A Message From Xene…

“A pen conquered us and a pen can wipe us out as a Nation”

We, Indigenous People of North America, “Indian Country”, are inherent speakers for our Mother the Earth. We need to come together with one heart and mind to protect the future of our Great Nation.
When the United States drafted the Constitution, the word conquered written gives the U.S. Congress the authority to take our land without being indebt owed to Tribes. Since Europeans set foot on our lands to this date not one contract, treaty, law or promise has been honorably fulfilled with our Nation.
We as a Nation know that it is the habit of the United States to deceive. They are a society of lawbreakers, laws of their own making. The United States Government run by the rich untouchables of the world do not plan for their unborn children as we as Indian people do. It is our daily habit as Indian people to mention our future generations in our ceremonies. We do not send our elderly to nursing homes. We honor our veterans who have served in the defense of our lands for the United States Government at our pow-wows. We should not forget our past and remember our ancestors who died for our survival. We live our lives daily honoring our unsung heroes in the present. We must come together now as one for the future of our Nation.
It is of great importance that we begin to plant seeds now instead of waiting for the bread to be set on the table. Tribes, Bands, Nations, Indigenous Peoples, Indian Country and their relatives need to stop being distracted by the morsels (casinos) that our Governments and the Bureau of Indian Affairs throw at us.
In the United States, senators are giving commencement speeches at Universities talking about alternative fuels. In North Dakota and Montana on the plains are some of the riches fields of grasses for these fuels. Coal is going to begin to be in demand and it is on our lands that they will be harvesting these fuels. Tribes must not sign any more contracts with States.
The Mohawk Nation has been writing about a Super-Highway that George W. Bush and Rudy Giuliani have already contracted with the Canada and Mexico. This super-highway will run right down the center of Turtle Island and will be the route of free trade between countries. This highway will run right over many of our lands. These trucks will be carrying our resources for foreign trade. Tribes have an inherent interest to write into their Constitutions their rights to their natural resources, air, water, earth and all of the written and unwritten stories, songs and customs of their on unique heritage, your Cultural property rights. Some Tribes have already done so than it would be good to contact other Tribes by way of moccasin highway or faster yet internet assisting other Tribes with this knowledge. It is time to awaken the sleeping giant that is our Great Nation.
Recently, at 34th The Traditional Circle of Elders and Youth held by Harry Beauchamp Sr. and other tribal members at the Assinibione Reservation of Fort Peck Montana many Nations combining knowledgeable tribal leaders met from all corners of North America. From Greenland where the staff has gone for the next conference in 2008 to the Mayans who brought their two hundred year calendar predicting the 2012 effects of global warming. Many tribes validate the changing of the winds. Testimony on the Assinibione Reservation, mentioned they had never seen their prairies so green.
The Chief Greenland Manu said, “We the Indian people at the top of the world are the only people that could survive in this land. From ancient time, our hunting grounds of tundra and ice have provided for us. Now we rarely see a Knorr whale of a beluga whale. Our trails of ice become soft and dangerous.”
Oren Lyons, Chief of the Onondaga Nation shook my hand as he arrived from Sweden to the meeting in Montana and said “It is worst than we are being told.” Again, the United States and its affiliates are deceiving us. They are predicting a 20-30 year effect of global warming. At the Conference of Indian Elders and Youth with first hand knowledge from Manu, we must consider 10 years or less.
Oren Lyons also mentioned that fifty percent Africa is a Nation of parentless children. Dysfunctional Nations including Middle East and Asia will become dangerous to our Nation once the disease, famine, and children raised in war become adults. This reality to our Nation needs to be an issue and considered seriously today and not when our lives and our children’s children lives are in danger. The world is changing fast and Nature can again as it was before Columbus is our means in survival. We must again blend in with the laws of nature.
Tribes must protect their natural resources and utilize all tribal members from the old to the youth in the retraining of growing and naturally preserving foods provided by our great mother the Earth. Allotted Tribal land should be utilized to grow food uncontaminated by the chemical poisons. The Pueblo people have a method of storing foods for four years taking the latest crops first. Seed stores, wild rice, berries, molasses, nuts etc. etc. etc. By harvesting these natural crops on your lands, they will renew themselves and multiply in the coming years. Part of these crops can be sold to incorporate future financing and finance future growth while bringing our tribal elders and youth together teaching and learning our traditional ways.
Are the Algonquin people aware that white society is trying to hybrid the wild rice of our people? Betty Laverdure of The Turtle mountains Plains Pembina Band said that “Einstein predicted that when bees no longer existed it would be the end of humankind”. It could be the possibility of the cross sectioning of our natural flowers and possibly the unnatural airwaves from cell phones and satellites. Nevertheless, it would be wise of tribes to begin to harvest honey with the learning and investing in manmade hives on tribal lands. What would be the affects of hybrid wild rice?
The Chief of the Seminole Billy, said that we are drinking purified water made from the urine of the white man when we buy and drink bottled water. Tribes need to begin protecting their water and testing and using their own water resources. All natural tap water sources are tested more than bottled water. It would be wiser to drink and protect our own tap water in the future more vigorously and make it our law.
Tribes need to begin to implement alternative energy sources such as solar and wind energy. These two factors are vital and plans should be made with timelines with completion for important focal points within the tribal system. Tribes must remember you are not a myopic island. What happens to one tribe will begin a domino effect that will affect all of Indian Country.
Trees and clear-cutting must be replaced and replanted this will encourage animal inhabitation and promote the oxygenation for human and animal alike. This system will also offset the effects of global warming.
Tribes that have methods for fuel renewal and recycling should notify other Tribes so that we can be a part of the solution and not part of the problem for each other. There is so much more and many more minds that walk upon our people. This is your calling for your voice I welcome you to send this letter to every available media.
Within the near future a common web source will be developed that all Nations will be encouraged to cooperatively communicate ways and means. Their will be another longest walk for 2008 to Washington D.C., I encourage tribes to send delegates as well as promote the largest and most diverse membership attendance as humanly possible from one end of North America to the next. It will be planned Oct 10, 2007 and a city event schedule will be posted timely. More information can be obtained at E-mail jimbosimmons@treatycouncil.org or www.treatycouncil.org.

