911 Is A State of Mind

They want you to be in mourning for the victims.

But you are one of them…the victims that is.

911 was for your mind.

Gift wrapped, shock-n-awe bouquet, ‘here comes the bride,’ married to her fear, triggered to rear up on her hind legs and yelp.

911 was and is for your mind. Never forget what happened without ever knowing what happened, without ever being curious about what happened, without having the capacity to dig beneath the patent lies to deal with what happened.  Or having the courage to then do what is necessary behind confronting the implications of WTF happened.

Look, but don’t look to carefully. The American educational system, which tests, ranks and places its uneducated-educated students, has yet to produce ONE thinker who can decode the rockets red glare that blew the THREE towers, precision strikes – pulverizing three buildings (WTC 1, 2 and 7), 267 floors into dust.

They want you to cry for the ones who died – yet it is the tearjerkers who did the deed.

They tell you that only ‘conspiracy theorists’ question the official version of events of that day six years ago – when it was and is a conspiracy that carried it out. How racist is it to believe that only an Arab conspiracy is legitimate for consideration, when the evidence should be followed to its logical conclusion.

Who had motive?

Who had the means?

What does a cost/benefit analysis determine?

911 is for your mind, is a state of mind.

911 for your mind…brought to you by the folks who gave you World Wars I & II, the Great Depression, the Federal Reserve, Pearl Harbor, Vietnam, the Kennedy assassination, the Martin Luther King assassination. None of ’em conspiracies, mind you. Nope, the world is ruled by mad men and happenstance.

911 was not the first conspiracy-pyrotechnic-cinemascope production by the “Cabal.” But since they’ve got your puny little mind in their pocket, worrying about the N-word or race mixing, got you focused only on your narrow little self-interest…it surely won’t be the last thang perpetrated by these devils.

911 for your mind, ya’ll.

7 Responses to “911 Is A State of Mind”

  1. this is a very good post. you make some good and relevant points.

    today my sister and cousin and i were all watching cnn as that is the main foreign news channel in Tanzania. it was so interesting how the only stories they were showing were 9/11 remembrance…and yes, you guessed it, the war in iraq, aka, the war on terror. it is exhausting and infuriating for 2 reasons:

    1) what happened on sept 11th was terrible and painful but it is swallowing up the whole fucking world, making the rest of global citizens feel as if they must follow the USA’s ”fight”. what about other struggles?

    2) infuriating because it reminds me that white-owned media channels can even press their agendas in africa, while we can do nothing about it since cnn is part of normal tv.

    i do want to remember those who lost their families. but i think sept 11th did to a certain extent push the US into world politics for the worse, in a country that was predominately isolationist and now has undergone a complete volte-face to being an imperialist invading force.

  2. […] I’m following thefreeslave here, I’m just  adding more historical examples. […]

  3. The key ‘T’ word for the first decade of the 21st century is “TREASON” not ‘terrorism’.

  4. Beautiful post .

    I live in New York , and yes I had to go out in that mess yesterday . Coming through the bb tunnel , i am like what the fuck , are people taking photos of , then I am realised these aren’t people they are sheeple , taking photos , of what is left of the illusory grand demise of the two power towers…..

  5. Who had motive?
    the puppet president and the bankers
    Who had the means?
    the bankers
    What does a cost/benefit analysis determine?
    that sheeple believe anything … Its like a nation of stepford people.

    Any way , our nation is a puppet to isreal and our media and most major corps are controlled by zionists .

  6. Well said brother..

    Byrdparker also hit the nail right on the head..I’m glad to see that u guys understand these concepts. The establishment uses clever semantics to keep us believing that anyone who questions their lies is crazy. The use of the term “conspiracy theorist” is a perfect example of this. I guess the masses would only have themselves to blame if we came out of out television/fashion/sports induced stupor long enough to want to blame someone.

    Even if we had no evidence of our own government behind 9/11 (which we do), shouldnt we be suspecting the person(s) that are covering up the facts? Should we not question a government who we know for fact has told us numerous lies about 9/11?

    what about that concept is so hard for people to grasp.

    Am I in the twilight zone?

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