Don’t Vote, Organize!

Think about it!

6 Responses to “Don’t Vote, Organize!”

  1. How in the hell can there be information like this, PUBLIC knowledge, that Bush and his cronies stole their way in, and nothing is done about it? Not one damn thing.

  2. Dave, its because we are in the Matrix, activists, drug addicts, foodaholics, good Democrats/Republicans.

    People do not WANT to know this information and certainly don’t want to ACT on it in the manner that would be necessary.

    We are SLAVES.

    The only way to change things is to see reality. Then you can figure out how to move against and with it.

    You have to really want to find the truth, but its there.

  3. Absolutely chilling!

    This reminds me of a few lines of a couple of Yevtushenko’s poems. From “Talk”:

    “How sharply our children will be ashamed
    taking at last their vengeance for these horrors
    remembering how in so strange a time
    common integrity could look like courage.”

    And from “Lies”:

    “Forgive no error you recognize,
    it will repeat itself, increase,
    and afterwards our pupils
    will not forgive in us what we forgave.”

  4. Change: no doubt. Why is it, though, that when this kind of info surfaces people retreat into a kind of shocked awe? Its like people get this info and then go back to business as usual. It doesn’t revivify them, change their previous intellectual, spiritual, political arc. They take it into their head, but it doesn’t sit in their soul and alter it one iota.

    Its baffling to me.

  5. I think they’re frozen, Max. They’re pretending to be asleep because they’re so afraid. Think assembly line. Think concentration camp.

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