Black people need to be thinking along these same lines!

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  1. […] Check it out! While looking through the blogosphere we stumbled on an interesting post today.Here’s a quick excerptFrom Greenland where the staff has gone for the next conference in 2008 to the Mayans who brought their two hundred year calendar predicting the 2012 effects of global warming. Many tribes validate the changing of the winds. … […]

  2. The next Traditional Elder and Youth gathering will be held July 25, 2008 thru July 29, 2008 at Lac du Flambeau Wisconsin out at Bear River. Here you will see Nations come together. The Chiefs of Greenland and from all four corners of the Earth.The staff will be returned to this gathering.

  3. […] thefreeslave added an interesting post on A Message From Xeneâ¦.Here’s a small excerpt:We, Indigenous People of North America, “Indian Country”, are inherent speakers for our Mother the Earth. We need to come together with one heart and mind to protect the future of our Great Nation. When the United States drafted the … […]

  4. Thank you for posting this, Max. It is very important.

  5. I meant to ask you for this. Whenever I read transmissions from inside the First Nations, I remember that meetings are happening that Black folks, so clear that these are “our lands”, don’t feel we need to be sending delegations to. This transmission is important because the information is being offered and notice is being served. I think that if Black people want to talk about unity, then we need to think about where we stand in relation to the struggles of the rightful and need I add, original guardians of these lands.

  6. Introduction:
    Every tribe in Indian Country, USA their tribal homes can have a system whereby all the home on tribal lands could be producing there own electricity. Alternatively, the tribal housing authorities can convert their entire sewer lagoons to using alternative energy and lessening the tribes use of off reservation utility companies. Tribes that are even more important can become energy independent. Every tribe in Indian Country, USA has adequate solar, wind, wave, falling water, and/or biomass waste resources to achieve sustainable tribal energy independence.
    Market Drivers
    The Tribes can free themselves from the higher costs of energy that has increased due to higher fuel costs. On some tribal lands especially in area of biomass waste (landfills) instead of a usable asset it is environmental problem and yet it has possibilities to create new tribal companies through sequestering of carbon creating a metal like substance or be converted into producing energy.

