Nothing But The Truth!

By Maxjulian

July 15, 2007

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16 Responses to “Nothing But The Truth!”

  1. If more people heard this, I think things might be a little better.

  2. Sorry … It’s frightening. I’m just digging for a silver lining.

  3. There is ONLY a silver lining, isn’t there, if these are truths that people don’t want to confront? The truth is good, new insight that gets at deeper layers of our reality are necessary. I hope we can all learn to LOVE truth, removing the layers of the onion that don’t work are outdated or are lies.

  4. Yeah, that’s the only option, if we’re going to survive.

    We can’t live on bullshit. That’s suicidal. If she’s right, if we’re enemies at the biological level, well, we’re safer knowing it.

    I think about Mychal Bell, convicted of opposing segregation and wearing tennis shoes. The ideas in these videos might have been useful to him.

  5. This was very interesting to me, on so many levels. I may have to watch it a few more times just to fully wrap my brain around it!

    The thought that whites could just have a deeply rooted drive (if you will) to keep their race from dying as the core of racism- I mean, wow. It does make perfect sense. It also puts so many things in clearer perspective too. Take the immigration issue for instance. Of course they don’t want all the Mexicans coming in freely- and Lou Dobbs et. al. do not even understand the real reasons why they feel the way they do.

    Yes, if more can wrap their noggins around this, and really understand it, maybe? A start in a direction the human race so desperately needs to go.

    Off to spread the word… thanks for these videos, and for all you do.


  6. Wow. That was great. From an intellectual/academic standpoint, it seems to me that what she is doing is a psychoanylitic version of Whiteness Studies, a field that Toni Morrison is generally credited with starting. I’m not sure when this was done, but judging from the video quality, dress, etc., it seems to pre-date the work Morrison has done. I need to get my hands on a transcript of this.

    The sad part is that if you’ve ever spent any serious time browsing through white supremacist sites (and really, unless you’ve got a strong stomach I wouldn’t suggest it), the truth of what she is saying becomes all the more clear. These people make it explicit that what is at stake for them is the annihilation of the white race. It’s premised on the notion of superiority, of course, but how much of it is really a survival instinct gone over the top. And recently I read an article by a white woman that married an Indian man. After she bore a child by him, she freaked out because the child “didn’t look like her.”

    I think we also need to look at this in terms of how “whiteness” is constructed. I found it interesting that she brought up the Greeks. My landlords are Greek and they are quite dark. You could mistake them for Latin@s. On the other hand, the Irish aren’t that dark and yet it still took a while for them to “become white.” Also, interestingly enough, I recently read an article at the Black Agenda Report that expressed fear that Mexicans would eventually “become white.”

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  8. This sister is so brilliant, I’ve been following her for quite sometime, she is a very deep sister. Someone questioned the time frame of when this video was made; if my memory serves me correctly I believe it had to be made in the 80’s because she mentioned “Willie Horton,” and that incident took place in the 80’s. This footage definitely needs to be resurped into a wider forum. But I have to be honest, and I don’t mean to come off sounding like a pessimist but if , or when white folks ever hear this, or HAVE heard this; which I’m sure they have. I’m almost certain that they’ll discredit this as “hog wash,” and turn the channel because as one person stated about the truth being a critical tool, that’s one thing they cannot handle when it comes to someone from our community who isn’t ranting and raving; but intelligently breaks down the “racism” problem that they’re dealing with; this “exuse my french,” urks the hell out of them. I think more importantly as the Dr. explained, that it is crucial that we as black people understand what she’s saying more than anyone else, and that’s what we seem to be lacking, and that is an awareness that she is trying to dispatch to her/our people. Personally I think we are worse off now then we were when she dropped this bomb on this brother’s talk show. I think we as adults have done a great dis-service to our young, by not keeping them well informed. The Dr. pointed out this “farce like theorey” regarding our thinking in terms of how we’re all supposed to be lovey dovey with each other, yet she informs us of the cause and effect, yet we have not even attempted to let our youth know about these same theories that she mentions; granted I don’t think many of us could articulate it the way she has, but we get the gist of what she’s saying, and we should’ve relayed this to our young. But instead we’ve seem to either turn a blind eye to the problem ourselves, or we’ve seemed to buy into the whole notion of “we’ve arrived;” either way it has done our young a great dis-service, and we need more sisters & brothers like the Dr. as the vangaurd of our ongoing struggle for freedom, justice & equality.

  9. Kevin, I think the Irish are an interesting example of the progression of the “white” mass, incorporating, albeit grudgingly, all those who can comfortably fit under the umbrella of white. The struggle you mention is an indicator of the fear of genetic annihilation/process of subsuming other quasi “white” people over time.

    Mau, I think its interesting how the white extremists are the ones who articulate “honestly” what their primary concern is: race purity and racial survival. As Marimba Ani points out, much of the “tra-la-la” rhetoric of the white majority about holding hands, singing, is for export only; it is not to be taken seriously by whites. It is propaganda to disarm the threats/the people who are perceived to be threats to the white mass.

  10. Thanks for this Free. I love how this sister attacks the problem of racism from a scientific tip. In order to understand racism and its root causes, we do have to understand and analyze the behavior of white people. And, we have to understand our own history as well.

    We can’t fall into the same old trap of thinking that it’s all about class and not race in America. That’s pure BS to cloud over the real issues in this debate. It is about race; pure and simple! And the sooner we as black folks wake up and realize that the better off we will be.

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  14. Thanks Dallas Black, Kev and Mnemosyne!

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