You Can’t Be a Revolutionary and Eat The White Man’s Food

I hear a lot of complaints, but few solutions offered for the problems of black folks. We in the AfroSphere have perfected the stenographic act of documenting the atrocities and petty slights of white racist culture. But, as they say in recovery: “when you focus on the problem, the problem gets bigger, when you focus on the solution, the solution gets bigger.”

Why does it seem that some of us get off on constantly re-traumatizing ourselves? At some point, we have to make a stand. At some point, we – and we can be me, a circle of friends, a neighborhood, a city – have to make a decision.

One decision that has revolutionary implications for black folks is our diet, or as it should be named, “the poison that we stuff into ourselves that we erroneously call food.”

What is the difference between a cow being led to slaughter and us: they don’t have TV in the stockyards. They can see the bars, the barbed wire that fences them in. You can’t. You can’t because your prison bars are internal, bred into you by sophisticated means. Black folks commit Hari Kari every day with chicken wings.

The massive health problems that our community suffers can be massively reversed without a single march, protest or demonstration, simply by taking the pig, pork, swine, beef, fish, candy bar off of our fork or plate, take it out of our mouths. We all know the physical implications of the way that we eat, but there are also mental, emotional, spiritual implications.

What does it do to the spirit of a human being to eat the flesh of an animal? What does it mean that we don’t know what the system of production does to these animals – and what does it mean that we don’t care? How can the spiritual man or woman co-sign the brutality, the savagery inflicted on animals and then complain about the petty bullshit that they suffer? Can one exist without the other? I don’t think so.

Oh, I know, its easy to dismiss animals as things, we are “higher mammals,” etc. That might be true; the problem is, claiming to be higher while actually behaving worse than that which we classify as lower is an American tradition. The white man said he was superior while raping and ravaging whole populations of Native Americans and blacks, ravaging and raping the land for good measure. And the animals. So while I understand the temptation to assert my personhood at the expense of animals, how can I? And how do I know that God/Goddess/The Great Spirit don’t have plans for animals that I can’t understand, see or comprehend? By destroying animal life, how do I know that I’m not sinning my black ass off?

But the good news: The Revolution can begin this second for all of us black folks.

STOP EATING MEAT, FISH, FOWL, CANDY or any other synthetic foods.


Live longer, think more clearly, weigh less, be happier. You can do more righteous harm to the concentration camp that is America by not participating in his slaughter of animals and his slaughter of YOU in the process. Niggas in Baghdad and Beantown get treated no different than Elsie the cow. We are nothing but product, profit, FEED for the machine.

If all the black folks in this country resolved to never touch another chicken wing again, by that simple act, the walls of this oppressive, imperialist country would come tumbling down. This country can’t survive without you swallowing lies and chicken thighs.

Once you get clean – and that’s what getting off of these food drugs means – once you have your brains back, you can begin proposing solutions that can solve, rather than documenting the latest predictable white outrage. The white man ain’t gonna change if you don’t change and the most fundamental, simplest change black folks can and need to make is what they put into their bodies.

32 Responses to “You Can’t Be a Revolutionary and Eat The White Man’s Food”

  1. I feel your message but know that it will take a force of nature to get Negroes to stop eating meat!

    I gave up beef recently as I try to improve my diet & becoming a vegetarian is something on my to do list but I cannot fully commit now.


  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly. We have got to come clean so to speak. Our collective diet is atrocious. I also have been writing about blacks and our poor diets. We have got to start thinking smart and eating smart. We know darn well that the white man is shafting us when it comes to health care. So lets be smart and make sure that we don’t have to rely so heavily on a system that could care less if we live or die.


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  5. i gues circles and diet have a lot in common

  6. That was inspirational. And don’t forget about eggs and products derived from cow’s milk!

  7. Great post! Thanks!

  8. thank you all for posting. and i do know that dairy products are as big a poison as pork and all the rest. sugar, too.

    one day at a time, i’m letting it all go.

  9. Wish it was that easy,but the healthy diet route is damn expensive.
    Fruit for the whole family cost double the price of meat,man.

    You buy a box of drumstix
    You eat for the whole week.

    Plus you gotta combine that shit with vitamin pills and what not.

    Its tough yo.

  10. Trigeaud,

    I understand that it ain’t easy, that it is probably more expensive in the shortterm. But in the longterm, we are paying out of the ass in meds, medical procedure, amputations. Many of us could stand to miss some meals judging by the looks of us. And, we are hooked on an addictive, easily accessible, cheap diet…that is killing us. I think we should take your points into account, but we must focus on getting the POISON out of our system, focus on making organic, plant foods as accessible as KFC.

    Oh, and if we eat the right shit, we don’t have to do vitamins; plus, do you really think that folks jamming pork, chit’lins and the like in their body are really taking vitamins? They may be, but their diets would negate any benefits derived from taking them.

  11. I’m guessing you know about the Sistah Vegan Project, but just in case… check it out. I can’t wait for the anthology to come out this year!