    If tribes would give consideration and prioritize the potential uses of alternative energy and have a in depth economic analysis and a look at tribal economies will reveal that energy is a huge “economic leakage” (monies going off of tribal lands that pay for goods and services) which creates wealth for others and tribal dependence for goods and services economic research will reveal that if goods and services were on tribal lands it would greatly prosper their tribal local economies. On some tribal lands especially in area of biomass waste (landfills) instead of a usable asset it is environmental problem. Instead, current solutions are for closure of landfills and clean up the mess and new landfills are put into place. In Alaska, garbage is shipped out of some communities yet it can be converted into energy or even a durable good. Therefore, instead of biomass waste being problem tribes can convert it all into energy or durable good. Fuel costs are more noticeable in rural areas like Alaska where they use diesel-powered generators for rural Alaska Native Villages the villages. A couple years ago, the villages could not afford the high price of fuel for their villages. “The commission estimates that more than 45 million gallons of bulk fuel storage capacity need repair or replacement, while the Division of Energy estimated the cost of these repairs at approximately $4 per gallon of capacity, not counting associated environmental remediation. These figures imply a total required subsidy to bulk fuel storage of at least $200 million if the systems are to be brought into compliance with current safety and environmental codes. Originally, Denali Commission bulk fuel projects we selected based on a state-generated list based on health and safety. This original list did not address long-term strategies for O&M. The Denali Commission now requires that new bulk fuel project recipients develop a business plan as part of their project implementation. The Commission intends to refine and strengthen their commitment to O&M strategies based on information and potential policy changes associated with this study.
    The situation is much the same for solid waste: While little cash subsidy has been provided in the past, the identified future cost of converting open dumps to satisfactory alternatives is likely to exceed $60 million, according to the Indian Health Service Sanitation Deficiency System.”(Sustainable Utilities in Rural Alaska, Effective Management, Maintenance and Operation of Electric, Water, Sewer, Bulk Fuel, Solid Waste by Steve Colt, Scott Goldsmith and Amy Wiita) Rather then allowing the tribal environmental problems being cleaned up, closed and covered it can be an asset and beneficial for the tribes.

