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By Maxjulian

May 1, 2007

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Aboriginal Women Deserve our Compassion and Protection…Indigenous Liberation Movements…Where Are You?

American history being what it is, the fact that the legacy of genocidal abuse, an abuse that began 500 years ago in the Americas, can continue without letup is nothing less than a scandal of the American mythological illusion presented as reality. In a stunningly sober report, Amnesty International has finally exposed one of the ugliest secrets of its long and dark history. American aboriginal women from Canada through the southern Americas are the targets of sexual abuse and virtually no one outside of the communities in question seem to care enough to make it stop.

This damming report pretty much sums up the totality of U.S. / Aboriginal relations as it has always existed in regards to how Indigenous women are seen and ultimately treated by the colonialist conundrum known as America. This is not in any way to suggest that Aboriginal males are not practitioners of sexual abuse. On the contrary, many published papers and studies have linked the post-trumatic stress disorder many if not all self-aware Aboriginals suffer from to some degree to the reality of Indigenous domestic abuse and how such “circles of violence” lend themselves to sexual abuse. But Aboriginal females are at particular risk for such abuse and it seems to exist for our women in every corner of American society. In a nation that employs rape as a torture tactic, why should anyone really be surprised by what this report by AA tells us? More, why are we allowing it to happen?

6 Responses to “From The Angry Indian…”

  1. Thanks for this my brother. There is never enough attention paid to the plight of the Indigenous people and their movement in this country.

  2. Hey, I agree totally. I have been trying to make my story in North Dakota a national one for quite some time now. We have a big problem up here.

    The Dakota Beacon, a monthly conservative publication (widely read and distributed) came out with a damaging article about North Dakota Indian Reservations in its January 2007 issue, page 10. The article was titles “The Appalling State of North Dakota Indian Reservations”. It was written by Rob Port, Bismarck, ND. The article is horrible.

    Well, Tribal people did not find out about the article until April 24th. By accident. The publication is not read on reservations, not distributed there either. Well, the article references Rob Port and That’s where we went to confront Rob about the article. When we got inside, the onslaught came. Rob has his regulars on that site – likwidshoe, The Whistler, Batone, 2Hotel9, etc. These guys are real pigs! They refer to Indian women as “welfare whores” and Indian children as “bastards”. According to them, all Indians do is lay around, collect welfare and live off of the “Government’s tit”. They also claim Indian people have no right to any assistance from anyone in this country because they “do not pay taxes”. It’s all too unreal!

    Of course, I went in there as Andy L. I spent quite a few days there fighting with the fools. Got my licks in anyway. Now I am barred from the blog. I can still go in there and witness their spew, I just can’t comment anymore, the site won’t let me.

    Any other Indians out there? Check out this site? See how they talk to Indian women. That’s right, there are a few Indian women fighting in there too.

    Here are the threads: “When Internet Debate gets Ugly and Bloggers get Threatened”, april 30. “The Appalling State of Our Indian Reservations, Redux”, April 24. “The Appalling State of Our Indian Reservations”, December 22.

    All three threads are active. If you get on the “When Internet Debate…” thread, you can access the other two threads by clicking the two blue “here” areas that are showing in the body of the letter.

    Well, anyway. Good wishes to all. Women are sacred. We must never let them down.

  3. Ojibwa Starvation Memorial in the winter of 1887 just a 120 years ago 151 Turtle Mountain Chippewa on the Turtle Mountain Reservation starved to death.
    This was as a result of Government Policy forcing Indians to surrender in which we were both deprived of land and cultural identity. Our children were taken from their parents and sent to distant boarding schools for disciplinary indoctrination into white American culture.
    I am Plains Pembina Ojibwe we were confined to reservations similar to concentration camps with the ultimate goal of forced assimilation.
    I am 47 years old and remember the Mission and boarding school era. Yet, I still have my culture and we remember our language. I remember as a child sneaking out in the night to ceremonies because it was illegal and punishable by the BIA. Yet I remember …..
    In the 500 years since Columbus we were never conquered. Though it says this in the U.S. Constitution. We are born and we will die without surrender.
    I will be the first to stand up to the U. S. government before I allow it to take anymore of our land for the greedy purposes it has always stolen our land.
    I am not afraid.

