Make It Plain, Sista, Make It Plain

From Sista Ana‘s comment at AfroSpear:

“There is still hope for the Africans. If we can create a Pan African movement, not only of intellectuals, but by Black people of all socio economic groups on the continent and troughout the Diaspora, then our future as a people on this planet is certain. We must work toward an awakening of the masses of Black people, to unite for our own good.

This movement must have at the forefront an agenda based on restoring respect and acceptance of our identity as Africans, and it must be structured with plans based on independent, sustainable, economic developement. I am tired of hearing on these Black blogs what the enemies think of us, and how many of us are sellout. We need to stop the masochism. Inadvertently, we think too much of the enemies, hence we are always taking off our vision of what we should be doing as a people. We also have given the enemies too much power over us.

Yesterday October18, I read an artucle in The NY Times that left me elated. The article was on a Black community in Colombia-San Basilio de Palenque. They are the descendants of runaway slaves, who had carved out a community far away from the Spaniards during the colonial period. The Palenqueros (people of Palenque)had conserved elements of the Congo language, mixed with Spanish. Their language is the only Creole Spanish spoken in Latin America.

But what really hit me was what one of them said. Mr. Salgado a Palenquero schoolteacher said: “Our ancestors survived capture in Africa, the passage by ship to Cartagena and were strong enough to escape and live on their own for centuries. We are the strongest of the strongest. No matter what happens, our language will live on with us”.

I believe this is the manner many of us should be speaking. The descendants of Africans in the Diaspora are all the strongest of the strongest. I do not believe that there is a people on this planet who could have endured what our people went through, and live on to leave descendants like us today. we just need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves, roll up our sleeves and become active.

The word Palenque in Spanish is runaway haven for slaves. The Portuguese version is Quilombo.The English version is Maroon town.

Lawd have mercy, speak sista, speak!!!

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