Stolen Legacy

Stolen Legacy was a book about the Greeks stealing everything they knew from the Egyptians.  Stolen Legacy 2008 may include the theft of the New Hampshire Democratic primary.  Go here and check the stats.  They don’t add up.

Seems that Katherine Harris works for Hilary now, at least in spirit.

Crazy Baldheads

2 Responses to “Stolen Legacy”

  1. Well there you have it…
    Hilary had a larger fund for bribery related issues than Obama did. Either that or one of Bill’s cousins owns the company that counted the ballot. In any case, thanks for the info. Voter really have no control over anything.

  2. We’ve been bamboozled. What kills me is that the information that this whole shebangabang is a sham is accessible. Why we don’t avail ourselves of what’s there is amazing. You know its funny; a lot of black folks got upset when Bill Clinton said that Obama’s campaign was fairytale. Well, what do you think they’ll do when they find out that elections are fairytales, democracy is a fairytale, that there so-called freedom is a fantasy, an upside down delusion?!

    This to me is the legacy of the white man’s religious brainwashing. No people that adopts their enemy’s religion (or any religion in my book) can be free. We need to develop and codify our own values and principles.

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