Village Nation: Making A Difference

By Maxjulian

June 29, 2007

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Hat Tip to Oprah!

Village Nation



Our Mission

Mission Statement:

To create a small learning environment for underrepresented students utilizing a wide array of test prepping and test taking skills, attitudinal adjustments, academic strategies and historical reviews through seminar, workshops and small group meetings, geared toward academic and social success.


Our philosophy is taken directly from the old African proverb:
“It takes a village to raise a child.”
We want to pool our resources, experience and expertise to better prepare these children for their challenging future.


  • To establish a higher level of trust and rapport with the students and their parents.
  • To be viewed as approachable African American adult role model.
  • To be motivators through love and discipline.
  • To create an atmosphere of positive peer pressure for achieving academic success.
  • To build a climate where knowledge of their cultural contributions are positively challenged with music, video, poetry, and other art forms.
  • To reveal the naked truth as it stands on its own be it beautiful or ugly.
  • “If you know anything about our history, then you know that the “Blackest” thing you can do is to pursue an education.”

The Village Bio

Movement of 6 or more points in any direction is considered significant,
API scores for African American students:
2001 = went up 12 points 2002 = went down 6 points
= went up 53 points ( 1st year of The Village)
2004 = Went up 37 points (2nd year of The Village)
= Cleveland High School receive the highest award in the state.

Donations To Village Nation: Voila!

3 Responses to “Village Nation: Making A Difference”

  1. wow, this is wonderful! Thanks for letting us know about this FS. I love it!

  2. I watched the show yesterday. I was crying on my couch. SO many beautiful human beings with ideas outside the colonial box.

  3. This sounds WONDERFUL! This is an example of what happens when people quit talking about stuff and just do what needs to be done.

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