francis, are you trying to sow seeds of dissension or what? Why does Asa have to believe everything that I believe? Are you a person of color? A government agent? You sound like one

  5. I want to disambiguate here. The “Francis” who commented above has nothing whatsoever to do with the Francis L. Holland Blog. I further suggest that when we doubt the provenance of a comment we go to the blog of the person who supposedly posted the comment and clarify things. The “Francis” above has nothing to do with the Francis L. Holland Blog whatsoever.

    I didn’t want to raise this issue until it actually became a problem, but thefreeslave has raised it, and now it needs to be addressed openly. It is a known fact that the Defense Department monitors the blogs and other online communication. Historically, they have not be above planting agent provocateurs in organizations to sew seeds (whole jungles) of dissent, provoke premature acts of extremeness, harrass and discredit a movement. We must keep our wits about us.

    I totally agree with what thefreeslave has said about the bankruptcy of institutions and the impossibility of creating revolutionary change through entirely formal methods. Nonetheless, if the United States is going to elect another president in 2008, I don’t want that president to be a white man. If the fundamental principle of American society has been the supremacy of the white man, then electing a president who is NOT a white man is noteworthy, if not revolutionary.

    Please visit my blog and watch my new 30-second video in which I offer my opinion about the 2008 presidential race: “It’s Time to the 43-Term White-Male Monopoly of the American Presidency”

    I know electing a new president will not change the fundamentals of the system. In fact, each of the candidates is now promising NOT to change the fundamentals as part of the price of entering the race. Nonetheless, please have a look at my video. It bound to anger some white people, if nothing else.

  6. Are you kidding…I’m a black man who happens to enjoy some of your commentary, but had question’s about this one. I found it funny that he would say “reform is the opium of the people” after advocating just that for blacks.

    Government agent…no, just a black man that doesn’t believe everything he reads.


  7. They, whomever “they” may be, will ALWAYS attempt to sow dissention among us Lubangakene, it’s a given… like night follows day. I expect it. I welcome it. It provides us with the real life opportunity to prove that there is more in heaven and earth, than is dreamt up in their philosophies…. or ours… it’s called friendship.

    Your brother

  8. First of all I second that emotion. Only I don’t call it revolution, I call it evolution. The change has to be in the thought processes of the majority of the people, to overcome the minority holding on to archaic and outdated notions of wealth and power.

    We have developed intellectually, scientifically, and technologically to the point where most the things that our ancestors even 150 years ago would have relegated mythology, legend, magic, or spirit related explanation, we know consider commonplace knowledge. We have advanced to the point where we know of the existence and vastness of the universe, yet the large majority of us still cling to the mythology of the Sun (Son) God’s return. I don’t want anyone to think that I am dumping on your personal relationship with your God. Each individual has the right to develop their own understanding of their spirituality. The social and cultural instincts and drives that served to make humanity the dominant species on Earth are quite simply, genocidal in their basic principles as applied to current circumstances.

    This is where we have to evolve. We can’t continue down the same pathour ancestors trod. They were appropriate to their time, but this is a new day and age. We have got to come together simply because it is the only way to survive. We have got to make the survival of every organism of this planet our paramount driving concern. We have got to change how we think about family, money, community. It shouldn’t be that hard to see that there must be a better way to live on this world than the one that currently has some people with more than they could ever possibly use, and others with not enough to survive the day. It doesn’t take a legion of social commentators, movement leaders, or messiahs to see that the entire race is in a self destructive slide, from young people killing each other in the streets to old people pushing the buttons to kill entire cities. We haven’t changed, evolved, enough to even make this simple truth the central topic of discussion. It isn’t really about black and white, or even rich or poor. It’s about the socio-cultural instincts that make all the nonsense seem not as bad, as long as you and yours are not the ones suffering.

    Second, I hope we get some agent provocateurs in here as soon as possible. Let’s us know we are actually doing something right.

    Third, I think most people are more motivated by potential postive gain than by the negativity that composes their everyday existance. The goal therefore should not be to convince people how bad things are, but to show them how much better things could be. Not with superficial, wheel-spinning, same shit-different day, fake reforms and lesser of two evils personnel changes, but by constant deconstruction of the bullshit that is at the foundation of all the status quo propaganda.

  9. Like minded spirits and convictions cannot be broken by apparent differences on some subjects.

    francis; Asa and FS are two different people, two diffrent thinkers, with their own views and experiences. Their words may not always be in sync, but I gurantee you that their thoughts are.


  10. wow! i am blown away- sorry to agree with you 🙂 but you have hit the nail squarely on the head.

  11. FN and Lubangakene, remember the warning in the email I had sent? Where I had stated that as we embark on the collective of AfroSpear, we needed to be aware of and guard against those who would try to sow a “spirit” of discord and dissention among us? I don’t know if francis is white or Black or a government agent or not…. what I do know that when I issued that warning…. I was warning SPECIFICALLY against those within the African/Black community…. like a “francis”.

