AfroSpear Has Launched!

By Maxjulian

April 18, 2007

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Welcome to AfroSpear! We are one galaxy in an interplanetary solar system of BLACKNESS…Blackness that is inclusive as well as incisive. We are united by our African-ness and our love for our people and the planet. Conversations here may become heated, but though this “Black Fire” may singe, it will never burn.

Let the Conversation Begin!!!

6 Responses to “AfroSpear Has Launched!”

  1. I just have a great feeling about AfroSpear; can’t put my finger on it exactly but it just has this *spark*. The blogosphere will feel its’ effects soon…can’t wait!


  2. A, thank you for helping make this happen.

  3. Yo Freeslav you are doing a good job with your afrospear blog you have created. GO AFROSPEAR!

  4. congratulations on the inaugural flight of the AfroSpear. i look forward to contributing, participating, debating, and being enlightened along the way… i am waiting with bated breath for it to breathe new life into the Black experience.

    cherish this moment. because you will be able to say that i remember when…

  5. congrats congrats congrats! I’m making you a link in my blogroll right now…

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