Why Is This Kneegrow ‘Affecting’ A BLACK Accent?!

Does this man sound like he is being himself?

They called his African father a houseboy. They call him a houseboy now!

A water carrier for capital.

Don’t let that man fool you. Don’t let any of these Democrats fool you. Don’t let the empty, dead end rhetoric of the Demon-cratic Party delude you into thinking that you can create CHANGE through a rigged electronic voting machine…a process that’s bookended by an Electoral College that makes sure the people’s vote is controlled – in case they make a mistake.

If you want change, YOU have to make it. You and awakened, enlightened, likeminded folks who can see through the veil of lies, see through the negrified cacaphony coming out the side of these fools necks.

You know in your heart that this jive drama means absolutely nothing, that these people are poseurs, that you’ve been dumbed down to the extent that you buy that this is real. In your gut, you know its soap opera, scripted. Whoever wins, you lose.

19 Responses to “Why Is This Kneegrow ‘Affecting’ A BLACK Accent?!”

  1. […] The Daily Background added an interesting post today on Why Is This Kneegrow âAffectingâ A BLACK Accent?!Here’s a small reading […]

  2. […] The Daily Background created an interesting post today on Why Is This Kneegrow âAffectingâ A BLACK Accent?!Here’s a short outline […]

  3. The Democratic Party is one of the most violent Organizations in the WORLD.

    The results are clear.

    Good looking out brother.

  4. Should we not vote though? I’m always torn. Every election year. Abstain? Or further the agenda through perceived lesser evils.

  5. Thanks, ya’ll (said in my most phony IMO-tation southern accent ).

    Allow me to ramble:

    Dave, I believe that people should be organized to withdraw their labor, their taxes, everything that feeds the machine – from this system. We need a Continental Congress for the 21st century where we hash out the best way to unplug from this and create anew. Reformism will never work. Capitalism will not work for people. Hierarchy can’t work. Redistribute the wealth, snatch these kingpins off of their estates, their plantations. No one has the right to earn billions on the backs of suffering humanity. The rich are criminals; we have to be the po-po and lock ’em up.

  6. what’s up Free! I thought I’d amble on over here and see what you’ve got cookin’….more of the same I see! I left a response over at the spear. but just in case, let me digress!

    what black folks need are solutions. we don’t need mollification. we don’t need more pandering. we need real, hard and fast solutions. when i wake up tomorrow morning, what are some things i can do to improve my plight, the plight of my family and my people. i’ll be honest Free, i think you’re taking the easy way out.

    what’s easier? talking up some grandiose plot to overcome the most powerful, most ruthless nation in the world from within? or joining the rest of us grunts in signing up black folks to vote, teaching them how to register for and participate in caucuses, and leveraging our combined weight behind whichever candidate best suits our interests (read: OBAMA!)

    in truth, i have much respect for any brother that’s out there DOING. i believe (i know some disagree) that what is most important is that we wake our people up from their slumber and get them activated. whether we all think the same is not so much important. when we are all working toward a common cause, regardless the methods, i know nothing will stop us from getting there.

    I don’t have the foggiest idea how to “snatch these kingpins off of their estates”, however, i do have a lot of suggestions on what each of your readers could begin doing tomorrow morning to change their and their children’s future.

  7. Belize: what informs this discussion is that this country is foul. What I hear you saying is let’s participate, let’s get our piece of the pie that is founded on oppression TODAY, by this country.

    I’m not talking about slavery; I’m talking about this country feeding off of us through the prison industrial complex/drug war, the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, etc, and the gun trade. The economic exploitation of the Third World (IMF, WTO, etc.)

    Particating in that is participating in the deeds of those people and this government. I can’t in good conscience vote for a man (or woman) who simply wants to steer the ship at a different rate of speed – not dismantle the ship, or bring it back to port…we are killing millions of people globally through our crimes, the illlegal wars, the genocides we DON’T even try to stop, the destruction of the ecology…

    The United States is a criminal enterprise. To participate in its processes with the idea of getting mine and the hell with what this country does globally AND to us right here – I can’t see it. We need to organize ourselves as a force apart, deal with our internal schisms and become a force that can let this system go…Its never embraced us anyway so why not?!

  8. A win is a win is a win. Can you muster up some more worthy opposition? Or are you just going to kick against the prick? I believe you would have boo-hooed about something no matter who won Iowa.

  9. Your opinion is well informed Free. My question (and I am asking you) is how does participating in an election become a rubber stamping of all of the “foul” policies this country has ever participated in?

    You don’t hear me saying “let’s get our piece of the pie.” I think you know that. I get tired of using valuable time refuting positions that I’m not espousing. Looking at the issues you’ve listed above, I can’t see an area where you and I disagree in position. Our divide is over what to do about it.

    Activism is where I’m at right now. Pick an issue. Any issue. Any issue you feel strongly enough about to do something about…right NOW! Let’s work locally and collaborate nationally. You change where you live while I’m changing where I live. Education is my local issue.

