The Way Things Are…

We are slaves.

What is presented to us as freedom, what are represented to us as institutions of democracy or social change, of education or justice – are in fact chains, manufactured by an invisible government, expert at creating poison and calling it medicine that keeps us mentally ill and tethered to our own mental plantation. A plantation that they teach us to tend – and we do it.

I’m always amused by the Re-thuglicans who condemn the liberals, the progressives who condemn the moderates and conservatives, the racist rednecks who condemn the low-life porchmonkeys, the so-called black nationalists who condemn the so-called black assimilationists. Pure insanity. Petty people who fail miserably to see what is happening right before their eyes.

Divide and Conquer.

All of these labels and categories are prisons, built for your cranium only; building blocks of separation, the knives and forks for a buffet of sophisticated divide and oh-so-subtle conquering methodologies for the bred-ignorant and shortsighted populace.

Racism/white supremacy is a vicious, global system that has butchered too many human beings, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Yet, it too is a tool, a MAJOR tool and the means, the apparatus of control, rather than the end desired by the ruling class itself.

Most of us have mistaken the manipulative use of race for the goal itself. Yes, they talk bad about us, denigrate us. We think that because the media utilize racist depictions of us that that is the end itself. PERIOD. In fact, that contempt has a deeper, more utilitarian purpose: conditioning the brains of the white folks, black folks and every other kind of folks to impede the development of ANY class empathy or solidarity between the so-called white and the so-called black, latino/latina, etc, et-fucking-cetera.

And its working: white folks are so thoroughly racist and oblivious to it and we black folks are so packed into our mental matchbox trying to prove how racist this is and how racist that is, that we can’t see SHIT else. How convenient for the people with a hand in ALL of our pockets.

My Ism’s bigger than your isM!!!

The manipulators of the planet are few, yet their ability to make us think ourselves into pretzels is incomparable.

The film that I posted below, “Zeitgeist,” characterizes the way things actually are:

1) Christianity/Religion and its use as a tool of imperialism, indoctrination and social control.

2) The fact that the September 11th attacks were an inside job, carried out, not by Arabs with boxcutters, but elements of the United States government. I refer back to the time honored quote of a sista who made it plain: “To understand the intent, look at the affect.”

You can’t name one benefit that accrued to “Muslims” from the attack on the World Trade Center (and momentary glee that the “Great Satan” got hit doesn’t count)….but we know who profits in billions from the terror carried out on the people of this land mass called America. Corporations that bilk money from you…politicians elected by YOU who line their pockets with contractor money…offense, excuse me, defense contractors, construction companies, soldiers of fortune and a cast of thousands. Only a fool believes the story put out by the government, but that’s what this culture has turned most of us into – in advance of their most nefarious deeds.

3) The proof of the conspiracy to defraud EVERYONE of us is the so-called, “Federal Reserve Bank.” It is not federal and it is not a government bank, but a private bank that controls the debt of this nation and the destiny of the planet. These bankers are kind who fund both sides of a war because war is profitable. (Aside: if you think US policy in Iraq failing, think again. Winning is creating as much disorder, chaos and destruction as possible in order to profit for decades to come. And also, to allow the building of numerous military bases in the Middle East…somebody’s got to watch that oil!)

Watch the movie and check out the history of the passage of the Federal Reserve legislation, who was behind it and what they have succeeded in doing. Also, think about the federal taxes that you pay and the fact that there is no legal basis for taxation, in fact, the federal income tax is illegal according to the Constitution. Why are you paying ’em then? Because they told you you had to and you unthinkingly do so, that’s why.

Don’t take me at my word; do your own investigation. Do a search for books on Jeckyll Island, the Federal Act, 911Blogger.Com, the Kennedy assassination and all of that other stuff that they told you only paranoid schizos drooled about. Try to wake up and see beyond the Afro-puff straightjacket clogging your domepiece or the beansprout cataracts clouding your vision. We’re more alike than different, in spite of everything I’ve said to the contrary.

When the sheet-wearing racist, the tie-dyed hippie, the beret sporting black militant, the latina domestic recognize their common interest, recognize that there are bigger fish to fry, fish who are frying US – one stereotype at a time – what a world THAT will be.

“There is nothing wrong with your television. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are now in control of the transmission. We control the horizontal and the vertical. We can deluge you with a thousands channels, or expand one single image to crystal clarity and beyond. We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive. For the next hour, we will control all that you see and hear.”

The Outer Limits

10 Responses to “The Way Things Are…”

  1. It’s the truth. Our lives are so small, though, that a lot of this is lost in the small stuff.

  2. Religion is the opium of the people! Black people in America and in the Disaspora became Christians and thus mental slavery began. Asians were conquered by the white man but they never became Christians and the Asian world is over taking the white western world. Africa is completely messed up. Except for the northern part, they became Christians!

  3. i think one reason why racism/white supremacy has poisoned us so much is we don’t actively own big chunks of the media. the internet is changing things slightly but black media enterprises STILL aren’t supported.

  4. We have all been caught up into the divide and conquer efforts at some point. The challenge for us all is, it my humble opinion, is to some how continue to pull away and not to dogress, yes i spelled it right, dogress.

    As black folks we find a way to dog each-other, rather than saying let me pitch in and do my part, whatever that part may be. sometimes I find myself dogging people out, Many rimes for good reason (so i think), but then who am I. Just another of Gods children trying to do the right thing while here on earth, for this short period of time. But as you said, that is the way things are.

    Great post, thought provoking.

  5. Thanks all for your comments.

  6. Free,
    I agree with you 100%, but it is extremely difficult to target one -ism without people getting all outraged that you (supposedly) glossed over their -ism.

    We all are so involved with our chosen battles that the war sometimes feels like it is being lost. I don’t know my next statement is accurate or not, but it seems to me that all issues of victimization are jigsaw pieces to a class struggle puzzle.

    Would you mind if I quote this article over on my blog, or posted it as a guest article?

  7. No problem, Dave. Thanks.

  8. I have to agree, this is a great post. Very thought provoking.

  9. That pretty much defines the problem right there. Color-aroused antagonism, like handcuffs and leg-irons, is a tool of oppression. Just as cigarette companies want to induce nicotine addiction and liquor manufacturers want to induce alcoholism, the government and industries want to induce and perpetuate Extreme Color-Aroused Disorder, because it makes the populace easier to manipulate.

    So, rather than merely combating color-aroused antagonism, we need to focus on combating the SYSTEM that is using color-aroused antagonism against us.

    Makes sense to me.

    You’ve identified the parties who are part of that system: ALL corporations that benefit from a divided workforce; all military industrial complex corporations that earn more money in an unstable and color-aroused antagonistic world; politicians seeking to get elected by manipulating the public . . .

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