Free The Jena 6!!!

By Maxjulian

June 29, 2007

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Jena 6 Petition: Sign HERE!!!

7 Responses to “Free The Jena 6!!!”

  1. from Bro. J
    local community activist

    new link to the entire Free the Jena 6 rally (1 hour 26 mins)
    follow instructions on how to listen to with Real player tech help

    pass it on

    Bro J – web producer

    Community Defender TV show – Acadiana Open Channels 15 & 16 seen in 5 parishes (counties) – Director

    Freedom Files radio show KJCB 770 AM Lafayette, La – Producer

  2. Counterpunch now has an article with the background and details on this case here. This is HORRIFIC!

  3. Racism in Jena Louisiana
    Listen to my interview with Alan Bean, an activist who was in the courtroom during the trial

    On June 28 2007 a young black defendant Mychal Bell was found guilty of aggravated assault against a young white man by an all white jury despite conflicting testimony from witnesses. Alan Bean talks about the things below:

    The weekend before the assault took place nooses were hung on a tree.

    The Prosecutor threatened black students about protesting the nooses

    A black man was assaulted, no charges were brought up.

    During the trial the public defender put up no defense after the prosecution rested it’s case.

    Listen to the interview and read about the case hear:

  4. I am the true owner of this land.
    I am an Indian.
    I know that tree personally, it’s my tree!
    This tree knows no color….I will to chop it down.
    When I walk in Jena …I will chop it down…
    This tree has been abused…..I will chop it down.
    This tree is life….I will chop it down.
    Your people have forgotten your generations unborn.
    Leave my tree out of your genetic hate.
    Leave my land if you can not stop abuse of our mother the earth.
    I am an inherent speaker for her …. my tree is crying.
    Leave my land.
    Leave my tree.
    When I walk in Jena….I will chop it down.
    This is my land….you are in my country.
    I have invited you here.
    If you cannot treat my home respectfully…..
    then please leave.
    Why are you not in Jena?
    Saving these children…..
    This tree would give it’s life for these children.
    When I walk in Jena….I will chop it down.
    I am an Indian.

  5. Just read a reply to someone from LA governor, Blanco, the gist is it is no concern of hers.

    Mychal Bell’s sentencing is scheduled for September 20, 2007. If possible plan to be in Jena that day for a peaceful Civil Rights protest. If the La Razas can gather a million reported people to protest crackdown on illegal immigration (05/01/2006, in LA, CA), are there not at least a 1/2 a million who are sick and tired of bigotry and racism?

    If you can not be there in person be there via mail and electronic mail. Thank you.

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