    Advocating for Obama’s candidacy is part of my personal sliver of hope. The brother inspires me, don’t begrudge me that!

  10. Eddie: I wrote this before Iowa not as a response to it. And you’re right, no matter who won, I’d feel the same way because the SYSTEM is corrupt. You will not sneak a “real” progressive through the gates of this hell. If the activity doesn’t lead to our benefit, our liberation, our progress as people, I’m gonna say something about it.

    None of these candidates will be able to make the changes for us that we need to make for ourselves. I’m gonna post an article that may clarify for you what I’m saying.

    Belize: I don’t want to take away your idol from you; I’m just giving you my take. If he is real, he should be able to weather the storm. And you are right, we are having a tactical disagreement, NOT a disagreement on ultimate goals.

  11. No idol worship here. Let’s continue the conversation…

  12. Belize: My greatest concern is that many of us are engaged in magical thinking when it comes to voting. Yes, many of us died to get the right to vote. What we don’t realize is that the oppressor is always thinking three or four moves ahead. So when we forced him to “allow” us to vote/when we said, to quote Denzel, “we’ll burn this muthafucka down,” the oppressors immediately found new more creative ways to checkmate us.

    Now, we know the last two elections were stolen. Checkmate. What have we done so that that cannot happen again? Well, nothing has been done. At the point that Florida occurred, black folks should have organized around that in the manner Malcolm spoke of in Message to the Grassroots: we should have shut this country down, not let the business of the government proceed until that crime was punished. Period. But we don’t have that backbone, nor do we have the stomach for that kind of fight anymore. I’ll just get mine, or pray/have faith that I’ll get mine.

    Now, I know we can’t go back in time, but, again, what have we done to prevent that kind of electoral subversion…okay, asked and answered. Nothing. So, you’d better believe it can and will happen again. On the other hand, when the candidates we get are from a corporate cookie cutter, prostitutes for big business, who, though they may pay rhetorical homage to freedom, justice and alladat jazz, ain’t for you or me. When we can be purchased by a transparent song and a dance…We’re in bad shape.

    For people to be all happy about Obama’s big “win” which is nothing but symbolism, while forgetting, ignoring or being clueless about the reality of the system and how it weeds out real change agents and gives us fake ones…this to me is supermagical/religious/delusional thinking par excellence. I mean, I’m black. Like any of us, I’d love for someone to take us to the Promised Land, but Barrack ain’t gonna do it and we can’t live on illusions. We’ve got to do it ourselves, be our own salvation. I’ve looked carefully at what Obama says, what signals he has sent…I see a man who doesn’t stand for anything but himself, though he wraps himself very vaguely in the concerns of others.

    If voting meant something I’d do it. And actually, on the local level I believe it has real meaning unlike nationally. I challenge anyone who is upset by my position to tell me what Barack will do for black folks or what any of these other devils will do. They are all constrained by invisible forces, a supranational capitalistic, military that will take them out if they buck the power elite. Just ask Paul Wellstone a REAL progressive who some say was bumped off by those forces.

    Clinton gets props for being a black President when, and apparently many folks don’t know this, as governor of Arkansas, the drugs that were flown into this country as a part of the CIA cocaine/Contra connection (remember that) found safe harbor in his state. That cocaine was sold to OUR people. The prison industrial complex fed off of jailing our folks who were provided drugs in order to free Nicaragua! Ain’t that some shit?! And people wonder how he and Bush Sr. can be good friends. I wonder how black people can be so blind not to see what’s going on.

    We really need to look deeper at this thing and not take shit at face value. They count on us to be that shallow, that religious, that faithful: “I hopes this is gonna work, boss, I’s really do.” No, we need to know what the deal is, look under the rug for the reality they hide from us. And I say that with all due respect.

  13. Say Free: your points are salient and deserve
    an answer, so here are a few of mine. (Combined from your post on the ‘spear and from your site)

    According to Time.com, until recently Clinton and Obama were virtually tied for the Black vote in South Carolina, 36% Clinton vs Obama 34%. The current numbers are now something like 57% for Obama, 27% for Hillary Clinton. (Rasmussen, 12/06/07) The majority of the Black media outlets (George Wilson, Mark Thompson, the Power) that I’ve been listening to have ranged from “continued skepticism” to “entrenched dislike” for Obama’s candidacy. The problem is not that many Black Americans are suffering from a case of “magical voting” syndrome. Just the opposite.

    You state,”At the point that Florida occurred, black folks should have organized around that in the manner Malcolm spoke of in Message to the Grassroots: we should have shut this country down, not let the business of the government proceed until that crime was punished. Period.”

