Asa Said There’d Be Days Like This…

I think it is worth mentioning what AfroSpear is.

This website is a collaboration of 6 individual on three continents.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the idea was to create a think tank among the six of us and to link to/interact with other like minded folks who were doing the same thing: forming their collaborative circles. Ours was not an attempt to be all things to all people. In our humble constellation, we would discuss, suggest, brainstorm, propose, learn from, interact with each other and other people of African descent in the Diaspora. And encourage others to do the same.

Other people, forming their own cellular structures, would interact with us and each other and hopefully move us out of Babylon – figuratively and perhaps, literally. Like bees, we are engaged in the process of creating a giant honeycomb of freedom fighters, combinations that will create a stronger connection amongst us.

We – in this little honeycomb, are not a panacea. WE are! And all of us who are organizing ourselves to foment change! Working together in our affinity groups. Together, as we build, we will invoke the spirits of Nat Turner, Touissant, Sojouner, Malcolm, Martin and Fannie Lou, without being required to be them, without the burden of the race resting on our slim shoulders. This is all our job.

It is critical that we “pace ourselves,” and not get ahead of ourselves. In building the foundation, one should make sure that the cement has been aired out thoroughly; only a fool would begin adding floors before the cement has dried. Let’s not push so hard on this entity that we forget that it is small and that it is under construction. And that it is one layer amongst many to be formed.

Kwame Nkrumah is quoted as saying that “organization presupposes unity.” Let us organize, refine the structure of what we are creating, to ensure that we don’t bring the structure down on our heads.


We don’t feel the need to square off and flash our resumes to prove how right/black or down we are; nor do we need to publicize our good works in order to deride what others aren’t doing. All we have to be is black, conscious and striving to grow and change ourselves and help our people.


I could be totally wrong. Please show me the error of my ways.

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