    A brother/sister ain’t a brother/sister just because of color.


  12. Asa: I was warning SPECIFICALLY against those within the African/Black community…. like a “francis”.

    What black people within the community are you referring too…those that question authority? those with a mind to challange what they read? those out hear who work hard, or desire to be the best they can be, each and every day?

    Who specifically?

    Further, I don’t need to prove my ethnicity, manhood, street-cred, or blackness to somebody speaking in code. I’m a blackman of faith in the same struggle as every other blackman, and I stand with my people. However, I refused to be conned by some ignorant ass preacher…sharpton, jackson or otherwise, who’s words don’t line up with their faith.

    The next time you deside to take a shot across my bow, I would use cremind you toaution.

    Oh, since this will likely be the last time I drop in let me leave with a word… read 2 corinthians 11; 13-15.


  13. This should say; The next time you decide to take a shot across my bow, I would suggest you use caution.

  14. Francis,

    You should think about using caution in speech…You didn’t simply question authority/challenge what you read… You made a very clear attempt to place Asa into a phony either/or choice around my “anti-biblical” statement, blah, blah…

    Bullshit, that shit didn’t sound like it came from any “brothers” I know. And a very interesting first comment here. Also, in light of the unity of purpose and action we have been creating lately, which I’m sure you’ve been reading about, your awkward, division promoting statement was not some neutral, value-free critique.

    You can critque and challenge without pitting black people who are getting along very well against each other. Unfortunately, your objective seemed to be that, seemed to be promoting division among black people rather than clarity.

  15. FS,

    First let me state that it’s not my intention to sow seeds of dissention among brothers. As I’ve said earlier, I stand with my people not against. I have read Asa’s commentary both here and on several other sites and have agreed and disagreed with his comments. That to me is the nature of most blogg’s…the free flowing use of both information and ideas.

    Secondly, I was unaware of your relationship with each other at the time I posted the first comments. But I was aware of past commentaries, and post on a range of issues by him. My comment’s were simply an observation I was making after reading his post on “The Victorious 300” nothing more.

    More importantly, I understand that this is your site…and I respect the work you’re trying to do. But I thought it was disrespectful, and took offense at being called an agent, by you, and to the question of my blackness by him.

    Again it’s possible that my comment’s appeared to be divisive on the surface, but that was not my intent. I think it’s important to get a wide range of viewpoints. I also feel it’s critical black men to gather as much knowledge and understanding from various sources as one can.


  16. @ Freeslave and Asa

    I am looking for clarification on this matter, because I am seeing some extremely annoying things happening in the Afrospear. Will thier be honest and hard hitting debate to evolve to a higher truth and hopefully start to come up with solutions to our problems or is this endeavor about people talking that black/Afrocentric and revolutionary talk but not doing anything.

    I have been reading the back and forth between francis, Asa and Freeslave.

    Although I do think Francis came off a little in your face (perhaps he could have asked his question more diplomatically), I dont really problem with his question as this is the blogosphere and people are allowed to question what they read from others.

    You (Freeslave) and Asa went the “we have a goverment agent route”, which in my mind is basically saying this person does not have the best interest of the black community or is a sellout to the black strugggle.

    In lite of the goverment agent business I would like to know

    1) who is allowed to accuse another commentator of bieng an agent.
    2) Under what circumstances do you accuse somebody of bieng a goverment agent
    3) What if someone ask a question that a particular blogger dosent like, or takes a position that the majority of Afrospear bloggers disagree with will they get called an agent.

    For example say an Afrospear blogger who happens to be a christian writes a post with the sentiment that a major problem with the black world is that we have abondoned Jesus and need to turn back to christianity.

    Well any post like that is liable to set me off on an anti religion tirade. Thiers also a very good chance that my tirade will be extremely bitter and caustic.

    Ill talk about the hypocrisy of the black church as it relates to homosexuals verse heterosexuals who fornicate and commit adultery( why does the church only demonize gay folks when the bible clearly states that fornication and adultery are sins as well)

    Ill also talk about the black church pushing fairytales about aids bieng a curse by god against homosexuals long after Magic Johnson, and Authur Ashe admitted they contracted aids and werent gay.

    Now if I were to do this is that person allowed to call me a goverment agent or insinuate that I am not down with the cause.

    Thier should be a standard on when you can call someone a goverment agent otherwise whenever someone disagrees with a particular blogger and that blogger does not like the individual well the title goverment agent could be used to discredit that person and stiffle legitimate debate.

    Respectfully Mark bey

  17. Mark,

    I didn’t say Francis was a government agent, I asked if he was and said he sounded like one. (A fine distinction, I know)

    Why did I say that? Because in his “honest/hardhitting debate” he created a false dichotomy, either/or, me on one side of the equation/Asa on the other.

    I ask, why was that necessary? The way he addressed Asa was as if he had some kind of special insight into the man. His agenda was clear: to beat Asa over the head with something I said.