    Every tribe in Indian Country, USA has adequate solar, wind, wave, falling water, and/or biomass waste resources to achieve sustainable tribal energy independence. Moreover, through the Department of Energy: “The Tribal Energy Program, under the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, promotes tribal energy sufficiency, economic development, and employment through the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.
    The program provides financial and technical assistance to tribes for feasibility studies of renewable energy development on tribal lands. The program also assists tribes for the initial steps toward renewable energy and energy efficiency development — including strategic planning, energy options analysis, human capacity building, and organizational development planning.
    Offering financial and technical assistance to tribes through government-to-government partnerships that:
    Allow tribal leaders to make informed decisions
    Bring renewable energy and energy efficiency options to Indian Country
    Enhance human capacity through education and training
    Improve local tribal economies and the environment
    Make a difference in the quality of life of Native Americans”
    Several Tribes are already done feasibility studies to see what will work for their particular area. “From the beginning of recorded time, the Mohegan Tribe has honored and respected our earth,” said Bruce “Two Dogs” Bozsum, Chairman of the Mohegan Tribal Council. “In this modern era, we are just as committed to protecting our environment. Promoting the use of alternative energy such as fuel cells will not only allow us all to reduce our dependence foreign oil, but it will also allow us to do a better job of protecting our earth and fulfilling our obligation to future generations.”
    “At White Earth, we are developing a local wind initiative, linking both with national models for tribal wind development and developing relationships and capacity with local tribal governments, municipalities, rural electrical cooperatives, utilities and farmers on the reservation and in the region. This integrated program includes a tribal initiative aimed at reducing tribal energy consumption through conservation, renewables and other strategies, development of individual wind and solar projects for the area and development of both regional and tribal wind capacity.” (http://nativeharvest.com/node/1)
    “The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians will establish a comprehensive energy strategic plan that captures economic and environmental benefits while continuing to respect tribal cultural practices and traditions. Their goal is to understand their current and future energy consumption, and they will develop a strategic energy plan, including an action plan to clearly identify the energy options for the tribe. The projects are anticipated to have a positive impact on the tribe; promote greater understanding of energy efficiency; establish partnerships with energy stakeholders, including electric and natural gas suppliers; and position the tribe to be influential with regional energy development.”(http://www.eere.energy.gov/tribalenergy/projects_detail.cfm/project_id=84)
    Therefore, the Tribes can see that funding is readily available to make alternative energy a reality on their particular Reservation Settings. To not only bring savings to the tribal homeowners or renters but make the Tribes energy independent forming their own tribal utility companies. However, Tribes can create substantial tribal wealth development by establishing not only their tribal utility companies but also can establish energy parks. With the energy parks, the Tribes primarily become energy independent. Secondly, not only meet the energy needs of the Tribes but also can sell energy to the utility companies that are on or near the reservation settings. Reports show that by the year 2016 all of America will need 70% more electricity. With the considerable need for energy and tribes near large metropolitan areas, readily note that urban sprawl is real and the towns and cities are right on the border of some reservation settings. Some areas urban sprawl influences the tribal environment and neighboring communities address social, economic and environmental problems or tribes confront damage to their tribal environment that affects health issues, hazardous waste issues, demand for waste disposal areas and other needs of neighbors.
    “By promoting and developing renewable energy, Indigenous people can help fulfill their roles as caretakers of Mother Earth. Indigenous people can be leaders and bring all peoples of the world together to work at restoring the environment. Even though Native people have a different perspective and approach of renewable energy than Western society, common goals are shared. Both perspectives show that renewable energy can provide a solution to environmental problems such as pollution and climate change, a way to become energy independent, a way to strengthen the economy. Both perspectives show that renewable energy is a positive alternative that can benefit individual groups of people and the world as a whole. Overall, renewable energy is an important factor in making sure that life will continue for seven generations to come. “ (Benefits of Renewable Energy for Native Nations from The Environmental and Native Perspective, Lani Tsinnajinnie University of New Mexico, Sandra Begay-Campbell, Technical Advisor Sandia National Laboratories,, August 25, 2006)

    “The creation of the Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs will further assist the Department in reaching all Americans in promoting clean, reliable and affordable energy,” Secretary Bodman said. “I look forward to working with Steve to advance and promote clean energy, changing the way we power this nation.” (http://www.energy.gov/news/5493.htm) What will benefit the tribes is there is readily available funding, technical assistance, other tribal model programs and by establishing tribal utility companies through uses of the available resources. By establishing a tribal utility company, it will keep an immense amount of revenue, which stays, on the reservations and thus eliminating a major economic leakage (dollars spent for goods and services going off reservations). Alternatively, homes on tribal lands can setup their homes to produce their own electricity or housing authorities can utilize sewer lagoons to have their own electricity eliminating off reservation utility companies or can jointly work with Tribe(s) to have tribe establish energy parks across the reservation settings to sell energy to the utility companies. Currently under the Department of Energy Indian Programs, several tribes are doing feasibility studies to see what alternative energy can be use on their particular reservation.

    “Jackson County, NC went all the way in creating an energy park to fuel the local economy. In October 2006, the county celebrated the initial phase of its conversion of a closed and aging landfill site into a thriving energy park that will provide up to 20 new jobs. The park includes a biodiesel refinery, three professional blacksmith studios, and a series of greenhouses—all using landfill gas (LFG) as fuel.” (http://www.epa.gov/lmop/proj/prof/profile/jacksoncountyncgreenenerg.htm)