  12. Trigeaud,

    Actually eating a steady diet of vegetables, fruits and wholegrains does not add that much more money to the bill. In fact it can be cheaper in the long run. I know because I buy the food for my family and I started eating a vegetarian diet back in 1995. The fact is you should be adding the vitamins in for the unhealthy diet you eat with all the meat etc.

    If you were eating as the Freeslave says you could eliminate the vitamins since your diet would be extremely balanced. There are plenty of cheap ways to add protein to your diet such as beans. And the last time I looked you could pick up a one pound bag of beans for 99 cents.

  13. Great article. Thanks for sharing. I, personally, am a carnivore; but after reading your article, I might give some thought to changing my diet. If you haven’t seen the cinamax documentary on the 1% super rich, I suggest you read it. The sugur industry in America is a scam.

  14. Hope you don’t mind me commenting. I appreciate your post.

    That you have posited the dietary changes as part of black liberation is inspiring and I have a few friends of color I’d like to forward it to due to their failing health.

    I began the book 12 steps to raw foods and have been cleaning up my addictive diet little by little.


  15. I began to eat organic foods and consume soy several years ago. However, it wasn’t until I learned I had gall stones/gall bladder disease last winter following two very painful gall bladder attacks for me to be sent to a nutritionist by my primary care doctor. I also endured very painful bowel attacks for years. While I have not weaned myself completely from meat, I do consume greater quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains, and drink more fresh water (no carbonated beverages, limited caffeine), and limit my consumption to red meat to about once a week.
    As a matter of fact, I’m about to eat a veggie burger in a few minutes.

    Anyway, I really appreciate your article,.

  16. Sorry , Free , but I do not agree!!!!! ( no pun intended ) . You are talking off of your preconceived inventory , While i for one ate nothing but fish and a little chicken for over 8 years , i have now started eating meat again . Is it organic , i wouldn’t know , the butcher saids it is , but this is business so it would not suprise me if it was not . The key is everything in moderation . How can your mind be clear , when we are intake flouride everyday ? How can your mind be clear when everyday your inhaling toxic fumes. Organic smanic , just another way to get your money . The same with going green !!!! Don’t believe me do your research and you will find I am right . Funny your moniker free slave , you ain’t free none of us are , we are controlled more than you think or will allow yourself to believe , we are just a bunch of walking guinea pigs, walking around in the world lab!

    enjoy you day ! good post!

  17. Oh man we have a fight on our hands with this one. I love your blog and will make a link to my blog. But there is a bigger problem. I am from Africa. And we have always eaten our meat. But we celebrate our relationship with our cattle. And don’t feed them crap. I wrote about this in my blog. But I know there is more to this – just don’t know how to deal with this.

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  20. This post really affected the way I look at eating meat now. When you spoke about us ingesting an animal’s spirit….I literally felt sick. I’ve never thought about it in that way. I started giving up certain foods b/c of allergic reactions (including all dairy/seafood/some vegetables) but now, I think i’ll have to take it a step further.

  21. MK: Hope it helps. Its a one day at a time thing and it ain’t easy breaking bad, deeply ingrained habits. The thing about food is when we begin to look more deeply at it, its a perfect reflection of this sick culture. Hide the crimes by making meat look, like, well, meat, instead of the animal that it used to be. This culture hides all of its crimes that way: it makes black folks look like beasts so that the crimes they’ve committed and still commit won’t look like crimes at all, but rather like “inflicted wounds.” They make the Indian simply disappear – no harm, no foul. They brainwash women to be product, mannequins for the culture of prostitution…get many women to be complicit to that. And we, me, who fail to see these connections consume each other in various ways.

    Good luck, MK.

  22. Yea sounds great in theory. I will try it. You know I’m West Indian and it will be hard for me to give up that oxtail and that curry goat but I will try. What is also much better is a good home cooked meal. I noticed that to many of our people like to eat out of greasy bags (you know what I mean). Our neighborhoods are polluted with fast food restaurants and fried chicken joints. A child cant walk from school back home without passing a Popeyes, Pizza Hut/Taco Bell/KFC Express, Mickey D’s etc…Its sad because where I volunteer, a lot of the children dont have that suport system at home because many of them have single mothers who have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. However for those of us in complete control of our lives, there should be no excuse.

  23. this is very uncall for. let love and be at peace.

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  25. Wonderfully Truthful Post, Free Slave:
    I’m going on five years since I stopped eating meat.
    If folks could only see what cows, chickens, etc.. are fed, and the amount of antibiotics put into their feed.. well..

    I thought I’d share one of my favorite recipes with your readers to assist them in their transformation away from flesh foods:


    for 16 -20 delicious (freezable) burgers

    put 3-4 cups rolled oats in large mixing bowl

    grind 2 cups of nuts (I use walnuts & pecans) into a meal texture w/blender — add to oats.

    1 good size (large) onion – chopped
    1 cup chopped celery, or 1 can (16oz) of green olives, or one can of black olives
    2-3 cloves of garlic (optional)
    1 anaheim chile pepper – chopped (optional)
    Blend the above into a liquid and add to oats.