  4. E-mail address:

    “A pen conquered us and a pen can wipe us out as a Nation”

    We, Indigenous People of North America, “Indian Country”, are inherent speakers for our Mother the Earth. We need to come together with one heart and mind to protect the future of our Great Nation.
    When the United States drafted the Constitution, the word conquered written gives the U.S. Congress the authority to take our land without being indebt owed to Tribes. Since Europeans set foot on our lands to this date not one contract, treaty, law or promise has been honorably fulfilled with our Nation.
    We as a Nation know that it is the habit of the United States to deceive. They are a society of lawbreakers, laws of their own making. The United States Government run by the rich untouchables of the world do not plan for their unborn children as we as Indian people do. It is our daily habit as Indian people to mention our future generations in our ceremonies. We do not send our elderly to nursing homes. We honor our veterans who have served in the defense of our lands for the United States Government at our pow-wows. We should not forget our past and remember our ancestors who died for our survival. We live our lives daily honoring our unsung heroes in the present. We must come together now as one for the future of our Nation.
    It is of great importance that we begin to plant seeds now instead of waiting for the bread to be set on the table. Tribes, Bands, Nations, Indigenous Peoples, Indian Country and their relatives need to stop being distracted by the morsels (casinos) that our Governments and the Bureau of Indian Affairs throw at us.
    In the United States, senators are giving commencement speeches at Universities talking about alternative fuels. In North Dakota and Montana on the plains are some of the riches fields of grasses for these fuels. Coal is going to begin to be in demand and it is on our lands that they will be harvesting these fuels. Tribes must not sign any more contracts with States.
    The Mohawk Nation has been writing about a Super-Highway that George W. Bush and Rudy Giuliani have already contracted with the Canada and Mexico. This super-highway will run right down the center of Turtle Island and will be the route of free trade between countries. This highway will run right over many of our lands. These trucks will be carrying our resources for foreign trade. Tribes have an inherent interest to write into their Constitutions their rights to their natural resources, air, water, earth and all of the written and unwritten stories, songs and customs of their on unique heritage, your Cultural property rights. Some Tribes have already done so than it would be good to contact other Tribes by way of moccasin highway or faster yet internet assisting other Tribes with this knowledge. It is time to awaken the sleeping giant that is our Great Nation.
    Recently, at 34th The Traditional Circle of Elders and Youth held by Harry Beauchamp Sr. and other tribal members at the Assinibione Reservation of Fort Peck Montana many Nations combining knowledgeable tribal leaders met from all corners of North America. From Greenland where the staff has gone for the next conference in 2008 to the Mayans who brought their two hundred year calendar predicting the 2012 effects of global warming. Many tribes validate the changing of the winds. Testimony on the Assinibione Reservation, mentioned they had never seen their prairies so green.
    The Chief Greenland Manu said, “We the Indian people at the top of the world are the only people that could survive in this land. From ancient time, our hunting grounds of tundra and ice have provided for us. Now we rarely see a Knorr whale of a beluga whale. Our trails of ice become soft and dangerous.”
    Oren Lyons, Chief of the Onondaga Nation shook my hand as he arrived from Sweden to the meeting in Montana and said “It is worst than we are being told.” Again, the United States and its affiliates are deceiving us. They are predicting a 20-30 year effect of global warming. At the Conference of Indian Elders and Youth with first hand knowledge from Manu, we must consider 10 years or less.
    Oren Lyons also mentioned that fifty percent Africa is a Nation of parentless children. Dysfunctional Nations including Middle East and Asia will become dangerous to our Nation once the disease, famine, and children raised in war become adults. This reality to our Nation needs to be an issue and considered seriously today and not when our lives and our children’s children lives are in danger. The world is changing fast and Nature can again as it was before Columbus is our means in survival. We must again blend in with the laws of nature.
    Tribes must protect their natural resources and utilize all tribal members from the old to the youth in the retraining of growing and naturally preserving foods provided by our great mother the Earth. Allotted Tribal land should be utilized to grow food uncontaminated by the chemical poisons. The Pueblo people have a method of storing foods for four years taking the latest crops first. Seed stores, wild rice, berries, molasses, nuts etc. etc. etc. By harvesting these natural crops on your lands, they will renew themselves and multiply in the coming years. Part of these crops can be sold to incorporate future financing and finance future growth while bringing our tribal elders and youth together teaching and learning our traditional ways.
    Are the Algonquin people aware that white society is trying to hybrid the wild rice of our people? Betty Laverdure of The Turtle mountains Plains Pembina Band said that “Einstein predicted that when bees no longer existed it would be the end of humankind”. It could be the possibility of the cross sectioning of our natural flowers and possibly the unnatural airwaves from cell phones and satellites. Nevertheless, it would be wise of tribes to begin to harvest honey with the learning and investing in manmade hives on tribal lands. What would be the affects of hybrid wild rice?
    The Chief of the Seminole Billy, said that we are drinking purified water made from the urine of the white man when we buy and drink bottled water. Tribes need to begin protecting their water and testing and using their own water resources. All natural tap water sources are tested more than bottled water. It would be wiser to drink and protect our own tap water in the future more vigorously and make it our law.
    Tribes need to begin to implement alternative energy sources such as solar and wind energy. These two factors are vital and plans should be made with timelines with completion for important focal points within the tribal system. Tribes must remember you are not a myopic island. What happens to one tribe will begin a domino effect that will affect all of Indian Country.
    Trees and clear-cutting must be replaced and replanted this will encourage animal inhabitation and promote the oxygenation for human and animal alike. This system will also offset the effects of global warming.
    Tribes that have methods for fuel renewal and recycling should notify other Tribes so that we can be a part of the solution and not part of the problem for each other. There is so much more and many more minds that walk upon our people. This is your calling for your voice I welcome you to send this letter to every available media.
    Within the near future a common web source will be developed that all Nations will be encouraged to cooperatively communicate ways and means. Their will be another longest walk for 2008 to Washington D.C., I encourage tribes to send delegates as well as promote the largest and most diverse membership attendance as humanly possible from one end of North America to the next. It will be planned Oct 10, 2007 and a city event schedule will be posted timely. More information can be obtained at E-mail or


