More Obama Drama…

Belize: what I’m really trying to do is throw cold water on a delusion. Maybe I am the one deluded, but from where I sit, we are suffering the affects of a system of mind control that makes us believe the avenues of change presented to us are “real” or “viable” or “practical.” They are dead ends as far as I am concerned. No matter who is in office, we get worse. This economic system needs a nigger and we are it. Sadly, globally it feeds off of who it considers niggas and condemns even harsher treatment. Changing Presidents or seats on the Titanic will not change conditions.

Referring back to something you said, I have given up on this country, long ago. Do you BELIEVE in this country, this government? What I believe is that an educated populace is the greatest threat to the injustice and criminality of the government of the United States. And they arrange it so that we are educated or uneducated fools. They spoonfeed us dis-information, outright lies – like they did to justify their illegal war – in order to rape the planet. As an avid reader of history, deep politics and related info, this country is a phony democracy on the outside and a tyranny on the inside. It represents itself as a provider of freedom and liberty while enslaving.

No candidate in either major party articulates what I see and what so many suffer, so there’s no reason for me to vote for lying overseers on the global plantation.

This two-faced quality has been present since the country’s inception. When I see us behaving as if using the phony democratic levers they offer us will set us free, as if having a black face in the white house will bring the change that is necessary and the responsibility of all of us…I’m appalled.

But my vision is not shared by many, evidently. And that’s fine. I’m with Martin Luther King, a preacher, an integrationist, who at the end of his life, knew that we needed a “radical redistribution of wealth.” Radical change/fundamental structural. I’m with Malcolm, Angela Davis, Huey P. Hell, I’m with the social democrats in France and Amsterdam, imperfect as they are, who offer at least decent healthcare. You get arrested in this country for even saying that, and you certainly won’t get elected if you say “FREE healthcare for all!”  The prisoners in Abu Graib get what you and I can’t get.   What a country.

If a candidate said spending more on Defense than the top twenty industrial countries combined is obscene, the white folks would say “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.” And nobody would bat an eye; they’d just shrug their shoulders and say “that’s how it is.”  Heartwarming.

For this country to exist as it does means somebody is gon’ get pimped; I guess the anwer is to just make sure it ain’t me.

Today, we have people who make no bones about their being completely in bed with this system, who have, in essence a “clothes, bankrolls and ho’s” mentality.    They are in denial and don’t want their illusory bubble burst. Now, I’m trying not to be too harsh, but tough love is necessary sometimes. If we can’t see that we are connected to the Indonesian making Nikes for a cent per day, living in their own shit, the one who works under armed guard behind barbed wire because that’s how the WTO, World Bank, etc, have made it cushy for white capital…if we can’t see that this thing here causes that thing there, we got some moral Alzheimers going on.

And one other thing: I have definitely contemplated living abroad again, because, as an idealist, it is hard to live in a society so dysfunctional, so damaged, so myopic, so devoid of the freedom it touts, so full of slaves, slaves addicted to drugs, television, consumerism. Addicted to being addicted. This Obama-love strikes me as the thing: HE will deliver us the high we think will last forever. He will make me feel better about being black and that’s something, right?! That high won’t last and like a lot of highs, you’ll feel worse off than before because it won’t deliver, can’t deliver what is already true…and then what? Look for someone or something else to do it for us?!

I truly mean no disrespect but this is how I feel.

10 Responses to “More Obama Drama…”

  1. I’d say 1) there are presidential candidates out there that fit my ideals (goes by the name of Dennis Kucinich. Pretty popular, and believes in reparations, too, unlike the more popular candidates). 2) I agree with most of this, but if you study history, you know Rome spent tons of money and resources trying to fight off the idea of their empire crumbling for years. This one is sure to fall in the next hundred years for its excesses.

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  3. The bulk of what you have said here needs to be redistributed. Truth is, people are dying of thirst. A thirst that can only be quenched through people telling it like it is, come what may. Migrating some of this over to my site, Free. Well said.