    1 tsp salt
    1/2 tsp sage, italian seasoning, oregano seasoning, chile powder seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder, AND WHATEVER else you want in your burger.

    VERY IMPORTANT: 4 Tbs. ground flax seed – mix with about 1/2 cup of water let sit for 2 or 3 min. STIR well…This is the egg substitute that keeps the burger from crumbling and breaking apart! Add to the oat mix.

    1/2 – 3/4 cup of Braggs (liquid amino acids …)

    Mix contents thoroughly. It should be about the same consistency of a good tuna fish salad! If the mix is too dry, add more braggs. If too wet, add more oats.

    — use a large size mason jar lid and ring to form oat mix into patties. apply a little olive oil the lid to facilitate each burger removal from the ring/lid into fry pan… spoon mix into ring… add to fry pan.

    brown in skillet (or electric griddle) with a little olive oil, or spray the skillet with pam spray. Let them cook on LOW heat for [ ] according to size of the burgers and heat temp — turning over half way. Add a little olive oil to cooking surface each time you flip burgers. (I turn my burgers over about 4 times or so to insure that they’re cooked and not charred).

    These burgers can also be baked in an oven – 350 degrees, non-stick surface, 10 – 15 minutes on each side.

    Makes a tasty hamburger-type sandwich…or whatever.

  26. While I applaud a vegetarian diet I think that suggesting that true revolutionaries must be vegetarian is a bit strong.

    Yes, blacks as a general rule are marketed the worst foods imaginable. Yes we are trained to put too many poisons into our diet.. through our food, hair products, and skin products. Yes, stopping these practices as a whole will only help us.

    Which is why I cleanse my skin with sugar, and moisterize with organic olive oil.

    The way America manufactures food today is disgusting. Fast food is toxic. The air we breathe is contaminated. The ground we walk on carries cancer. … But meat and fish.. is a natural part of our diet that should be eaten in moderation.

    Meaning like 1 chicken leg per day!

    So if we as a people wanted to clean up our diets.
    Step 1, cut fast food and junk food
    Step 2, prepare food yourself
    Step 3 cut back meat/ fish portions
    Step 4 Go organic

    There is nothing barbaric about eating meat and fish. Our anatomy is made for eating meat. But we require very little meat in our diet, and we can survive with meat alternatives.

    We should eat animals that only eat vegetables.. Problem is much of our mass produced beef and chicken is fed animal by-products which makes it no healthier than swine. Fish from the ocean could have mercury problems, and lakes can be contaminated from improper dumping (especially in the South)…

    If you cant verify what you’re eating.. do your body a favor and dont eat it. My family grew all our own fruits and vegetables and we ate venison that ate off the land we lived on. Boy, did my body have a hard time when I had to start eating what the rest of America eats! .

  27. “The way America manufactures food today is disgusting. Fast food is toxic. The air we breathe is contaminated. The ground we walk on carries cancer. …”

    What??? People are living longer and longer. Life spans have doubled over the last 100 years. In fact its getting so bad that Social Security is going bankrupt because old geezers are living to be 100+ more and more often. When social security started most people didnt live long enough to collect it – now many any sucking up 30+ years of benefits. Im getting sick and tired of old geezers getting in my way – they move slowly and meander alot. Its hard to figure out where they are going and avoid knocking them over. Dont even get me started about them driving!

  28. I was googling for crucial post on this matter. The information was important as I am about to launch my own blog. Thank you for giving a missing link in my business.

  29. This article has the right idea, but has no information about the growing effort to grow meat humanely and naturally. There are many farms being developed that do not grow meat in such a evil way. We don’t have to be vegetarian to make an impact. Although naturally grown meat is more expensive, it can be found and it should be pursued. I know there are restaurants, like Burgerville, that only use humanely grown meat.
    And the general message that all white people are evil is a simple-minded generalization that makes you seem irrational. Malcolm X is fun to read about, but stop pretending. Further, our conflict is not between white and black, but between those who have money and those who do not. It’s between the corporations and everyone else.
    Also, you should have researched more before you bothered to write an article.

    • Clif, the good thing about having your own blog is that you can write what you want, when you want, etc, etc. You should get one, then you can show the world what a good researcher, rational thinker you are. Don’t deprive us of your great gifts any longer. I don’t think the world can survive without them.

      Your argument, however, about growing “meat humanely” is insane. Meat isn’t a tree; its an animal, fool. You can put a cow up in the bridal suite at the Hilton and give it all the room service it can eat. At the end of the day, if you butcher it, you are no different from a Chicago-styled slaugterhouse.

  30. Plants are alive to tho is what I’m saying. And us eating red meat contributed proteins to us that made us as a species smarter. I do feal you tho that the meat we eating nowa days is fed a whole lot more crazy shit then just a regular cow or pig or whatever. Back there in africa they eat meat to. But it better because they hunt that shit and got to work for it. We just drive to the store and drive back. Its the corparations that enslave us all. We don’t hurd the cows. We put them in a cage and feed them hormones. Revolt against wall street and the corporate plutocracy that gets rich of simple things we can do for our selfs but are to lazy to do.

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