  5. Pedophiles circled The Albuquerque Indian Boarding School raped us at gunpoint and left us on the beautiful mountain that over looks the city In 1972-73. They could have Anishanabe, Sioux, Kiowa, Apache, Ute, Navaho, Pueblo, all of us in grade school……all of us would walk together……try to pull our friends out of cars if they tried to pull them in the window. Who cares we thought when no adult speaks to you when your child at boarding school I lost my I.D. card once to get food in the lunch room …BIA said I had to pay a dollar for another food card …where was I going to get a dollar. I found pennies walked across the street to 7-11 and the guy grabbed me. I still remember……the gun on my head and the long drive ……the rape of a child (me) …..and then throwing me out on the road dark as black….I followed the light…forever….off that beautiful mountain…..who do you tell when all the children know. I wonder today the many names you would get if they came and listed at the many boarding schools and churches where we were raped and many may be dead.


    Monday, May 18, 2008
    Chiefs, Elders, Clan Mothers, Warrior Societies andall Original People of Turtle Island,
    Sago, Aaniin, Kii-te-daas a, Asujutidli, Tán’si, Kwé,
    We, the Friends & Relatives of the Disappeared Children – Vancouver, Winnipeg & Toronto, have come together to address the Chiefs, the Elders, the Clan Mothers, the Warrior Societies, and all the First Peoples from across this great land of Turtle Island.
    It is our hope to continue to raise awareness of the tens of thousands of Native children who died or who disappeared from the Canadian Indian ResidentialSchool system and never came home. We have been organizing co-ordinated events across Canada at the doors of the United, Anglican, and Catholic churches,including at their head offices, for several month snow.
    As many of you may know, we have been speaking to, and gathering the stories from many survivors of the Indian Residential Schools. We are not the first nor will we be the last to do this. There are currently,approximately 80 000 living survivors of Residential Schools. Eighty thousand stories that may be told to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, however,there are approximately another 50 000 stories that are still hidden from history.
    It is primarily these remaining hidden stories that we are interested in. These are the stories belonging to the children that never returned home. Who were these children? What happened to these children? Did they die on the site of the school or at the school’s hospital? Did they run away? Were they successful in running away? Did they only get so far in their attempt to escape? We know that the death rate at these institutions was approximately 50% for about 40years, due in a large part to the neglect of disease,but also to other horrendous forms of abuse. So, we are going to continue to ask the question … “What happened to the bodies of these children?” until we get answers and the full truth is known. Were they cremated or were they buried? Were they all buried on the site of the schools or the hospitals? We know from the stories of some survivors that burials did take place on site. Some children were sent home to die. Stories continue to pour in daily from across the country and are being documented by the FRD. If you have a story to tell or know of anyone who does,or if you know of other burial locations please call1-888-265-1007.
    What we are asking for now is help in protecting the sites that have already been identified. It has been suggested that we protect these sites with “Keepers of The Spirits” – Warrior Societies and others who may be able to take up that vigil – a vigil which some may wish to tie into National Action events. Recently we issued a press release identifying 28 possible burial locations of these children. That number has now grown to 35 locations, due to new eye-witness accounts. We would like to open a network of communication amongst all who are interested in pursuing truth and justice, and so we are willing toshare this information.
    Together, we need to decide what should be done a boutany evidence that is forthcoming, as well as what should happen to the remains of the children.Nya’:weh, Chii Miigwetch, Háw’aa, Quajanaq, Mikwec,Welálin,
    Friends & Relatives of the Disappeared Children – Vancouver – Winnipeg – Toronto –
    1-888-265-1007 (toll-free in Canada)

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