    “STEP bears the promise of being one among the major factors for emergence of the Capital Region’s Tech Valley as a strong, growth economy in this decade. STEP is part of a bigger plan that is coupled with other technology-focused initiatives in the Capital Region and the direct activities and development projects of NYSERDA’s partners. It has been estimated that STEP will provide between 1,000 and 1,500 jobs to the Capital Region, as emerging alternative energy companies take advantage of its resources. In addition, STEP is an instrumental part of the larger strategies to focus global attention on the Capital Region and New York State as the best destination in the United States or in the world, for alternative energy technologies, and research, development and commercialization.” (http://step.nyserda.org/vision.html )
    So of real benefit to the tribes with energy parks is energy independence and substantial wealth development through combination of alternative energy uses and more benefits it creates more jobs for the reservation settings.
    “The company intends to continue to work with the local community to maximize the economic benefits of this project for the Rivière-du-Loup region throughout the construction of the wind energy park. This construction will create more than 200 jobs, while the ongoing management of the operations will create about 20 permanent jobs. “All of this would be impossible without the participation and backing of local residents and officials for our project, and we thank them for their continued support,” said Mr. Adler.” (http://www.skypowerwindenergyfund.com/pdf/March_01_06.PDF)
    “Calpine is the largest independent power producer in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, with 11 power plants capable of generating more than 6,700 megawatts of electricity. These plants are the cleanest, most fuel-efficient, natural gas-fired facilities in the state that provide power under both short- and long-term contracts to wholesale and industrial power customers.” (http://www.csrwire.com/PressRelease.php?id=2734)
    “That turbine alone will reduce the tribal electric bill by $134,000 annually, help establish a senior citizen’s kitchen to feed elders daily, and finance other programs through savings. Recently funded projects on the White Earth, Red Lake, Leech Lake, Fond Du Lac and Grand Portage reservations will bring more power to lands in Minnesota. Broad work in both technical assistance and creative financing mechanisms by Honor the Earth, in coordination with Intertribal Council On Utility Policy has the promise, if supported, of bringing more wind power to the reservations, and to the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) grid system.” (http://honor earth.org/initiatives/energy/overview/renewable/wind.html)
    So tribes can stop the largest economic leakage (dollars paying off reservation utilities) and keep the revenues on reservations earned from homeowners and renters, tribal government, tribal buildings, tribal enterprises and other tribal businesses on reservation. Further tribe or tribes can sell energy from their energy parks to on or near non-native utility companies.
    Call to Action
    The future of tribal energy parks is the future of our national tribal substantial and prosperous tribal economy for all tribes of Indian Country. Every tribe in Indian Country, USA has adequate solar, wind, wave, falling water, and/or biomass waste resources to achieve sustainable tribal energy independence. Already in existence for the tribes is the uses of these renewable resources with combination of the all to create tribal energy parks or establishing tribal utility companies. This in of itself stops a major economic leakage (dollars going off reservations) and keeping the revenues on the reservations creates substantial tribal economic wealth. Several Tribes are forging ahead with wind power, solar power, doing feasibility studies to see what will work on their particular reservations. With America continuing to look for fossil fuel which is readily burning up tribes can position themselves to become American’s energy supplier for all of America by the year 2016 will need 70% more electricity. The technology exists for alternative energy and there are non-profits willing to transfer knowledge and know how to the Tribes instead of a joint venture or partnership where revenues are shared versus a tribe full receiving all of the benefits for uses of alternative energy. It address tribal environmental problems while turning waste into profits. More information for the tribes contact: terrancehboothsr@gmail.com

  7. 28 mass graves found in Canada of our Indian children…not one major news station mentions this in the United States. Why I wonder are we such a threat to the worlds media? Never do you see our battles for our mother the earth on any media station. Not one news station acknowledges that our people are walking 6000 miles across the United States to bring awareness to the danger all mankind faces if we do not listen to what the universe is telling us. They pick up garbage as they walk. WHERE I STAND IS SACRED GROUND….WHERE YOU STAND IS SACRED….WE THE INDIAN PEOPLE NEED NO ….CHURCH…..MONUMENT….WE LIVE ON THE FOUNDATION OF TRUTH GOD IS IN EVERYTHING LIVING….AND WE ARE SURROUNDED BY THAT ASTOUNDING WONDERMENT. Our one purpose is this journey….our children are not ours but a gift….it is our responsibility to stop denying the true values of life, air, water, earth and our duties as delegated keepers in this balance of nature and life.

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