Angie: Nu Vision For A Nu Day

By Maxjulian

June 14, 2007

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Free: Brotha, y’all are getting off track. Put the choo choo back on the rails. Pretty please…

While the comments between you and MF are almost as interesting as they are disgusting, the time you guys take to flame each other is wasted. Why not take that time to disassemble something that’s worth being attacked. I bid you, my brotha, to please back down. It just ain’t worth it.

There are a few blogs that I spin through every evening to see what’s happening in the Afrosphere. Skeptical Brotha, Field Negro, Afrospear Think Tank, Faithin Action On Line, Free Slave, and The Thinking Black Man

I hit these sites, mainly because I love the public discourse. I love the thoughtful exchange that flows from those blogs.

But as of late, I’ve been turned completely off when I hit up a blog, only to see bickering and slap downs. I hit up the Afrospear and what did I see there? Hmmm…. I don’t quite know what was going on there. Well, that’s not true. I do know what was going on there. I’ll save it for an off line (personal e-mail) conversation if you choose to have one with me.

I hit up BronzeTrinity’s site… And what did I see there? Her hurt feelings all over my computer screen. Although I think she needs to not take all of this so seriously, my heart went out to her. I know what it’s like to be young, motivated, and on fire for a mission. (I’m still young. But I’m somewhat of a skeptic. Maybe that’s why I pretty much live at Skep’s site.)

Do I think you owe Bronze and apology. At this point, I don’t think so. But if it will help you guys mend fences, I think we have got to do something to move along. The sister deserves to feel like she is wanted and love by her own. Whether you work with her or not, let’s love each other. (Trust me, I’m not trying to get you to work with Bronze. If I was, I would be a hipocrit. Because I ain’t trying to join nothing right now. Too busy.)

I hit up Field’s site tonight. And he was going off about crabs in a barrel. Who was he talking about? The word fight that’s going on over here, and other blog squabbles that’s popping up on the net.

And then I get here, only to find a verbal bitch slap fest going down. Thanks for the ringside seats. But no thanks… I hate to see two grown a** men fighting.

For the record, I think I agree with you on most things. However, I can’t get with you taking time to box this brotha on your blog. Of course, this is your spot, and I probably don’t have a right to tell you how to decorate it. But I still feel like I got to speak up. Excuse me for pointing out the stain on your carpet. I dare not suggest you cover the spot up. Just clean it up…

I’m sorry for the long post.

Brotha, I wish you the best. Max/Free, you are one of the most intelligent brothas I’ve had any type of contact with, in person or vertually via the internet. Don’t allow your intelligence to be misused by engaging in oral wars about basic bullsh*t. It’s not worth it. It all seems just ridiculous.

Written with love and peace on my mind…


Umm, I can’t dodge this.  Guilty as charged.

Sorry folks for losing my way.
Bronze Trinity,

I apologize for hurting your feelings.

Thank You for all of the work that you’ve done.

8 Responses to “Angie: Nu Vision For A Nu Day”

  1. Okay I forgive you and I will attempt to go through a moderator next time I send messages to the Think Tank to keep the peace. I am sorry if my message came off in a negative way. I wanted to get people to come to the forum and I was asking questions to clarify why they were not coming. I wasn’t sure so I wanted to check. But until the negative comments about me and posts about me and Francis are removed from the Think Tank I won’t be confortable interacting with circle members without a moderator or someone doing it for me and I think that will be the best for both parties (after this point). I have to say I don’t feel comfortable responding to Sylvia’s appology because I think no matter what I say it will be taken as something negative or there will be something wrong with my response. I am wary that the same thing will happen again. Plus, it doesn’t have the same effect unless it is a public appology where everything began. I think that would be a show of good faith if those posts were removed so that this sort of thing will not be encouraged to happen again, that members are going to stop doing this to eachother, and that members will be safe from being smeared at member blogs. I was not trying to coopt anything. I started the forum for everyone in this group not to make a separate group. At the same time I am VERY democratic and I want to have a say and for everyone to have a say in what happens in the initial stages of this project, even on things that are already in place.

    In a week or two a message will be sent to the Listserv inviting Afrospear members to join and one to current forum members asking them to comment on the important questions and documents placed there. There are a lot of decisions that all members need to have a chance to have imput in so we want them all there and knowledgeable of whats going on, thats all. There are many questions and things posted just waiting for imput and voting so that’s why we want people to atleast go there so these decisions can be made because we have been discussing them for a long time. I want everyone to work together, even if it is not with me personally. I want to move on and once the load is distributed it will be better for everyone.


  2. Bronze: I wish you wouldn’t take all of this so personally. I applaud you for having fire in your heart to do what you believe in. But you can’t expect everyone to respond to the flame that’s burning within you.

    You remind me of myself when I was a member at a church a few years ago. I was around your age. (I’m a few years older than you.) I had a lot of great ideas. And I’m the kind of sister that gets behind anything I have a heart and mind to do. I threw my money, time, talents, and resources behind the mission. I was so disappointed when others didn’t grab on to the mission. I felt as if they were rejecting me.

