Tricks Are For Kids

Senator Larry Craig, anti-gay rights crusading, Republican pol. Toilet-tipping, gay-cruising, man-crush having hypocrite. These devils use their Christian verbiage to drug the populace into a God-fearing, religious stupor…while they get their ‘Merv’ on in the toilet.

Everything they said about Osama, about Hussein, is truer of them. Evil. Terrorists. Anti-freedom, anti-justice. Totalitarian, Orwellian, Hitlerian. They tuned up their violins and played a sad song for New Orleans, cooing how much rebuilding they were going to do.


What happened to NO was by design. Intentional. Just like what is happening in Iraq. They told you what they knew about Iraq and their WMD’s and their evil intentions. They use the “oops, we made a mistake/the intelligence wasn’t as good as we thought” excuse…when THOUSANDS of human beings were killed. How can a system be THAT incompetent?! In other times, people would hang for such errors. Or the perpetrators would have the common decency to commit hari kari.

And if they weren’t that incompetent, they were marvelously competent.

Don’t let them tell you that the disorder, the chaos in Iraq and New Orleans is unintended. The bodies dropping here and abroad are small potatoes for the jackpot that these hustlers provide to the men in the shadows. “If we don’t tear up shit, how do we get security, rebuilding and weapon system contracts for our pimps?!”

And the Democrats, rhetoric aside, are NO different.

No different.

Like the alcoholic who knows deep in their being that their -ism is the issue, we all, somewhere inside KNOW this to be true. But what do we do? What are our lived principles?

We need a new system, a new country. Check. This car is defective, a danger to all but a few. Time to take it to the junkyard. We need to vision something new, something smaller. Break this muthafucka up into fifty tiny pieces. Double check.
Who needs a country, a nation-state to identify with? Who needs a flag? I say, give the land back to the Native American. Triple check.

But what do we do? Where’s the plan? How many of us still have the illusion that this monstrosity can be tweaked? That the Democrats are an alternative? Or that they can be moved to really take on OUR concerns?!

We ain’t going anywhere until we put the baby bottle down. The baby bottle is our belief that ANYTHING presented to us as the proper channel for our activism is real or designed to give us what we want. The baby bottle is our naivete, our religious faith in the Constitution, the Supreme Court, Reverend Al, Al Gore, Amy Goodman, Jesse Jackson or Cindy Sheehan.

You don’t get free with, or by proxies. You only get free when you absolutely, positively must be free and then snatch it for yourself. You have to become an outlaw, a runaway slave. And no slave gets truly free if they believe the master has created “some good” on his plantation that can be taken advantage.

Its still a plantation, muthafucka!!!!!!

Dismantling the plantation is the task for any slave that truly wants to be free. Let’s get on with it.

12 Responses to “Tricks Are For Kids”

  1. Right on, ya’ll. Thanks a lot!!

  2. two words for you .

    explain Obama ….

  3. Byrd: Isn’t it obvious? He’s a Trojan Horse, a mythical being, ‘Charlie McCarthy, designed to sop up our legitimate political gravy. He’s not for black folks, but for capital; he’s gung ho for Israel, which is the imperialists proxy state in the Middle East.

  4. ohh free, might have to disagree with you there. i think barack is definitely for black people. i’m coming from a non-us perspective but even if he is a trojan horse, maybe that is what is needed temporarily to at least get people talking about black people in politics and issues affecting black people. he’s in the spotlight and that gets people talking.

  5. thank you free slave , it is obvious . I know it . It’s like a noose on our neck , there are so many agendas in that horse . Only time will tell the outcome . I just don’t understand Why sellout for an illusion … Oh the folly .

    good post as usual !

  6. Aulelia: This guy came out hard for Israel; by contrast, he tiptoes around his blackness, his support for black issues, not wanting to offend his white sponsors. I can’t stand his whole, “there’s not a white America or a black America…” That’s a complete lie. To spin that yarn negates the every day experience of all of us.

    So I’m not down with him at all.

  7. very interesting comment! i am looking forward to the US election out of sheer personality differences between the potential candidates more than the UK election (even though i do think they coincide next year)

    i am still on team obama lol 🙂 i’d love to see the day of a black or asian Prime Minister in the United Kingdom. do u think obama at least as a symbol of progression is positive?

  8. […] from the freeslave this: Your self-hate is programmed, synthesized and output as religious piety, political reverie or […]

  9. I so totally agree with this. The first paragraph had me slapping my leg with full-out laughter, but this is NOT a funny situation. (As in check that photo and ask yourself, is there anything funny about this photo?)

    Those with the power-to-define know EXACTLY what they’re doing and the mass public seems to fall all over itself in the attempt to buy into the most twisted, egregious, and unapologetic exploitation of not only other people but themselves. Over a million Iraqis have now died (on the U.S. taxpayers’ nickel) in addition to thousands of U.S. citizens continuing to die daily, but the media is actually printing article after article about a guy who got caught pants-down in a sex sting and has the audacity to fight being kicked out of the Senate, saying his behavior in that bathroom doesn’t have anything to do with his ethics on the job…?!?

    The only line I’d change in this post is that I think the car is a danger to everybody. The illusion the Upper Echelons have that they’re not going to drown when the ship goes belly up is ludicrous. We let them make decisions that affect us all as if they were not insane. If they don’t have enough sanity left even to want to survive, we need to protect them — and ourselves — from the consequences of their madness.

    Cool new format, Max.

    (Guess who’s done incubatin’?)

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