A Bell Hooks Moment

3 Responses to “A Bell Hooks Moment”

  1. THAT’S RIIIIIIIIGHT!!!! Get em bell! I was done right when she started referring to rap as a third world country. That’s awesome.

  2. Hooks, unfortunately, does not know what she is talking about. If the music industry was solely driven by the profit motive, there would be still be a proliferation of PE-type black nationalist Hip Hop.

    That is so, because that type of Hip Hop outsold any other Hip Hop especially among young white males. In fact, in order for “Gangsta” to become commercially viable it was initially carefully dressed as black nationalist Hip Hop.

  3. Also, the misogyny which Hip Hop videos feature is secondary to the primary message of racism and the denigration of black men and women as a whole.

    In fact, the PRIMARY focus of the negative messages are young black males, who are encouraged to establish any kind of relationship with black women on a monetary (“purchase”) basis only. According to Gangstsa Hip Hop and it’s videos, the sole way to get the money to “purchase” a black women or, “better” yet, many black women, is via the victimization (killing, robbing, thugging) of other black males.

    Hooks and her Marxist/feminist friends consistently choose to ignore this and thereby make NO contribution to solving the problem of the White Supremacist war against black people as a whole.

    But that’s the nature of black “revolutionary” Assimilationists.

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