    After growing and maturing, I realized that I cannot assume that people not coming along with me is their way of sending me a notice that they just don’t like me. It may mean that they just don’t want to do what I think is so important.

    Maybe Bronze, the work that you are doing is meant for you to do. Perhaps, Free, others, and even myself ain’t meant to work directly with the forum. And it ain’t because we ain’t black enough. It just may not be meant to be.

    I learned a long time ago that there will be fights that I will have to fight alone. Yes, it would be better if I had an army behind me, helping me to fight. But I don’t. I get up every damn morning fighting this fight, and I do mostly alone. But I still do it. It has to be done.

    When my mother had her stroke, I felt that my sisters, her sisters, and our church members should have done more. But did they. Hell no. I, the blind daughter, was left having to do all the work. I complained for a minute. And then I shut my mouth and used that energy to serve my mama. Sister, you just don’t freeze up because people don’t help you. You keep going. Maybe you need to refocus.

    As for a public apology… Girl, be thankful for this apology. I don’t know if you heard or not… But men ain’t so good at apologizing. The fact that Free has apologized to you hear speaks volumes. Be glad for his humility. Don’t demand a public stoning. It just ain’t cool. Syl already apologized to you over there. As you already pointed out, you still feel uncomfortable. So, if Free apologized over there, would you be satisfied?

    Now, I now it is not my place to speak to you guys about this stuff. I just felt compelled to because it has been all over my computer screen. I felt drawn in because you guys were publicly squabbling. I probably shouldn’t have stuck my nose in. But I am a peacemaker from birth. I hate to see folks fighting. I was always the sister that broke up fights on the playground.

    Bronze, I think you are a strong sister. Learn this, while emotions are good, sometimes you need to pull back. Don’t be so emotional. Use the emotions on something else. Love is a good emotion… Reroute all of that hurt that you are holding on to and love.

    I wish you the best in all that you do. Again, as I afore mentioned, I won’t be joining the forum. I’m way too busy. My personal fights are taking up all of my free time. I fight a battle every single day in this sighted world. I actually got a sister on my brand, spanking new jot, trying to take me down because she don’t think this blind woman can do the job. She has openly expressed her concern for my lack of sight and how it will effect my performance. So, as you can see, with that bullsh** and my mother’s illness, I can’t engage in any other battles right now. B.Angie.B can only be spread so far.

    Free, excuse the spelling if there is any. I’m typing fast, trying to get this in before I get to work. I have about 5 minutes before I have to have my happy behind in my dad’s truck.

    BTW… Thanks for accepting my criticism. Brotha, you really are special. Don’t waste your talents on nonsense. It’s not very becoming of you.

    I appreciate you for posting my comment. Of course, you didn’t have to do that.

    I feel and accept your remorse. Others don’t have to. You just know that I feel like you are really sincere.

    I wish you guys a good day. I’ll hit you up when I get home from that place called work. Let’s see how many days I can last there.

    Peace in the Middle East and in the US,


  3. Angie & Lubangakene, I am happy that you opened this up! I have been disappointed recently with the infighting & attacks. Angie you truly gave Lubangakene a precious gift with you initial correspondence.

    I love Bronzetrinity’s commitment & tenacity, she is truly a sister on the move!!!

    I am looking forward to all of moving on together in the right direction!


  4. Man, I’m glad I missed this fight! Without having read any of what was discussed, I agree with Angie when she says to Bronze Trinity, “I applaud you for having fire in your heart to do what you believe in. “

    One time, someone came to me and said, “People are talking about you! Don’t you want to know what they’re saying?” I said, “NO! If they thought it was important for me to know it, they would say it to my face!”

    Everybody in the AfroSpear membership has my e-mail address, so if they aren’t happy with me I’m sure they’ll send me an e-mail. I Google my name periodically to see where I’m having an effect, but the AfroSpear is becoming too large to engage in every pie fight, or whatever.

    As I’ve said elsewhere, I consider my working relationship with Bronze Trinity to be a model for the AfroSpear. Although we disagree about a few things substantively and stylistically, yet we disagree about and discuss personal things politely by E-MAIL or at the AfroSpear Forum, rather than clutter our blogs with things that don’t inform the public while involving hundreds of people in debates that can and should be resolved in AfroSpear private. I say this without even having read the discussions that caused so much distress recently.

    Let’s get our focus back on defining for ourselves and for others who we are as a group and growing our membership so that we can help more people and improve the world in which we live. And let’s remember that if we feel more angry or hurt by each other than we do at the outside world then we all need to check ourselves. This AfroSpear is a place (albeit a “virtual” place with real people) to support one another, not a forum for whitosphere-like “pie fights.”

  5. It seems like conflict is all around me. I’m having issues at my new job. My aunt insist on calling here with her foolishness. I just had to go slap off on her. I know I’m the peacemaker. But her verbal slap was unavoidable. LOL Since my mother hates to see me get upset like that, she’s downstairs telling my aunt off right now. I hear them yelling. (frown)

    Remember, in my previous post I said that I hate to see people fighting. I was always the one that broke up fights on the playground.