  4. I hear you Jose. I feel like we need to do our part to move that timetable along.

    Davey J, thanks for the shout out. Do what you need to do.

  5. Jose – I’m with you on Kucinich. I liked him too…until he declared that he would want Ron Paul as his running mate. WTF? Why would someone seemingly so progressive want someone so buddy buddy with white supremacists as his running mate? Or am I missing something here?

  6. I like this post much better Free because I think we’re getting closer to the crux of our divide. I’ve read a lot of BAR stuff on Barak and it only goes to prove my point about the reverse “magical vote” syndrome.

    First let’s agree on a couple of things: 1. There are sycophantic Blacks in America and followers of every stripe and hue, and for many of them Obama is their savior in the flesh. If their was no Obama, then they’d follow Jesse, Al, or whomever the media identified as their “leader.” This is not true of you or I. 2. Exploitation of Black folks is at the heart of America’s successful rise to power ever since the Virginia Company established a colony at Jamestown in 1607. And yes, that exploitation has often come in a Black-faced package to give genteel Whites the proper since of distance above it all and unsuspecting Blacks another rap over the head lest they stir from their sleep. But you and I wouldn’t be fooled by that either. 3. Abstaining from the vote is of course our right and, when purposefully used, can itself make a statement about what we the people want to see. I’ve no bones to pick with someone exercising their right not to vote.

    Also,let me say that I am not Belizean nor have I ever visited that country. But their IS a reason why I have chosen the handle of “Belizebound.” If I ever do “quit America” you will all know where to find me. I went to the book shelf and pulled Randall Robinson’s book out(“Quitting America”), it’s sitting in front of me now. I think I will read it again. The subtitle reads, “The Departure of a Black Man from His Native Land.” If I ever do quit on this country, I will do it in a very planned and purposeful way. I won’t be giving up, I’ll be moving on.

    In the interim, let me address your question. No. I have not yet given up on Black America or Americans. In my estimation nationalism is the delusion you are referring to and what I think you mistakenly take to be my motivation. It is not. I’m not working in my community to further “America’s” ideas. I do it for my 3 sons and their friends who come in and out of my front door every day. People and relationships are worth fighting for and working together with to try to bring about a “change.”

    What I want to know for myself is this: Is it a delusion to believe that America can ever be changed? Or is the actual delusion keeping everyone assured that it can never be changed and thus it is not worth the futile attempt to try. Because I think Dr. King and Malcolm X were fully capable of and in part accomplished major changes to the American landscape. That’s why their not here.

    What we need to do:

    1. Engage in the American political process at every level, in every role. We need to volunteer. We need to take cameras down to the precincts and do some citizen journalism. We need a Black representative contesting every School Board, City Council, Mayoral, Gubernatorial, etc. Each of us should be able to say, “I got mine covered. How about you?”
    2, Change the political landscape by electing our first Black president. Is it a big deal that he’s Black…Yes! Presidents appoint Federal judges, they grant pardons, they appoint Supreme Court Justices, just to name a few of the aspects of the job. They bring their people with them to Washington. And yes, Obama’s authentically Black; he comes with flaws and everything!
    3. Lobby. We are woefully guilty of not exerting our influence on our elected officials, then we bemoan the results when they don’t go our way.

    What’s is the divide between you and me Free? Maybe nothing. Perhaps you and I are simply at two different points along the same journey. I haven’t given up on our people living here in America yet. And I hope I never do.

    Thanks for the convo’, B.

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  8. On the other side of this, my grandparents always told me, “you think it’s bad in America? At least we’re not in (insert random country)”. But is it really that bad? On one hand, I’m glad I don’t live in, say, Congo, but I feel like that’s a false statement somehow. Can America really be so good that I feel miserable here, caught in a perpetual cycle of “I can’t do anything to better society, but if I do, then nothing will happen”.

    Basically, why do we always tout excess as a good thing?

  9. The empire is crumbling, but it is possible to transform it. We will change, or it will collapse on our heads. The world will change without us and leave us rotting in our prison. Having a contingency plan to move to another country is a prudent idea.

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