Common Sense From Kameelah

Sometimes, I just have to steal something from my comments section that strikes me as smart, smART, SMART.  Exhibit A: Kameelah

“Keep it moving! Nothing is perfect on the first run and the mere existence of Afrospear is powerful in and of itself. Yes, more thinking, planning, and getting a clear philosophical approach is necessary but none of these processes are ever complete–in fact, that is the nature of these processes–we are perpetual larvae–we are always in the process of becoming. So keep “becoming” Over the past couple of months I have been integrating more gerunds into my vocabulary when even identifying myself because I am not a “definite.” I am Muslim-ing, I am Black-ing, I am Woman-ing, etc. etc. because trying to force ourselves into inactive definition does a certain discursive as well as material violence. (THIS makes too much damn sense!!) We have to grow and we can’t grow in conceptual incarcerations and cages.  Keep it moving (Literally) Afrospear.

As Black bloggers we have a lot of responsibility, and I have been reevaluating my role in this community as well trying to balance being a full time grad student, a teacher and moonlighting as a writer and artist. I think that one thing that all black bloggers can work on (myself included) is building community, and linking our activism. I would love to see more of us connected to each others struggles, I would love to see more of us engaged in revolutionary acts of love–ie we all spend a lot of time talking about what’s wrong, let’s write more about what we want to see and how we are going to bridge that gap between urgent dreams and our everyday reality.” 

Preach, Sister, Preach!

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