    Well, yesterday, my daddy picked me up from work and took me to his house. My sister was going to pick me up at his house. I was so sleepy, I told my dad that I was going to just sit in his truck until my sister got there in a few minutes. I slipped back into my sleep, ignoring my daddy’s cigarette smoke, the sports commentary that he was listening to on his radio, and the loud music that was blaring at the apartment complex next door to my daddy’s house.

    After what seemed like a few seconds of sleep, my daddy woke me up and told me, “Those niggas next dor getting ready to fight.” I woke up and sat up in my seat. Well, those brothers were yelling and screaming at each other about money. I couldn’t hear everything they were saying for the loud music. But I understood that it was getting ready to pop off. Anytime brothas get to yelling about money, you know that bullets can definitely start flying.

    I asked my daddy if he thought that they would do something foul like shoot each other while we were sitting there looking at them. Yeah, I know I can’t see. But I knew that they didn’t know that. (Everybody says that I don’t at all appear to be blind.) Instead of being like my black folks in the hood, looking away from crimes because they don’t want to be targetted next, I kept my eyes fixed in that direction to deter the brothers from going too far.

    After about 1 minute, the licks started flying. And the fight erupted. My dad is licensed to carry. I asked him if he had his gun on him. He had his 25, but his Glock-40 was in the house. He jumped out the car to take me in the house and to get his gun, just in case something real ill was about to happen.

    Well, before Daddy could get to my side of the truck to help me into his house, the fight had spilled from the apartment parking lot to my dad’s yard. The fight was getting closer and closer to the truck, where I was sitting. My blind eyes were bucked out of my head. I was looking scared as hell. I didn’t know if they would start shooting or not.

    My daddy had his 25 and he told them to back the hell out of his yard. And take that crap away from his daughter. They were still fighting. My daddy was yelling at them, telling them to move around. They started bucking Daddy, and he told them again to get out of his yard. He reminded them he had a gun.

    Well, at this point, I thought I was going to die. I didn’t want them crackheads to do anything to my daddy. My daddy finally got them to back off and move out of his territory. He came to the truck to get me, an take me in the house.

    Well, I was a bag of nerves. I went in the house and vaumeted. I felt weak and scared for my daddy.

    By the time I got myself together, one of the guys had drove off, promising to come back with his boys. A couple of seconds later, my sister pulled up, and then the police.

    What were they fighting about? A dice game gone bad. Yes, nonsense.

    In fact, most of the conflict around me is due to basic nonsense.

    I wrote this long e-mail just because I wanted to share how so much conflict has been around me on the net, work, and in the streets. (smile) All this fighting got me thinking of sandy beaches and how I need to be lying on one. I need a vacation from conflict. I need more love in my life. Looks like all of us can stand to have more love in our lives.

    Free, you have a good weekend.

    Excuse the long post. I just read over it. I’ve never had a comment that was longer than one of my brother, Frances’ comments. LOL Didn’t mean to take up too much space. I’m guilty of being verbose most of the time. (smile)

  6. Angie-gurl!

    Glad shit didn’t pop off as bad as it could have. And never apologize for going long; I’m grateful to get comments PERIOD!!!

  7. When we were kids, just a tad beyond infants but no where near being adults we had a question we always asked, whether black, white , red, pink or Martian gray we had a question, why?

    When did we stop or when do we stop asking that question?

    People are what people do and say. Some folks claim that one can not be judged or assumed by their on-line persona.

    I think they can. I am Dave and I am a cracker. But even if I didn’t say, after a while it would be apparent. Free tells me I should check my ID, but yea I am a snow flake.

    I find it funny when people disagree on something but ultimately they agree on the fundamentals, but are just looking at the same thing in a different perspective. It is akin to the democrat debate, the post show, well it was as if the commentators watched two different debates.

    I also find that people demonstrate their labels, but then try to deny them. Bleh. Some are what I am now perceiving to be “centrists”.

    If you can picture a diagram with a center axis, the centrist wants you to gather at the center with him or her. Sure its comfortable there, but it is like a spiritual black hole, nothing gets in, nothing gets out, and nothing happens.

    One of the attributes in this is the re-direct. I see it all the time. Done so often that in a court of law and in one topical discussion it would be sustained if objected too. Basically the judge would get sick of it. Another use of the re-direct is so the person re-directing can be more comfortable in the discussion. That to me is just ego trippin. If no comment, and centrist opinion, why bother? But they do, and I think it is taking the topic to the center that is the goal.

    In the afrospear and an outsider looking in I think I have spotted a centrist or two.

    But people are what people do. Their persona online can be sorted out from their persona off. Probably not that far a difference.

    To every point of view there are two if not many sides. And you’re just singing to a choir if they agree all the time. That can get pretty boring.

    The afrospear is not exempt from the natural progression of human nature. Sometimes we just get on each others nerves. But it is never reason to give up on it.


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