    So my question is, “Why aren’t you advocating for us to FULLY participate??” Fully implies exercising all of our power as US citizens including the actions you list in your post. It’s funny, because this conversation originally started with your post over at the ‘spear entitled, “To Vote or not to Vote?” Then you quickly proceed to jump any person with the gall to say I thin we should vote!” Free, you’re the one being disingenuous! Tell me honestly, was voting ever really an option for you? Our right to vote is sacred and don’t you dare gloss over the sacrifice that Southern Blacks went through fighting Jim Crow to give us that right. When we vote, we vote for our own stated reasons. You’ve no right to tell me what my vote represents. This is the Afrospear. A think tank for Black folks and safe place for us to hash out our opinions and positions on the issues. There are no deaf, dumb, or blind people here. Just brothers and sisters willing to act.

    It sounds to me like you’re giving up. You’re not advocating any actions in this piece. Just playing that old “how could you want a piece of this poisonous pie” crap, even though no one has said that’s what they want. Please stop.

    Barbecue or mildew, what do you want to DO? You’ve got a captive audience here and we’ve all go a desire to unite in 2008. So, do we vote for Barack, or do we…?

    Grace and Peace.


  14. thefreeslave,

    The problems you’re concerned with: poverty, prisons, military-industrial complex. Can be solved by politics. Will it take time. Yes. And will it be hard. Yes. But a concerted effort by people who care can change these things.

    But I don’t think you want that. It sounds like you want some sort of revolution, or radical change of state in this country. It won’t happen and it can’t happen. You can’t keep a lid on radical, rapid change. It quickly spirals out of control.

  15. Also, I think you’re right that someone needs to make the case for why Black people in particular should vote for Barack Obama. Click-clack…I’m working on it!

  16. Jamelle,

    How will the problems be solved by “politics”? What kind of politics will solve the problems? Who will drive this politics that seeks to solve these problems?

    The problems we are talking about were created by politics and politicians, at the behest of corporate/financial rulers. Big bankers, corporate bigwigs, lobbyists, etc, control politicians and the political agenda. We don’t. It should be clear that this is true.

    Do you really think that politicians who are bought and paid for have a motivation to solve these problems? Where’s the evidence of this?

  17. Belize: what I’m really trying to do is throw cold water on a delusion. Maybe I am the one deluded, but from where I sit, we are suffering the affects of a system of mind control that makes us believe the avenues of change presented to us are “real” or “viable” or “practical.” They are dead ends as far as I am concerned. No matter who is in office, we get worse. This economic system needs a nigger and we are it. Sadly, globally it feeds off of who it considers niggas and condemns even harsher treatment. Changing Presidents or seats on the Titanic will not change conditions.

    Referring back to something you said, I have given up on this country, long ago. Do you BELIEVE in this country, this government? What I believe is that an educated populace is the greatest threat to the injustice and criminality of the government of the United States. And they arrange it so that we are educated or uneducated fools. They spoonfeed us dis-information, outright lies – like they did to justify their illegal war – in order to rape the planet. As an avid reader of history, deep politics and related info, this country is a phony democracy on the outside and a tyranny on the inside. It represents itself as a provider of freedom and liberty while enslaving.

    No candidate in either major party articulates what I see and what so many suffer, so there’s no reason for me to vote for lying overseers on the global plantation.

    This two-faced quality has been present since the country’s inception. When I see us behaving as if using the phony democratic levers they offer us will set us free, as if having a black face in the white house will bring the change that is necessary and the responsibility of all of us…I’m appalled.

    But my vision is not shared by many, evidently. And that’s fine. I’m with Martin Luther King, a preacher, an integrationist, who at the end of his life, knew that we needed a “radical redistribution of wealth.” Radical change/fundamental structural. I’m with Malcolm, Angela Davis, Huey P. Hell, I’m with the social democrats in France and Amsterdam, imperfect as they are, who offer at least decent healthcare. You get arrested in this country for even saying that, and you certainly won’t get elected if you say “FREE healthcare for all!” The prisoners in Abu Graib get that, but we don’t.

    Today, we have people who make no bones about their being completely in bed with this system, who have in essence a “clothes, bankrolls and ho’s” mentality. They are in denial and don’t want their illusory bubble burst. Now, I’m trying not to be too harsh, but tough love is necessary sometimes. If we can’t see that we are connected to the Indonesian making Nikes for a cent per day, who works under armed guard because that’s how the WTO, World Bank, etc, have made it cushy for white capital…if we can’t see that this thing here causes that thing there, we got some moral Alzheimers going on.

    And one other thing: I have definitely contemplated living abroad again, because, as an idealist, it is hard to live in a society so dysfunctional, so damaged, so myopic, so devoid of the freedom it touts, so full of slaves, slaves addicted to drugs, television, consumerism. Addicted to being addicted. This Obama-love strikes me as the thing: HE will deliver us the high we think will last forever. He will make me feel better about being black and that’s something, right?! That high won’t last and like a lot of highs, you’ll feel worse off than before because it won’t deliver, can’t deliver what is already true…and then what? Look for someone or something else to do it for us?!

    I truly mean no disrespect but this is how I feel.

  18. Always vote–women and men have died for you to have this right. Go with your gut instint. Period.

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