    Plus, you have to excuse me; I just read “Racial Matters” which is about the FBI war on black people. It outlines the dirty tricks, the letters creating division within the black power movement, letters that exacerbated tensions and that led to murder, many murders. Murders that the FBI was proud of.

    When people of color/or people impersonating people of color, consciously or unconsciously use words skillfully to promote division, I’m going to say something about it.

    Last thing: It is ironic that this conversation is occuring just as some of us are attempting a more unified AfroSpear. Surely only coincidental.

  18. Mark, I can only speak on my own behalf, I was not involved in the above exchange.

    But I will ask you this. Why would francis make comments like that, but leave no link attached to his name? This sort of anonymous posting is having a negative impact on the possibility of constructive discussion. Whether we are talking about the Afrospear, the Blogosphere, the Anywhere, it is important that we represent.

    I’m not taking sides, I’m just saying that if we want people to take our opinions seriously, and give our eccentricities the benefit of the doubt, (cause far as I’m concerned the internet is 101% full of crazy eccentrics ^^), we at least owe others the respect of not presenting ourselves as anonymous.

    By not being anonymous I mean, leave a link, an email address, a picture, a sketch, something, anything that shows you care enough to represent.

  19. “Reform is like the foreplay of a lover who has no intention of satisfying his partner.”
    Shit, I wish this wasn’t true. And I don’t think that the intentions of the reformists are always bad. But somehow, retrospectively, when it all comes out in the wash, what you have said is EXACTLY what always seems to happen.
    (BTW I came over here from Thinking Girl’s blog.)

  20. ” But I will ask you this. Why would francis make comments like that, but leave no link attached to his name? This sort of anonymous posting is having a negative impact on the possibility of constructive discussion. Whether we are talking about the Afrospear, the Blogosphere, the Anywhere, it is important that we represent.”

    mark bey: Yo Dave it bothered me too that Francis dosent have a link so people can find out what he is about.

    But my question had a deeper meaning because I have been around progressive/black nationalist movements for years and I have seen meaing good people criticize and accuse others of not bieng down for the cause because of personal differences that had nothing to do with ideology.

    I think this venture has unlimited potential to lift the human condition of black folk all over the world, if folks in this movement we are willing to dig deep down within ourselves and always search for higher progressive truths.

    But the only way it will happen is if we allow a free exchange of diverse and ideas to compete fairly on the intellectual battlefield ( even if it gets nasty sometimes) only then in my oppinion will we ascend to higher truths.

    I dont want this to become a situation were the main purpose of this venture is to stroke each others egos and use a bunch of progressive/revolutionary rhetoric pretending that this is the 70’s and that kind of stuff.

    I just want this venture to get down to helping black folks and making the world a better place and that will never happen if rigirous debate and differing ideas are suppresed.

    All of these is just my oppinion, so it is most likely I am completely wrong. 🙂

  21. Yo Free what’s up with the comment moderation? It makes it hard to address comments in real time? 🙂

  22. Dave,

    My name is “francis”…everywhere I post it’s francis. I do not have a website, however I enjoy being able to converse with brother’s/sister’s who are thinking positively about lifes issue’s. Those of you who have posted on other sites such as Booker Rising, TFN, Unemployment Cafe, Book of Asabagna, and eleswhere have probably scrolled past my comments.

    Again, I’m just a brother who has come around to some of lifes greater truths about politics, religion, and culture. I don’t have an agenda, or hold any jealousy or hostility in my heart towards anyone…especially my own.

    More importantly, I feel as a brother and father dealing with lifes issue’s it’s necessary for me to provide some example, some model, some direction to a generation of younger brothers who desperatly need a new mentality…a “Warrior Mentality” which is what Asa touched on in his commentary “the victorious 300”.

    Will this ever be accomplished…I don’t know. But like Malcom, Martin and many other’s I believe the key is spiritual, mental and physical. That once brothers get these three elements in order, no force, political or otherwise can prevent us from realizing our dreams.


  23. it’s funny because a similar thing is happening in the political realm as well. right leaning ‘trolls’ troll the internet with a trash and burn strategy of leaving an inciteful (not insightful) remark anonymously or with an alias- not linked usually. homeland security regularly checks out left leaning blogs and indeed, one blogger was even visited- twice- by the men in brown shoes. the peace post question of the day was- and i paraphrase- what will it take to get people moving on the issue? i said “passion.” people have to want to change. they have to want change so badly that they hunger for it. i am straying into a realm that is not my forte- but here goes- the 60’s movements- civil rights and pulling out of vietnam- the people who were willing to fight had vision and passion. i don’t know that today’s american culture wants to change the status quo all that much. we have all made our comfy ruts- and it is going to take some leaders with vision to pull us out- across the issue spectrum.

  24. Bey: there’s no suppression going on here so there’s no beef.

    Bet: these ruts, these lazyboys that folks protest from are killing all of us. Folks are going to have to sacrifice something to save the planet.

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