Inspired By NoSnowHere…

Thanks “NoSnowHere

Here are today’s search terms…

who is the free slave


tattoos bitch in chinese symbol


“training day” +fascism +denzel +review

chess signs

kente cloth

nigger bitch

hate nigger

slave dating

5 Responses to “Inspired By NoSnowHere…”

  1. HAHA, I’m actually going to do a post similar to this. No surprise on most of these terms, though …

  2. the first term would make one hell of a title for a book.

  3. oh my goooodness! haha, question: how do i figure out how people are searching b/c now i am curious!

  4. kameelah, i’m not sure where you check for that in blogger sites.

  5. Great assignment! That is too crazy.

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