The Best Argument Yet…

By Maxjulian

July 30, 2007

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10 Responses to “The Best Argument Yet…”

  1. This is an effective way to bury the n-word.

  2. actually i remember when he did this at my school in 2003, and i laughed as hard then as I do now at that first line. this is good …

  3. That nigga is crazy & I am not swayed. I will continue to say nigga because it makes me happy!


    PS: I like the new format!

  4. Byg, I wasn’t targeting you with this, however, try what I did: I went on an “N-Word” sabbatical. I stopped using it just to see how it made me feel inside. I felt much better, frankly, after a couple of months. Then, when I contemplated using it again, it was like, “damn, that wouldn’t feel right to use it publicly.” Not the response I expected.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’ve used it a couple of times including tonight. I generally stifle the desire to use it nine out of ten, cuz the thrill is gone. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    If you’re open, try not using it for a week or a month and see if how you feel. Its probably a lot like when folks quit eating meet or sugar for their health; then they have a burger and want to throw up. The system becomes retrained to accept nutritional food instead of gar-bage, then balks at the crap being put back in the system.

    Try this experiment – you just might like it.

  5. I did not think that you were calling me out, not at all. But since you put a challenge in my face, I will attempt. I will refrain from saying nigga Fri-Sun & see what it’s like.


  6. I failed my challenge miserably. I will try again when I have my mind right.


  7. Byg, its one step at a time, baby. When you’re ready you’re ready.

  8. yeah, the new design is cool, freeslave.

    i agree with eddie, this is very effective. people like him are going the right way about it by using drama.

    i’ve stopped using that word. it is part of my past now and i have to say, i am fully over it. i realised despite the fact it hurts all black people — it is also in itself a very sexist word as well.

  9. damn!!! this is powerful. this is getting reposted 🙂 thanks


  10. Thanks Aulelia; letting go of the word has been good mentally and spiritually. And I’ve got to change the design up here every once in a while.

    Kameelah, thanks for you brilliant words!

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