“The Greatest Threat To World Peace….Is YOU, Chump!”

Ronald Reagan said it best: “Here you go again…”

Who has 150+ military around the globe? Whose military patrols international, as well as, restricted, sovereign waterways? Who has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the last decade? Who talks “World Peace” out of their mouth and practices genocidal war at the drop of a hat, out the side of their white neck?!

The muthafucka quoted above.

That ANYONE buys this, that we are still at our computer screens and NOT in DC going Filipino on these bitches and showing them some REAL People POWER…its a travesty. We need to organize to stop the “Greatest threat to World Peace” that lives in the White House, in the Pentagon, in the Congress, in the corporate boardroom, in the plush suites of the international bankers.

It’ll take a “nation of millions to hold these muthafuckas back.” We’d better get to steppin’ on a real crusade, instead of this Dancing With the Stars they call primary season. See Barrack foxtrot, Hilary breakdance, Edwards and the rest of ’em waltz.

Be a spectator while they talk about rearranging the deck chairs on your Titanic! I think not.

We gon’ see what’s really going on real soon.

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